God Stories

Taking a swim with Jesus – a friend’s testimony (Wednesday 10th November 2010)

On Wednesday 10th November 2010 a friend went for a swim at a pool and she told me what happened as she went …

Hey B, I prayed for a Cambodian lady this morning at the pool. She was ahead of me as I entered the complex and was limping.  I prayed for her in the change room. The language exchange was a bit of a challenge over exactly what was wrong with her knee, but she wanted me to pray, felt heat and said it felt like needles and she was indicating movement inside. She looked like she was walking on it with a bit more confidence. She was in lots of pain and the doctor was monitoring her for surgery which she didn’t want.

She kept thanking me!

Release it here … release it there … release it everywhere we go …

It is so very exciting.

God is Good!

Releasing a blessing and praying in a fruit shop: Sunday 14th November 2010

We were on our way home on a Sunday afternoon (14th November 2010) and R and I decided to go to David Jones to buy her annual Christmas decoration … yes our tree is up already.

We had decided on just the right decoration and were paying for our find when I looked at the sales person T and asked if she had anything she needed prayer for.  She queried me, so I explained and she said “no” so I asked if I could just “bless her”.  She agreed and so I held her hand and blessed her and released favour on and into her.  She looked moved by the experience and R and I went on with our next “purchase” – gift for her dad.

Later I was downstairs at Southland and went to buy some fruit and vegetables.  I placed my purchase on the counter and looked up at N who was putting the purchase through.  She looked tired and I felt compassion for her so I asked her how she was.  She said tired – she had worked 8 weeks straight with her first day off the day before and felt that having the day off had made her more tired.  I asked her if it was a family business, figuring it must be – she said it was.

I offered to pray for her, and she looked at me exclaiming “Would you really do that? That would be great.”  I waited while she served another customer and I then took her hand, invited the Holy Spirit to come and started to release vigour, strength, joy, peace.  I felt I had a word of knowledge about her sleep and level of anxiety and asked her about it, she agreed she had been struggling with these and so I released more peace, I asked for angelic intervention and declared she would sleep well etc.

Naturally I prayed all of this in the name of Jesus.

Then, in a clear firm voice I “heard” in my head, the word “job”.  In that split second I decided to step out and rather than ask I just looked at her and said quietly “you are looking for a new job aren’t you.” She gasped and before she replied I released favour and declared that the right doors would open and the right job would come for her, that she would be able to leave where she was currently working easily and that she would be freed.

She had tears in her eyes.  The anointing was strong.  I asked her if she felt anything – she said she felt “energy”, she said she had never felt energy like that, she said it was very powerful energy … she said she believed in energy. I let it go, knowing that God wanted to show her His goodness and that He would sort out the detail, it was one more example of His love for her.

She thanked me with tears in her eyes and I wished her the very best for the future … and I know that she will make her way because …

God is Good!

MS in the Pancake Parlour – Saturday 13th November 2010

Saturday afternoon we were heading home as a family and decided to stop and have pancakes at the Pancake Parlour.

We enjoyed our meals, watched our children play chess beautifully (their version of the game) and were leaving when I noticed a woman getting up to leave from the booth next to ours with walking crutches.

I felt to offer to pray, approached her and asked her what she had done with herself.  She looked at me and said she had MS (multiple sclerosis) – I thought “ooooh”, but then chose to think “no issue for God” and ignored the doubt in my mind.  I told her I was a Christian, that God healed today and offered to pray, but sadly she said “no thank you” (I told you I would tell you the “misses” as well).  She then said she had meant to come to talk to me and tell me what beautiful children we had and how beautifully they played – I agreed (well they are beautiful and they do play beautifully together).  I said thank you and she left.

The following day or two I was listening to Global Awakenings Healing School 2 teachings and I heard a testimony of MS healed … I felt sad that she had not let me pray, but I also know that as long as I offer and leave it to God, it is then their choice to accept or decline …

What was lovely about the scene was that she did notice a difference about our children, I identified myself as a Christian and offered to pray and so I believe that the episode has planted a seed …  there was something different about us that she noticed in our children.  The whole “encounter” I trust has planted a seed, she will perhaps consider the moment later, perhaps ponder on it … and I trust that the seed will grow, that God will grow it … He will bring others to her to offer His goodness to her, one plants the seed, another waters, and I hope and pray that another will harvest for …

God is Good.

