And there was rain – God is Good!

This is a friend’s testimony. It demonstrates how obedience, prayer and daring to believe can cause breakthrough for communities and areas of land. I hope this testimony is an encouragement in this time for all of us to continue to pray for breakthrough – for the rains of the Holy Spirit to come and demolish every demonic stronghold, every demonic attack, every sin, every sickness and for those rains of His Holy Spirit to flood the lands with healing, salvation, joy, peace, righteousness, and hope because … God is Good!

A, my friend, thank you for daring to take this prophetic praying journey as a woman on your own, sleeping in your car, through the centre of Australia, and for being willing to go as God led. I honour you for your bravery and sheer determination to believe that one woman, with God is a majority.

A writes:

In June 2018 I felt God ask me to take my Subaru Outback (an all wheel drive station wagon) and go outback [middle of Australia through dessert etc].

I travelled up the centre of Australia, a trip I had never done before. I slept in my car, and did my best to listen to where God wanted me to go.

This is one of the many stories on my journey.

I had stayed overnight in freezing conditions at the Orroroo Caravan Park in South Australia, so cold the water pipes had frozen over.

I left early the following morning to visit Magnetic Hill, a hill that has a magnetic attraction that is so powerful it will literally pull your car up hill. You shut off the ignition, put the car in neutral, take the hand brake off and your car moves – up hill.

When I arrived I couldn’t find any signs to show me what to do, and with no one around to ask I decided to pull over to see if I could get mobile [cell phone] reception. As I pulled over I noted that there was a dead sheep, the area was in deep drought and this was a common sight, but as I checked my phone I noticed a small amount of movement.

Grabbing my drink bottle I went through the pasture gate to investigate and found that the sheep was indeed alive, but struggling. I gave it some of my water, and fed it some hay from nearby, and spoke gently to him, reassuring I would find someone to help.

On the other side of the dirt road there was another driveway. I jumped back in my car and drove down it in the hope I would find a farmhouse or someone to help. There were big sheds and a car, but after wandering around and calling out for a while I found no one so I left a note with my mobile number on the driver’s seat of the car informing him about the sheep.

I went on my way, praying that the sheep would be ok, and as I did I found a small hand made sign telling visitors what to do in order to experience Magnetic Hill it said to put your car in neutral, let the brake off, and the car would travel uphill,

So I had fun. I went forwards a few times, and also tried it with the hill behind me so the car was taken up the hill backwards too. It was a strange experience, and it had me intrigued.

On my way out I saw a farmer, so I stopped and told him about the sheep. It turned out that it had been his car I had left the note in. He said it was his neighbour’s farm across the road but he would see to the sheep. I asked why the sheep couldn’t get up and he went on to explain that the sheep would be weak from lack of feed due to the drought.

I responded by saying, ‘okay, I will pray for rain.’

I drove on my way, relieved that the sheep would be cared for, and as I did I prayed for rain, tipping half the water in my drink bottle out the window onto the dusty road as a prophetic act.

That evening I received a text from the farmer to say he had righted the sheep and that it was going to be fine.

It was about a week later I overheard a conversation between campers saying they had just been to Magnetic Hill, and they mentioned that it had been raining while they were there – after I had prayed.

I was overjoyed that my prayer had been answered and also that I had overheard that my prayer had been answered in that conversation. I ask, what are the chances of that?

The chances of that are ‘BUT GOD’ I say.

He will not only answer your prayers for the nations, but He will also show you at times how He does answer your prayers, so that you can see that you and God are a majority because

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16

‘God wins with a pair of 2’s’ (Bill Johnson).

And this is purely and simply because not only is He powerful, but …

God is also very, very Good!

Calling all creative ones to shine – God is good!

I was with my 9½ year old daughter.  We had just purchased some new ballet shoes and placed an order for her first ½ tutu … her eyes were shining with anticipation as we left the ballet store in search for our Lindt Hot Chocolate treat …

We made or way through the shopping centre and I noticed a new store.  I felt the prompt to pop in and take a look. 

We walked in and I looked at a few items.

