FREE WEBINAR – Shaping Realities through Your Prophetic Voice

Shaping Realities through Your Prophetic Voice: How to Release Heaven's Atmosphere as a Kingdom Ambassador

Have you ever wondered if reality could align more closely with God’s divine atmosphere?

In 1 Corinthians 14:1 we are urged to follow the way of love and to eagerly desire the gift of prophecy.

Why? As a Kingdom ambassador, releasing your prophetic insight is KEY to shaping the realities around you and releasing the atmosphere of Heaven on earth.

In an already noisy world, God has gifted you with the power and authority to make the world more like the Kingdom of Heaven. You becomeone who is sent,” flowing in the apostolic release of God’s voice so others will taste and see that God is Good!

And the way you use your prophetic voice can be as varied as your DNA, mirroring God’s vast wisdom.

Friend, your gifts carry atmospheres and the very heart of God!

Jesus has called you to shape realities by taking His Voice and learning to release it to a hurting and broken world, starting with your own family and community. He envisions you as a transformer, using His insights so others can experience His goodness.

So, if you are ready to step into your role as a Kingdom ambassador, delve into the full spectrum of your God-given gifts, and release your prophetic voice to shape realities, then you won’t want to miss Beth Kennedy’s free webinar.

Click here to check it out.

Verve Ministries together with Empower 2000 is delighted to launch this God is Good Class of training which includes intimacy, stopping for the one as you go, and hearing the voice of the Father.


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