Door to destiny opens…answer to prayer…and inviting God to “do again” and “again” Monday 15th and Wednesday 17th November 2010

I was at school pick up and I saw the wife of B who I had prayed for on Wednesday 10th November 2010 … I prayed that he would be released into his destiny, that doors would open and that he would have clarity regarding his future.

When I saw B’s wife (and little S’s mum) I asked how B had got on since last week, was there any news regarding his job?  She said that a contract had been received on Thursday 11th November 2010 (the following day … within 24 hours!).  This was a contract with a large corporation, a contract that had been in the pipe line for many months and that had been held up and held up … promises had been made but there was never any follow through.  Well the contract of employment was received on Thursday, signed that day and B quit his other job the following day, on the Friday … all before the weekend …

God is Good …

Well, yesterday I was at Safeway and saw a woman setting up a cordial tasting desk.  She offered the kids a drink and as I finished going through the check out I looked back at her and felt I needed to go to offer her prayer.

I approached her, offered to pray and she said “are you a prayer?”  I said yes and found out that her husband needed a job; he needed doors to open for him, she explained that doors were not opening.  So I told the above testimony and prayed inviting God to do the same … I trust the doors will open for him … she was excited and said she hoped she would see me again one day to let me know …

Well, later again yesterday I was at the school twilight Christmas fete and stopped at a friends “kiosk”.  We spoke briefly and then she mentioned that her husband had taken a redundancy package and they had come home to Australia from Singapore, but that he had not managed to get a job since … my ears pricked up – two in one day was too coincidental so I offered to pray and told the testimony (that I had just clarified with B himself at the market) explaining that a testimony is an invitation for God to “do again” (thank you Bill Johnson).  I placed my hand on her shoulder inviting Holy Spirit to come.  I felt the anointing and I prayed … at one point she made a noise of surprise as I prayed … I do not know why and did not ask since she had people milling about looking at her products but I can only assume it was good … and we parted with us both saying how excited we both were to see what will happen in the future for her husband …

God is good!

Declaring destinies…last month’s prayer is an open door into a family and their destiny – Wednesday 10th November 2010

I was at school pick up and saw little S and her Dad.

I had prayed for little S who was healed of a nasty cold a few weeks ago and due to God’s goodness her Mum was able to attend a school excursion to the zoo (4year old healed at school … Mum goes on zoo excursion dated 25th October 2010).

I asked little S’s dad how they were.  He said stay away, he was ill, as was little S who had been running a nasty fever.  I sat next to him anyway.

Little S ran up to me and I asked if she wanted me to pray for her … she nodded, so I invited her onto my lap and held her as I prayed.  I felt the heat leave her little face.  She acknowledged she could feel “it”.

I asked her, “shall we pray for daddy?” and she nodded, so I looked at her dad and he nodded so with little S on my lap I placed my hand on his arm and prayed for him to be healed.

As I prayed I asked him if he could feel “it” (the anointing) he said “yes”.  I kept praying and felt that he had not been sleeping well.  I asked him about this – he agreed this was the case – I then said there had been a lot of anxiety and he again agreed.  I asked if he was making some big decisions and he replied that he was making decisions about his work.  I nodded, feeling grateful to God that I had heard “right” since I had taken a real leap of faith in spekaing what I was discerning (it was a leap for me anyway!).

I started to pray into this … I declared open doors that would not be shut, for wisdom and guidance, for his way to be made clear.  I declared him released into his destiny, freedom to be all that he was called to be.  I released hope, peace and acceptance, for the spirit of adoption to come and for him to be received wherever he went … I gave him the favour A and I had and spoke the favour of man and the favour of God on his life.

As I declared he nodded … I felt it was being acknowledged by him as being “truth” … I felt that he was being released into his destiny, the possibilities were amazing … he thanked me and said that we had to hold onto the “good energy” I agreed, knowing God is not a legalist and would not mind if I did not enter a discussion about it being Jesus … etc …

Later that day it occurred to me what we are called to do as the Body of Christ … it seemed so simple, yet the significance of it is overwhelming …

We are to go … and as we go release and declare God’s purposes into people’s lives … into places.  I knew this, but I sort of got it that we are changing destinies as we go …

I felt the potential enormity of it all as I later spoke to a friend about the experience and realised that we have the power to release people into their destinies … yes they have to cooperate, but we can release them … we impact the future, not just the now … the prayer for little S’s healing on 25th October 2010, opened the door to her father, to her family … he had heard, tasted and seen God’s goodness – he and his wife had discussed what had happened to little S … and so he was open to it for himself … therefore a destiny could be released, God’s kindness could be tasted for himself, the course of an entire family, of future generations altered through a declaration of God’s purposes into a life.