 Seeing some gum boots I asked God quickly if I was to buy these … but I felt a “no” and reminded myself that the vision He had given me were of red gumboots … not orange or teal like these were …

As I wandered a young girl serving followed me around the store chatting.  I sensed that I was to pray for her, but I wanted to take a look at the items first … in peace.

I walked around and as I looked she gathered together the rubbish and went to take it out, I thought “ok, now I’ll have to wait” … and feeling a bit frustrated that I may have missed it I continued to wander, knowing I needed to wait for her to return.

As I waited I was served by another assistant who helped me purchase a new little mug with a blue bird on it  … I felt God was highlighting this item for me to buy … a simple item to hold our toothbrushes in but a significant one in my world … yes I believe God cares about the detail in our lives …  As I finished up the purchase M (the young girl) came back into the store.

I turned to M, introduced myself and asked her if I could pray … explaining that I had felt that I was to offer earlier, and that through experience I had learnt to step out and risk looking strange because it had impacted so many people over the years when I did stop and pray for them because “the prayer of a righteous person are powerful and effective!” (James 5:16 emphasis added) …

She agreed to my praying, and I explained that I had no idea why I was to pray, but I asked if she was sick or if anyone she knew was … she wasn’t, and she didn’t … so I went with my first instinct and said “right I think I am just to bless you” …

I took her hands in mine, and blessed her and as I did I got the word “upgrade” and so I prayed “upgrade” … I called forth promotions (quietly, because as it turned out it was her boss across the store that had served me) and I declared her destiny open in the name of Jesus …

I very quietly said I believed that “upgrades” were coming and asked if she was after a promotion …

She motioned to her boss and quietly said yes and that I was freaking her out how did I know? …

We clearly could not talk, but that was fine with me, I didn’t want to take long and I felt I was simply there to move things in the spiritual, to declare God’s will into her world, so her destiny could be extended and outworked in the natural …

I said that the word I clearly felt, “heard” was “upgrade” and so I again agreed with God’s word over her, feeling the Holy Spirit’s Presence swirl as I did. I declared favour and open doors to her destiny in the Name of Jesus …

I turned to go and stopped and looked at her and said “you’re very creative aren’t you?”

She looked and said to me “yes I am … now you are really starting to freak me out … “

I smiled and said to her quietly … “step into it, God made you that way, and it is who you are … He delights in you being you, so don’t stifle it, or you will be stifled …

And I left, with my precious creative little 9½ year old daughter whose dreams I am nurturing and calling into fruition …

God is a creative God ….

We are made in a creative God’s image …

And so I call forth the creative ones and I say:

“Arise, shine for your light has come!” (Isaiah 60:1)

Shine into the darkness creative ones … be all you are called to be … dare to be you …

For I believe that as we walk out our true design and we allow ourselves to shine, the earth will be blessed and God will delight as He gazes upon His children … for I believe that like any loving parent He delights in us being all we are called to be because …

God is Good!

Aladdin and prayers of healing

We were in the audience waiting for the start of the Aladdin show at California Adventure Park.  I was sitting next to a Californian woman who turned out to be a Kindy teacher (Prep for Aussies). She shared with me that she was battling skin cancer, due to the fact that she was so fair and had spent so much of her youth uncovered out in the sunshine.

As we waited we chatted about general issues … schooling, kids, Disneyland, and that Australia had a very high rate of skin cancer.

As I spoke I sensed I was to offer to pray, and as the show began I had settled the matter in my own heart that I would offer, and that God would open the way at the conclusion of the show.

The show was amazing … we all enjoyed it immensely and as people stood to leave I turned and explained that I was a Christian. She quickly responded that she was too. I said  “Great… that’s great! I was wondering if I could pray for you, for healing of the cancer. ”

She agreed and I asked her what her name was … she told me and I knew that this was definitely a set up, for she had the same name as mine!

