I love this post and the “bee” word!!! God has been using the above so much to help me this past week!

“The bees can only draw juice from the flowers by resting on them…” -Madame Guyon

I just read this quote the same day you posted this! The more we just beee and rest, the more we can cross pollinate and spread his goodness and honey!

(USA reader commenting on What you carry you spread – the honey will flow because God is Good!)


So beautiful. “It’s about being a friend…being human…” and letting God do the rest. Love this. (USA reader commenting on Stop for the one regardless of lockdown)


This is beautiful and confirming what God has been showing me! He keeps speaking to me about new shoes too! Then just yesterday, he showed me that I have been “working in the garden” and then He took the shovel and told me it is His turn now and told me to leave the garden and rest! He’s so good and HE wants to do the work in this season while we trust. My dad (Unshakeable Hope) shared your blog with me. He said you and I are a lot a like 🙂 

(17 Aug ’20 USA reader commenting on It’s time for new shoes, it’s time for a new walk)