A little girl healed, a life changed, a destiny released … we are called to be great – regardless of audience.  We are called to a life of magnificence … What we are doing is important, even if it is hidden in the natural … for it releases into the spiritual an essence, which once released, alters lives, alters substance and alters destinies …

For God is Good.

PS: I saw little S and her Dad this morning at school drop off.  He said S’s fever was gone.  She slept well.  I said I was looking forward to seeing how the rest unfolds for him … he smiled at me and said he was looking forward to it too.

Loving the unlovable – Wednesday 10th November 2010

I was dropping R off at school and a baby bird was being chased by a pack of grade one students.  I said to R that I would take the bird to the animal shelter.  I got a box, got the bird, said goodbye to R.

As I was leaving the school building there was a little poppet who looked like she had been crying.  This little person had been labelled by parents and kids as “the bully”, but through observation and listening to the “story behind the scenes” I had a hunch that although she could be very unkind it was primarily a love starved child desperate for attention … and perhaps her Mother was too … her Mother reportedly cared more about her dogs than her little girl.

I looked down at the little girl, who cried as she spoke to me about the little bird I had rescued.  She asked me if the bird was dead and told me that one of the boys had stoned its mother … I could see her heart of compassion, she had mercy for the little creature so helpless …

I looked at her and asked if she wanted a cuddle.  She nodded.  As I gave her a cuddle I released the Kingdom of Heaven, peace, joy and love.  She quieted as I did so, and I wondered what effect the prayer would have, hoping that the impact would change a destiny, that the mercy and compassion I had seen in her for a little bird and its mother, would now express itself towards others, and hoped that she would direct that heart of kindness towards her fellow students, and other people as she grew.

Who can know the impact of prayer … even the most “unlovable” of us has an imprint of Him, His goodness and His kindness – its there, even if it is hidden … if we who know our Father in Heaven would just release Him, let Him out, release His Kingdom into others and into atmospheres, we just might see hearts soften, atmospheres change, the “unlovable” become lovable and be transformed – if we would just release Him, He is then free to do what He does so well … transform lives, families, communities and ultimately … nations!

For … God is Good.

PS: the bird was dropped off safely and I was told that we would get a report.  As I drove to the shelter I prayed resurrection life and sang praise to God (with Brian and Jenn Johnson’s “Undone” CD – highly recommended), trusting that His Glory would take good care of the little bird in a box in the boot of my car.

Stopping the itch and releasing peace: Tuesday 9th November 2010

M and I were up at R’s school to help with literacy.  One of the girls had a very itchy eye.  It had flared up and was very red.  She had tried cold water to no effect.

 I was working with her group, looked at her at said “stop rubbing and I will pop my hand on it” … I placed my hand to the side of the eye, and on her head and released healing.  I asked her if it was feeling a bit better.  She said “yes”, and went to rub again, so I placed my hand on her again as the teacher asked “is everything alright?”  I replied it was, and she nodded at the teacher as I prayed quietly, and the itch stopped as the teacher watched and the girl got on with her work, the redness receding.

M and I finished up the session of literacy and we headed home.

Later I had to quickly get some milk … I was having friends over for an impromptu lunch.  Coles was closer and I was in a hurry, but I felt God was saying “Safeway”, so I headed up to Safeway, wondering who my assignment might be …

I did my shopping, forgetting that I should have been looking for my assignment, until I got to check out … I looked at the check out person and thought “… well, you must be it”.  I noticed the cross on her necklace and so did not explain anything – I just asked her if I could pray for her.  She looked a bit surprised, I said “give me your hand” (I was in a hurry!) and I said “what do you need prayer for?”  She said “nothing”, but then she said her daughter was doing exams …

I asked what her daughter’s name was, felt the anointing flow onto us and I prayed for her daughter.  I then felt to release peace into their home.  I rebuked the spirit of strife, and released peace.  She teared up a bit.  I looked at her and said that she must have been my assignment, that God had wanted me to pray for someone here … I then said “have a great day” and off we went … with our milk and other goodies, looking forward to seeing our beautiful friends for lunch.