I laughed and said tha God was on this and I told her about the two deaf people I had prayed for recently, and how one had a sister with my name, and the other had a mother with my exact name … I don’t know if she got the connection, but really it did not matter since I had! …. I knew that I had been set up by God to pray …

I placed my hand on her arm and asked the Holy Spirit to come. As the anointing settled I released healing and commanded the spirit of cancer to leave, I released a spirit of forgiveness and prayed for her body to be “on earth as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10) …

I felt that was enough and so I quietly thanked her for allowing me to pray, I took the hand of my excited little five year old boy and walked out of the theatre … on towards more rides … more giggles … more fun with my family.

Where ever we may be God is with us … and we all have the privilege to stop for the one and pray.

What happens to this sweet Kindy teacher I may not know in this life … but I know I was to pray … the coincidence was too clear to ignore and so, as I wandered out with my family I felt a quiet, deep sense of confidence that the prayer was effective … for “powerful and effective are the prayers of a righteous person” (James 5:16) … and because …

God is Good!

Stopping for the one…a call to arms! a God is Good praise report.

A couple of moths ago I was heading up the street with my 5-year-old scootering along by my side, when I saw a man walking towards us on the footpath with a plaster cast on his arm.

I felt “the prompt” and looked at him thinking about the “call to arms” that God has prophetically been releasing to the church and knew that I needed to offer to pray. (Heaven’s clarion call to arms stories one, two three)

I did and he happily replied “yes … I’m a Catholic … you can pray …”

I found out that he had broken his wrist and if it didn’t heal properly, which at the time it wasn’t, he would need surgery.  In fact he was due to have a scan that week to determine if he needed surgery.

I told him a few stories about healings, including A’s broken legs being healed by God (see links below) and I placed my hand on the cast, invited the Holy Spirit to come, while I fought feelings of doubt in my mind …

After the prayer, during which he felt some heat and then relief, we briefly chatted about churches, faith, Christianity and when it was time to move on he asked how he could let me know how he got on, so I gave him my e-mail address and wished him well, thinking to myself that I would probably not hear from him since I rarely ever got any feed back from the “random” encounters who were given my details …

Well I was wrong!

He wrote by e-mail received yesterday (24th May 2012) the following:

Hi …., I’m the guy you met … a few weeks ago, thought I’d better get in touch, and give you an update. I was told in my first follow up visit to hospital that I may need surgery to insert a pin in my wrist. When I went in last Thursday, they advised the wrist was almost completely healed, no surgery required, and the plaster removed, hopefully the prayers you so kindly offered contributed to this quick recovery-so I thank you most sincerely, and more importantly the higher power you invoked.

He went on to say:

Many years ago when I was really struggling financially, after attending Mass, I was chatting to an older lady, who told me something quite miraculous was about to happen to me, and she gave me some Lourdes water, after I put my dole form into Centrelink, I blest my self with the water, and bought a $6.00 lotto quickpic, and won over $3000.00! I know praying for financial relief is not something so accepted, but it certainly gave me the chance to get back on my feet again.

In the same e-mail he then asked for more prayer, around another issue saying:

Now I’m confronted with another problem that would require more than a miracle to overcome … (details are left out by author)

He then completed the email with:

Thank you so much for your prayers, God bless you, D

He knew where to come back for help … the Christian who stopped and prayed for him on the street … the Christian who believed in the power of prayer for

powerful and effective are the prayers of a righteous person” (James 5:16).

What random encounter is being set up for you today? 

Look for the arms in bandages … is He calling you to arms?

How many miracles are we walking past every day of our lives?

Will you stop for the one and let God …?

I could have walked past this one, but chose not to, and by “stopping for the one” a man tasted and saw once more in his life that …

God is Good!

Links to A’s story of healing and a family’s salvation (in three parts) see: Part 1 for the start of the story and Part 2 and Part 3 for the praise reports

A Psalm 34:8 healing – she tasted and she saw that God is Good!

A couple of weeks ago I was at my son’s kindy and saw one of the mums standing outside in the cold, looking miserable with a snuffly, red-nose.  She was clearly full of an infection. 

