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Healing in the autumn sunshine…God is Good!

It was a marvellous autumn day with the sun beating down as I collected my little boy from kindy.  We decided to sit outside at a local coffee shop and have a Devonshire tea (scones with jam and cream and tea … but, in my son’s case … a milk shake).  We sat at a table in the sunshine and thoroughly enjoyed our time together, as I tucked into a healthy sandwich and my little boy munched on scones with jam and cream, with a milk shake to boot, wearing his kindy made bunny ears all the while …

As we were finishing up, a family came past us, with a young teenage girl in a wheelchair.  I looked at the girl and smiled, and she looked back, and I knew that I needed to offer to pray.

I paid for our meal and walked back to our table as the young girl’s mum walked past and stopped her and explained that I was a Christian and that there had been healings of people in our church of all sorts of condition and could I pray for her daughter.  As I spoke I looked at her daughter, speaking loudly enough for the girl and her father to hear me as well.

The mum said to ask her daughter but that she had no objections, and so I knelt by the girl and spoke to her about it and she happily agreed.

It turned out that she had cerebral palsy and so I repeated the testimony of my friends, whose son had been completely healed of cerebral palsy, and then I told the Christmas story of the young baby girl being healed of cerebral palsy and she happily allowed me to pray.

I asked to place my hand on her at the top of her back and held her hand and I told her she may feel something and to let me know.  I asked the Holy Spirit to come and I silently reminded myself that I did not have to be a super hero or anything else but a conduit of God’s love for God to heal her and as He came and rested upon her in a tangible way I rebuked the sickness from her body and commanded her body to come into line with God’s intention, decreeing and declaring it to be “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10) …

The girl felt some warmth, tingles in her spine, and I continued praying until I felt it was enough … until I sensed Holy Spirit say “its done” and I thanked her explaining that the healing may occur over time as it did in A’s story (see link here for the start of the story and here and here for the praise reports), and I quickly gave the testimony of the girl with the broken legs being healed over a day or two and walking free of a wheel chair and braces within days.  I suggested she thank God for each aspect of healing as it came.

They asked me what church I went to, so I told them and explained where it was and that if they wanted more prayer to call the church or come … that they would find the details on the web through a Google search of “StairwayChurch” …

I left in the sunshine with my little boy by my side … trusting that they had been left having been touched by God … and as I walked away I sensed in the sunshine, in the joy of the moment, that another family would taste and see that …

God is Good!

Stories of secret santas … God is Good!

What is it about this season that causes people to become generous-hearted? 

It is more than just the season … I know this for sure, given the number of stressed shop staff that I have spoken to that have mentioned the unpleasant treatment they have been receiving from stressed and busy people racing through the shops to get “the shopping done” …

There is that, the unpleasantness, but then there is something else, an atmosphere, or an attitude which can be caught, which can be spread, which can be given away and which can change atmospheres … we can release it as we go, and in doing so it has the potential to change districts, cities and even nations … Christians and non-Christians alike can “catch” the breeze on this one, and regardless of belief systems an attitude of generosity can be caught, can infect people …

A blogger visited my site, and in turn I visited his.  His blog appears to generally be more political in nature … but there, in the midst of political comment, is a piece about the generosity of people toward strangers … a story that has impacted others in such a tremendous way that those others have then gone on and done the same … a story that in turn has inspired more acts of generosity, which in turn have caused more acts of generosity and so on … the potential is endless … His loving kindness is infectious …

I encourage you to read this simple story and marvel at how a basic anonymous act of kindness can impact others … and how in turn such an act can then resonate through a community … it is a story of how “a secret santa pays for other people’s lay-buys for Christmas” … please take the time to read … it warms the heart!

Reading this story reminded me  of my own such experience, posted over a year ago which I recount now:

We decided to go out for dinner where the river meets the bay.  It was a beautiful night.  We were all tired, but it was fun to go and as a family we headed out to enjoy a balmy Friday evening together.

The children enjoyed watching the boats, gobbled their dinner and we had a lovely evening.  I sat and finished my drink and A went to pay for our meal.