A little story – but God is Good … and as we go, we can change the atmosphere … the atmosphere we are in and the atmosphere that we pray into at distance – for nothing is impossible for our Good God!

God is Good!


Giving away the gift of healing…Thursday 4th November 2010

M and I stopped at a park in Brightonon our way home from some chores in Church Street.

We sat and had lunch and M had a play.  A few remarks were made by the Mum’s and carers about the cold wind, and eventually there were just M and myself left in the park, with a carer and her two young charges.

As we chatted I found out that she was 60 years old, a very very active member of her local Church, running outreaches through the World Vision Mentoring programme for disadvantaged children in her local schools (she headed up about 60 people), she had helped in kids church for years, had been a dental nurse and was now nannying for a change of direction, being responsible for two young children of 4 and 2.

As we chatted I discovered that her two daughters had struggled to conceive, and her elder daughter had just had her first baby after much heart ache.  I told her my own story of how R came about, and how many others I knew had received the promised gift of a child within months of being prayed for.  I asked if she would like me to pray for her daughter to conceive, and for her to receive the gift of healing.

She said “yes” and so two strangers in the park, brought together by a loving God, stood and prayed together for a woman yearning the gift of a child and when done I imparted the gift of healing through the laying on of hands … the anointing was just discernible over the cold wind and our hands heated up somewhat … well, they got a bit sweaty.  I encouraged her to take the gift and to give it away, to lay hands on the sick and I prophesied that she would see them healed … the outcome of the prayers will be known in Heaven one day …

A coincidence in timing …? I rather think it was a divine appointment.  Two women meeting to have a chat about a common love of a mighty God, a divine appointment for one to receive a gift from God for her daughter and for those that she came into contact with … a gift of healing in the form of a seed for her to carry and grow, so that she is now more fully equipped to touch those for God that only she can touch, in a world that is so desperate to discover that God is real and He cares … a gift passed on to yet one more of God’s mighty warriors …

God is Good!

Prayer for L’s knee and V’s legs: Wednesday 3rd November 2010

M and I were out dropping some things off at the local opp shop and on our way to the bank when I noticed a young guy with crutches at the ATM. I walked past and felt God prompt me, but tried to ignore it (I know …! But I am being honest!).  I had battled in the morning with tears for L and M (double pneumonia/heart issues) and for more of God and I just did not really feel like stopping …

Anyway, I got in the bank line and thought, “what the heck, I am in a queue anyway … and I did ask for more from God, so here goes …” so I went back out and asked if he wanted prayer.  He said yes telling me that someone else had offered to pray for him too in the area … Mmmm I thought God is on his case …. Good!

We sat at a bench. I prayed.  He said he felt a blockage and motioned to his chest so I asked him about forgiveness issues, which he then said he could forgive some but not all.

We had a chat about this and I kept praying, and his leg started to shake.  The pain intensified and I told the Spirit of infirmity to get out.  His leg kept shaking.  He found it strange.  He tried out the leg and said it was about 50% better – his whole knee cap had been knocked off in a building accident.

I suggested he try forgiving the rest … he said he could and I asked him if he wanted Jesus … then he started talking about “issues” he had about Jesus, and said he could not ask him into his heart and so figured he could not be healed – I said that was not true and rattled off some stories about non-Christians being healed and keeping their healings even though they never became Christians and I went back to praying, but I also repeated a few testimonies about how people kept free of infliction by asking Jesus into their hearts.

In any case, M was playing on the pavement all this time, and the guy just kept on having prayer.  I wondered to myself how long I should keep going, but thought well as long as I get to the bank it will be ok so I kept going … I thought when should I stop, but thought about how Randy Clark said keep praying until they are well or until they tell you to stop (or God says that is enough I figured) but no one said stop, so some 15 minutes later, I am still praying and he ends up saying he had to go …

I did my banking and then M and I went for a milk shake at a local coffee shop.

As we sat I saw an elderly woman making her way slowly very to the podiatrists.  She asked me the time and I felt God wanted me to pray for her.  She was sitting in the sunshine waiting for the time to pass before her appointment.