I stopped and asked how she was doing.  She said she was standing outside so as not to infect anyone inside with her cold… so she was standing in the drizzle, in the cold wind, out of concern for others …

This girl is one of those beautiful people … a heart of service and kindness, caring for others as well as caring for her two young children … always with great patience and love …

She went on to explain that she did not seem to be able to shake a string of infections that kept on hitting her chest …

I empathised, and told her my story of continuous illnesses for over more than two years, illnesses that just kept coming.  I went on to tell her of one woman, one special friend, who started to pray for me daily and the infections immediately stopped (“the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective” – James 5:16) …  

As I told my testimony I felt the familiar prompting, and offered to pray. 

She agreed. 

I asked if I could pop my hand onto her chest … over the point of infection. 

She agreed.

I laid my hand on her chest as she snuffled and I invited the Holy Spirit to come.  I commanded all sickness to leave in the name of Jesus, and I commanded her chest to be clear of all infection …

I said to her that I was going to ask for “pay back”, and I did … I asked for a seven-fold pay back on all the illnesses I had suffered from and then I commanded any spirit of sickness to leave, releasing the Kingdom of Heaven as I did and asking for the Holy Spirit to fill her with His healing Presence and oil …

Feeling a little embarrassed, I said “let me know how you get on”

She responded that she felt better already, that she felt like something had lifted off her chest … I smiled and said something like … “well God wants you well, there is no sickness in Heaven so it does not belong in you”… and I went into the kindy to collect my son …

A couple of days later I saw my friend.  She looked at me over the sea of heads at kindy pick up and she said she felt sooo much better …

That was a few weeks ago …

I have seen her regularly since and this morning I again asked how she was.  She responded that she was great … all healthy …

It is a simple little story, but this encounter showed my friend the love of Jesus for her

He cared that she kept getting sick, and He wanted her well … and so … a loving God reached out, touched her life and healed her …

She tasted and saw that …

God is Good!  (Psalm 34:8)

Ice cream and prayer at the pool – God is Good

We were up at the local swim school with our 4-year-old son this morning (Saturday 13th August 2011).  I was at the reception desk arranging a “make up” class for him when the girl (for what reason I do not know) looked at me and said she felt sick because she had just eaten an ice-cream …

As she checked make up lesson times I checked with God and felt He wanted me to pray for her.  We finished sorting out the “make ups” and I said “give me your hand, I am going to pray for you”, and I mentioned a few examples of people being healed of upset tummies in the past.  I said to her that she had nothing to lose in giving it a go.  She agreed and so I prayed.

I held her hand and I prayed for “peace” in her tummy in Jesus name, and for God’s “shalom” to be within her stomach.  As I did so the words “dairy intolerance” came to mind.  I asked her if she had “dairy intolerance” and she responded that she did not know but she did not drink much milk – she didn’t like it.  I explained that I felt she may be dairy intolerant and she should check it out since that was what I “heard” for her as I prayed and that, if so, the ice-cream could definitely trigger nausea and an upset feeling in her tummy.  She then said that she had eaten a richer ice cream last night and felt ill after that too … she noted the “coincidence”.

I then prayed that her body would cease to be dairy intolerant and I suggested that she take it  easy on the dairy … especially the ice-cream.

I finished up.  She said she felt no immediate change, but she agreed that the nausea may lift more quickly due to the prayer.  I reiterated that she really had nothing to lose in giving prayer a go.

This is a simple story.  There is nothing seemingly remarkable about it.  There were no immediate “hallelujahs” … she didn’t feel anything, her nausea had remained … but I sense that God was letting her know that her body did not tolerate dairy well.  He cares about our physical well-being too.  He wants us healthy and He will let us know, in various ways, if we are doing something that is not too great for our bodies.

Perhaps she will get it checked out … perhaps she is already healed of the intolerance.  Either way, I know God wanted me to pray for her.  She had an encounter with a loving God who wants only the best for her – I know this because He wanted me to stop and pray and the “prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” James 5:16 (NIV).  I believe every time you pray you effect change.  He gave me the words “dairy intolerance” because He wanted her healed of it and I know He would not have had me stop and pray for her unless He wanted her better! 

This may seem an insignificant story; however, I have learnt along the way that even the little encounters matter.  Each encounter with our loving Father is one more step to knowing and receiving Him … He will continue to reveal Himself to her; He will continue to draw her to Himself … and this I know because …

God is Good!