When A came back with a receipt he said “look at how much the bill was?”  Expecting a big bill, I looked and was surprised at how small it was … I thought “there were no problems with the meal, we had made no complaints, what was going on?”

I looked at A and he said “Santa paid for our meal”.

Incredulous I looked at him and said “what?”

A complete stranger had picked up our entire food bill and wished to remain anonymous – the waitress said that she was instructed to say “Santa had paid”.

We were amazed, a bit shocked … in fact rather incredulous … and felt so very blessed …

My daughter and I prayed for whoever they were and released a 100 fold, a 1000 fold return, blessing them where we sat …

I wrote a short note of thanks … “Dear Santa …” and handed it to the waitress who was beaming as she watched the Goodness of God unfold in our lives … as she watched God’s love unfold in our lives – what a witness … to us and her!

God’s goodness, His loving kindness is remarkable … a complete stranger released it upon us … we did taste and see that God is good … and as I write this testimony I am still amazed at how loved I feel by a complete stranger and by a gloriously good God!

God is Good!

Bill Johnson tell’s a story of how one person from his church in Redding California paid for a person’s coffee at Star Bucks and in doing so started a chain reaction where each person that came after them “paid it forward” … they paid for the next one, who paid for the next one … and so on and so on … the “chain” of generosity remained unbroken for some hours … something had shifted in the atmosphere … the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand and had been released …

Could you be a “Secret Santa” and bless someone?  You could even be an “out there” Christian and pay for a stranger’s groceries, or bread (click here for related story) … they in turn may pay it forward … 

Go ahead, be a secret Santa, but please, also, make a decision not to be a secret Christian.  Let God out of the box, take Jesus out of the Church and onto the streets, out of your Sunday and into your every day … let God out of you … let the river of life flow from within … if you do He will impact nations through you … it only takes one … with God … to alter the course of history … so imagine what an army of us could do if we just let Him out, if we would stop and pray for the one and believe what He says we are capable of in the Bible … it would be miraculous, it would be magnificent … all “the Earth would be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of God” (Hab 2:14) … his goodness, His loving kindness, because …

God is Good!

“…And the peace of God…will guard [her] heart and mind in Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:7) – praying for life 13th July 2011

I was flying interstate and had settled into my seat next to someone that was happily absorbed with his i-phone.  I was looking forward to a quiet time with God on the plane.  It was a short flight.  I had stopped and prayed for someone at the airport, and did not sense that the guy next to me was someone that I had to “engage with” in any way and was happily anticipating a quiet trip.

As the final passengers boarded I looked up and saw Sarah.  I did not know that was her name until later, but it was obvious she had been to my home town for some very serious surgery on her head … she was all bandaged up and was walking gently and carefully up the isle to the last seat, the one behind and opposite me.

As she walked down the aisle I just knew she was someone that God wanted to touch.  I knew I had to stop for this one and so I said to Him that he would need to give me the timing and the words, because she looked delicate – emotionally and physically.

I picked up my book as we took off, and then later got my i-pod out and “soaked” in Him, uninterrupted for nearly the entire flight.  As I soaked I could sense and feel Holy Spirit all around.  I sensed angels entering the plane, stirring the atmosphere, and as I did I sensed that with the angelic increase a lot of darkness left, which made me smile … like the flick of a switch the light dispels the darkness.

I was travelling with two other Christian friends, although we were not sitting together and I wondered whether one of my friends was praying for someone at the time, enjoying the thought of the entourage from Heaven we must have been travelling with.  I later found out that one of my friends also had an “assignment” on the plane – a single Mum who was deeply touched by the presence of God as he prayed for her.

The plane started its descent and my mind went back to the girl.  I started noting a sharp pain behind my right ear and I wondered whether that was the point where she had been operated on.  The anointing was very strong and I just knew that God wanted her dramatically touched.

Once the plane landed I quietly leaned back and spoke to the man travelling with her, who turned out to be her fiancé.  I mentioned that I had seen she had been battling something significant and that I was a Christian and would love to pray for her, if she would like me to.  He lent back and let me address her directly and as I spoke her eyes filled with tears, saying she would love for me to pray.  She then went on to explain that she had been battling recurring malignant (cancerous) brain tumours, on the right side of her head – approximately where the pain had been on my head. She was returning home after surgery, during which they had removed some of her skull as well.