I asked her if I could pray for her – she said yes and that I was the second blond girl with shoulder length hair that had prayed for her in the area that day … Mmmm … “God is on your case” I said (“Good” – I thought).  I also thought excitedly “perhaps there is more than one of us” – Christian prayers on the streets in this suburb that is, … not blondes!  So I prayed.  She tried it out and moved a bit more quickly, a bit more easily, I had a few prophetic words and I prayed them in.  We chatted and I prayed some more.  I then felt to ask her if she wanted Jesus in her heart.  She really wanted to say yes – for me – but she said she could not with all honesty do so …

She told me her walking problem was a family issue (all her 4 sisters and 3 brothers had the same thing) and that it was a circulation issue through her legs so I prayed to the issue and we talked about death (how her siblings had died), dying, suicide, euthanasia, and a host of other things including her dead husband and his faith.  She told me how she had seen things, been protected over the years, bad dreams had been stopped with a cross placed over her bed by a daughter …

I prayed some more, and explained that it was not complicated to ask Jesus into her heart and that it was not just about going to church but about a relationship with Jesus, I told her that if she wished to do so to just say “Jesus come into my heart please” … or something along those lines and I wished her well giving her a little cuddle and a kiss on the cheek.

4 year old healed at school pick up … Mum goes on Zoo excursion – Monday 25th October 2010

Last Monday (25th October) M and I headed up to school with our two dogs for R to “show and tell”.  After, I had some time before “pick up” and felt to walk the perimeter of the school praying.  As I went I bound slander, gossip, unkindness … I released the Kingdom of Heaven including the spirit of loving kindness, joy, peace, health, righteousness, purity …

I then collected R and as we made our way through the throng of people with bags, dogs, children etc, I stopped to chat to a friend who also had a Grade 1 and who had a 4 year old daughter called “S”.  I knelt down in front of S who was in a stroller to say “hello” and lifted her sunglasses – her gaze was glassy and her mum said that she was not well having woken from her sleep off colour … she was coming down with a nasty cold.

After gaining permission to pray I laid my hand on S’s chest and invited Holy Spirit to come.  The anointing came swiftly.  I looked at S and said “you felt that didn’t you?” She nodded.  Her Mum watched on as her daughter visibly relaxed and “melted” into the presence of God.  It was very obvious and her Mum expressed surprise as I continued to pray.

I felt that S had sore ears.  I asked her and she nodded so I laid hands on her ears, prayed, and asked if the pain had left – she nodded.  I then felt she had pain in her head.  I asked her if she did – S nodded again.  I laid hands on her head and prayed and then asked if the pain had gone – she nodded.  The Mother then mentioned that she thought she was also coming down with the same thing, so as I prayed for S I placed my hand on the Mother’s forehead, who by this time was crouching down by the pram with me.

I finished praying, and our “moment” was interrupted by others and so my friend headed off home.

Later than evening I called to see how S was.  I held my breath as I received the answer … her Mum said that she had kept her quiet for a little while at home, but then she seemed fine, and was, as we spoke, flat out riding her tricycle on the pavement outside – healthy as ever.

My friend said she would not be able to go to the Zoo excursion the next day with her son (a highlight of the school year) if S was not well enough to go to childcare, and so my friend was delighted at her daughter’s sudden healing – expressing amazement at it all again.  I mentioned that it was not in God’s will for her daughter to be sick, but for her daughter to be well.  I said I would pray that S slept well and that it would not come back at her daughter over night.

That night I woke a few times and continued to pray for S and to my delight I saw my friend getting on the bus to go on the school excursion with her older child the following day … she told me that S was completely well having slept peacefully the whole night through from 7pm to 7am without waking once.

The lovely post script to this story is that a day or two after, little S saw me while being held in her Mother’s arms.  As soon as she saw me she said “still coughing”.  Her Mum laughed saying that was all that was wrong with her.

I looked S in the eyes and said something like “that is not for you”.  I popped my hand on her chest, told that cough to go in Jesus name and the presence of God came again.  I looked little S in the eyes and said to her “you felt that didn’t you” she nodded as her Mother watched … her Mother said what healing hands I had to which I said something like – there was no sickness in Heaven, it did not belong in her daughter, that God wanted S well and for my friend to be free to be able to go on the school excursion just as she did …

God is Good.