Shopping mall with Christmas tree and decorations

Treasures in Darkness… Christmas Shopping with Jesus

We had a few hours on a Saturday for child free Christmas shopping before seeing a movie. With our list in hand, little did we know that Jesus had a Christmas list of His own… I was in the ‘ladies’ when I found the first on His list. I knew to pray for someone outside…

VIP invitation card that reads VIP invitation in the corner of the picture Beth Kennedy

it’s a VIP pass

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”(Jeremiah 29:11) Most would suggest that the extended lockdowns in Melbourne were harsh, hard, and heavy. I agree they were tough. There were moments of profound encounter,…

photo taken from back seat of person driving car in night with words Keep your focus on the Kingdom of Heaven, and you'll have more than enough for the journey

Fuel the Focus

Feel you will never quite step into that ‘thing’ God has for you? Challenges knock as you attempt to step into the new? I was on my way to clean out my sister’s apartment when I stopped to fill my car for the journey. She died a few months ago, and except for a 91-year-old…

hands opening a gift box with sparkles coming out with the words 'there's always provision for the vision' Beth Kennedy God is Good Stories

Provision for the Vision

A vision of prophetic community stirred in me in 2019. I had asked a friend for a referral to anyone she might know in my area that was a mature prophetic voice. She asked a leader for me at my old church, who (not knowing she was asking for me) referred her back to me.…

picture of a warship with a dancing figure & music with words 'worship is a warship - it's time to praise' Beth Kennedy Verve Ministries

Worship is a warship-it’s time to praise

2020 was a year of pause, shift, change growth as the storms raged on. Worship was significant and essential. I knew without a doubt that united worship was critical. Technology did not stop us from uniting and worshipping ‘in spirit and in truth’ just as Jesus called for when speaking with the woman at the…

man's ear with sound waves entering with words testimonies shift realities - time to create Beth Kennedy

testimonies shift realities… time to create

Could it be, as we share our testimonies of Jesus, our stories of a Good God, that creative power releases to heal and affect change all around us for the better? To prophesy is to declare God’s intentions, His goodness. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 14:3: ‘But everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their…

hand holding mobile phone with winged envelopes flying out of the phone face with @ symbols

updates on God is Good Stories!

Hello everyone, Thank you for reading God is Good Stories over the years. I appreciate your time, and I love your comments and insights. We are upgrading the blog into a website. I have changed our email distribution program and from this email on, our emails will come from ‘Verve Ministries’ using the Mail Poet…

Multiple shaped clocks against blue and yellow patterned wallpaper background with words 'Time stands still no more...'

Time stands still no more

Resets, restarts, reshaping, renewing, recharging, restoring - so many re’s being re-leased (see Ready or Not Here He Comes). The Body cries, ‘Lord, re-store what was, return to the recent known (comfortable) ways.’ Is that where we head? In February, I flew to Sydney to worship at AWE, a night of worship hosted by Jubilee…

Image of woman hanging high in air hanging off ladder looking through binoculars with city scape behind with words Can't see God is your life

Ways to hear God – seeing

We are delighted to be running the entire ACTivate curriculum in 5 two hour modules on various ways we hear from God. Starts this week with ways to see Times, dates & details here or in link below  I'd love to SEE you there  Each module can be bought as a stand alone, or part…

Two toddlers sitting on the floor covering their eyes. Text reads: Ready of not... here he comes.

Ready or not here He comes!

  He will... Repurpose, Replace, Remove, Redeem, Redirect, Redefine, so you Rediscover who and Whose you are   Ready or not... here He comes! ©Beth Kennedy 2021