I could feel Holy Spirit in a strong way as we spoke and I suggested we get off the plane and pray in the terminal – she agreed.

Once in the terminal I explained to my friends what we were doing and they stood and prayed with me as well.

As we prayed she felt dizzy and a touch “drunk” and she swayed as the anointing came so we encouraged her to sit down.  My friends stepped aside to wait discretely and I continued to talk to her and pray.  As we spoke she told me that she was engaged to be married.  I had already prayed that her skull would regrow and that the tumour would leave, never to return, telling the cancer to get out, and releasing health, healing etc.  Once I found out about her wedding I prayed for her hair to grow back rapidly for her wedding day – some might say that something like this is insignificant given what she had been facing, but I believe God is interested in these little details too…

We continued to speak and I felt that she had known God, but was very angry with Him.  I felt Holy Spirit ask me to ask her if she wanted Him back … I asked her if she had asked Jesus into her heart.  She explained that she used to attend church but …  I asked her if she was angry at God and she said “yes” and I quietly explained that this condition was not from God and went on to explain that we are taught by Jesus to pray “on Earth as it is in Heaven” (Matt 6:10 NIV) and since there were no brain tumours or cancer in heaven it did not belong in her body, that He could not give what He did not have … I asked her if she could forgive God, and she said “yes” and so she prayed a quiet prayer of forgiveness.  I then asked if she wanted to ask Jesus onto her heart.  She did and so in her own words she rededicated her life to Him … the anointing growing in strength and with her gently weeping as she did. I also spoke to her about the Holy Spirit, thinking as I did of Jesus’ warning of the empty house (Matt 12:44-45; Luke 11:25-26) and she gladly invited Holy Spirit to come into her heart and to fill her up …

I gave her details of a local Church and a contact there so she could attend and be encouraged.  I gave her my own home number too.

Her fiancé had gone to get the car while we spoke and on his return she gently started to walk through the terminal, saying how giddy she felt with the Holy Spirit on her.  I suggested she go home and rest and press into the presence she felt.  I suggested she ask Holy Spirit for “more”, and bless what he was doing and in doing so He could continue doing what He was doing in her body.  I had explained that sometimes it took time for the fullness of healing to come.

I waved her goodbye as she climbed into her car …

Sarah was sent from God.  I know she was.  She had a destiny and a purpose and God wanted her well.  There were more coincidences around this whole event, but suffice to say I absolutely knew I had to stop for this one, and I know that Holy Spirit turned up … the airplane was pregnant with purpose, presumably with the angelic, ready to be released on a prayer, to minister to her for God’s goodness and healing to be released.

A heart turned back to Jesus, a young woman ready to step back into His arms, a healing being released … yes the battle has been won on the cross, yet she was still to see the victory in her body …

I hope she sees break through.  I know we are all special, but she was specialI want her to be tumour free, for her skull to grow back and for her hair to be pretty at her wedding.  I want her to enjoy her wedding day, grow old with her husband by her side and see her children’s children’s children grow.  I want her to be full of life and health and vitality and strength … and if I want that for a stranger called Sarah, how much more does God?

“If [we] then, though [we] are evil, know how to give good gifts to [our] children, how much more will [our] Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” (Luke 11:13 NIV)

I am trusting that:

“…the peace of God … will guard [her] heart and mind in Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:7)

We have the authority (Matt 28:18-19).  Healing is in our hands (Mark 16:18).  The Kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matt 3:2), at our hand … Will we stop for the one and risk embarrassment, rejection, ridicule?  Will we stop for the one and in doing so “risk” life being released through us by a loving God … ?

He wants us to release Him so He can touch a dying world … will we slow life down and release Him to others … and in doing so release life?

Sarah could be healed, and she could go on to live a long and healthy life …

There is a Sarah out there for us all, if we would just look for them, and then stop our business long enough to care and pray for them …

Look around, ask God for a Sarah and then dare to stop, … risk something and offer the Kingdom of Heaven … we have nothing to lose, but they, out there have life to gain because …

God is Good!

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