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What is Empowered Prophetic Coaching?

We are all hard wired to hear God. Empowered Prophetic Coaching allows us to be intentional about our prophetic training. We intentionally develop and grow in how to better recognise the various ways God speaks to us. We learn how to decipher the Lord's voice from generalised spiritual information; how to lean in to receive a word of encouragement or direction for ourselves or others; and then how to communicate that word in accordance with the 1 Cor 14:3 direction for it to be encouraging comforting and/or strengthening.


  • Convenient - weekly zoom sessions (no travel, accessible recordings to catch sessions missed)
  • Affordable - 2.5 hours a week small group coaching at only $50/month (subscription only)
  • Personalised - ask questions you felt you could never ask
  • Community - meet other hungry ones from around the world
  • We have already successfully equipped people from 6 continents around the world to better hear the voice of God
  • Committed - weekly space for hungry ones to gather while being empowered, encouraged, equipped, & enlarged


  • various ways we hear the voice of God
  • various ways to deliver a word (including ways of wisdom on social media)
  • ways of the prophetic lifestyle
  • guest speakers
  • practical activations in recognising the voice of the Lord
  • discover new ways to hear God for yourself and others
  • coaching time for questions including questions on the mystical
  • times of soaking and developing intimacy with the Lord
  • discovering your personal Kingdom identity
  • discover and define your prophetic life purpose & Kingdom destiny
  • learn times and seasons for activating words
  • identifying your effective spheres of influence
  • prophetic evangelism, intercession and acts
  • ways of wisdom in the prophetic
  • prophetic consulting techniques
  • demystifying Christian mysticism
  • healthy values & protocols
  • weekly calls February to November inclusive with breaks for Victorian school holidays
  • single event including training in December and January to honour your holiday time of rest and refreshing yet still connecting at least one as family
  • language of dreams will be covered in discussions and training
  • empowered prophetic coaching is a safe place for mystics to process encounters
  • regular times of soaking

Are you an emerging 5 fold office or other gift?

  • explore your personal gifting and calling
  • safely grow into your calling
  • learn ways of wisdom in your walk as you grow
  • community matters - accountability as you grow

The commitment

We commit to you to hold an online space for Christian prophetic coaching and community where you can explore and grow in your sphere and influence, and discover your own specific sphere of influence, metron and calling.

We ask that you commit to us a minimum investment of 12 month's subscription over the year. This program is being offered at a great price to make it available, accessible and affordable; but this space is not a cheap way to get a discount on our usual trainings on offer. Please honour the heart with which we are providing the space. We ask that you do not share any recordings with people who have not paid for the coaching or training sessions. All copyright rests with Verve Ministries.

Groups will run weekly February to November on Thursday nights at 8-10.30pm AEDT. We will break for Victorian School holidays - dates to be confirmed. No refunds are available for this program - a minimum investment of $300 is required. If finances is an issue please reach out - we have several sponsored scholarships available.

It's time for the Hebrews 5:14* mandate to be fulfilled

*But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.

(Heb 5:14)

The word 'trained' is the Greek word 'gymnaso' from which we derive the word gymnasium. This was where men regularly trained (naked) in the ancient Greek equivalent of sports arenas. Paul calls us to consistently train to grow, so we might mature.

To train naked, is to train with vulnerability - being willing to step out, try new things, to be stretched, to grow. To be most effective in this we need safe community.  Training in response to the Hebrews 5:14 mandate is to train to maturity, in safe community, where we are seen, encouraged, empowered, equipped, enlarged from which place we can step out into life and be loving, powerful & effective Christians, about the Father's business.

Beth Kennedy BA LLB will be facilitating these community meetings, with occasional Australian and International guests. Beth is an Internationally accredited prophetic trainer with Prophetic Company Global and her apostolic oversight is Isi and Fini de Gersigny from Jubilee Church Sydney.

Please note: all sessions will be recorded. Participation in our sessions are taken to be permission to record and to have those recordings posted in a private space. Copyright of all recordings rest with Verve Ministries. Parts of recordings might be published in public forums, however your image will not be used without permission.

We hope you enjoy our Empowered Prophetic Coaching subscription.

Contact us for one-on-one prophetic coaching rates.

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