A pain in the shoulder is in fact a “word of knowledge” and a healing is released …

4-year-old M and I were up at the shopping centre on Tuesday 6th September 2011 to collect a pair of socks left behind on a school shoe shopping excursion.  author’s note: no … I do not live there, but often God wants me to stop for the one there and hence the many shopping stories!

As we headed through the centre, I “coincidentally” remembered (God reminded me) that I needed to buy some inserts for a note-book.  I popped into Kiki K for the inserts and as I went to pay I got a severe stabbing pain in the top part of my left shoulder.  I rubbed it thinking “how strange” and as I did I got the impression, I had the thought, that it could perhaps be a physical manifestation form of a word of knowledge – God was letting me know that there was a sore left shoulder there that He wanted to heal.  I just had to step out and offer to pray …

I looked at the girl serving me and quickly explained that I had just got a strong pain in the left shoulder, that I was a Christian, and that sometimes God highlights a need in this way and I asked her whether she had a sore shoulder?  I explained that it was not “my pain” and that it only started when I walked into the shop. 

The girl said “no”… both her shoulders were fine. 

I thought “oh well … my imagination.”  But then I hesitated and thought “no, I am going to push through further” and I asked her whether she knew if anyone that worked at the shop had a problem with their left shoulder …

As soon as I asked the question her jaw dropped and she exclaimed “yes, M has a sore shoulder.”  I clarified the problem asking if it was the left shoulder and she said “yes it is the left shoulder” looking even more incredulous.

I asked if M was there, but she wasn’t, so in faith I asked if she would stand in and receive prayer in M’s place.  She readily agreed and so I laid my hand on her left shoulder, invited the Holy Spirit to come and commanded the shoulder to be healed.  I prayed for tendons to be made right, muscles to relax, and for the back to align with the will of God … telling the pain to leave in Jesus and for the shoulder to be made right. As I did the pain lifted off my shoulder.  The girl said she felt something but I did not explore what she felt.  I suggested she place her hand on M’s shoulder and release the healing in Jesus name when she next saw M.  I also explained that M may already be healed, or may be healed as she walked into the store, or that she may need to lay her hand on it to release the healing … that she should wait and see what happens, but that M would be healed.

The girl got so very excited saying how amazing it all was and that she could not wait to see M, who was scheduled to come in later that day.

I left, also very excited.  This was the first acute (it hurt!) physical word of knowledge that I can remember getting while out in the public like this and it was exciting to step into another realm of how God speaks to us.

Interestingly, I felt the pain come back into my shoulder some time later and so I prayed again for M as I walked around and the pain lifted again … I assume she is healed … I hope they text to let me know …

What pain (physical or emotional) do you feel when you are out and about … does it belong to you or is there someone who God is calling you to  stop and pray for?  Give it a go, you will be delighted and surprised when it happens to you, and it will happen because God wants to touch the world and heal their hurts more than you want Him to because …

God is Good!

And she felt the warmth of His love …

My daughter is changing schools.  With this change comes all the details of such a change … notifying authorities; purchasing gifts; writing letters of affirmation for teachers and support staff; and doing all the bits and pieces that honouring a group of people who have sown into a child’s life for 3 years takes … and, of course, with a change of schools comes the purchase of a new uniform.

Last Friday (3rd September 2011), with credit card tightly packed in bag, we headed up to the new school to tackle the fitting of the uniform.  As we walked thought the school’s canteen we saw B, who has a daughter at the same ballet school that my daughter attends; who also works in the administration section of the ballet school; and who also works in the school canteen.

We greeted each other and I said she looked lovely.  She coughed and said she had been battling the croup for weeks.  I said I would pray for her and after a quick chat I took her hand across the counter and prayed for a healing of the illness.  I told all sickness to leave her and her home (the entire family had been ill).  I then released life and health and as I did I received a word for her about requiring “provision”.  I asked her about this and she nodded that this was right and so I prayed that for her too, explaining that God would not let me know about such without wanting to provide the “provision” He had shown a need for.

She walked with us to the uniform shop and, as we walked, I got a picture of me placing my hand on the upper part of her back.  As I did (explaining to her what I was doing) I released the Holy Spirit on her and asked for “more Lord”, and I blessed what Holy Spirit was doing (thank you Randy Clark).  I then said “breathe Him in deeply, take deep breaths and in doing so you will breath in the Holy Spirit”.  She did and said with a start after three breaths that she had felt something change or shift.  I gave her a big hug and we went into the shop to sort out sizing etc … much to the absolute delight of my daughter!

I saw B again later that day.  I had dropped my daughter off at the ballet school and B came in to say “hello”. I asked how she was and she replied that it was the oddest thing but her nose had started running profusely all day after I had prayed for her and she felt like “it” was being flushed out of her body … “up and out”.  I said something similar had happened to me a few years ago when I had been quite ill and that I had felt the same way … that it was somehow being flushed out …

I got up from where I had been sitting on the floor and we stood side by side.  Again I felt God wanted me to place my hand on her upper back.  I did so and as I did I quietly prayed as we watched the class.  I felt that something was going on and I asked her about it.  She turned to me teary saying she could feel “something”.  I asked her if it was very peaceful and if it was making her feel teary, like crying, and she nodded gently and quietly said “yes” looking at me with big eyes full of surprise.

I explained gently that God was releasing His love on her and that He was calling her to Himself.  I said that she had not yet asked Jesus into her heart, but that He was calling her to come, that she was on a journey.  She stood teary.

My son, by this stage was rather whiny, and so I started to leave.  As I walked out I turned back, ran across the room and wrapped my arms around her, planting a big fat kiss on her cheek and left saying that she was precious …

I know some of you would ask why did you not see if she wanted Jesus to come into her heart … I wondered too, but I did not feel to take that step … I may have missed it, but even if I did, I know she felt His heart, she felt the warmth of His love, and I know He is drawing her unto Himself and that he will keep drawing her until she comes, and this I know because …

God is Good!

The Gloria Jeans anointing – Wednesday 24th August 2011

I think that God likes coffee … well … He likes the people who are at coffee shops anyway …

Last week I was heading off interstate again and had a spare hour at the airport and so I decided to pop into Gloria Jeans and grab a caffeine hit. As I waited, I got chatting to the girl making my coffee. As we chatted about working there and the challenges that stressed people could be for those in the service industry I felt God prompting me to offer to pray for her.  We chatted around this some more and she mentioned to me that she would in fact like to work with animals.

I looked at her, asked for her hand and prayed.

As I prayed for a new job, a new position and for favour, a couple of ideas “popped” into my head regarding work and study. I mentioned them to her and suggested she follow it up … she said she would.

As we finished up with the prayer I felt Holy Spirit say “ask her if she wants Me” … and so I did.

She looked at me with a big smile and said “why not!” … and so, I led her in a simple prayer of salvation. She received Jesus into her heart, I gave her my number, I suggested she find a local church to plug into and wandered off happy with my coffee …

This may read very simply … and I must say … it reads simply because it was simple … it was God’s idea and God’s ideas work … because …

God is Good!

“…And the peace of God…will guard [her] heart and mind in Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:7) – praying for life 13th July 2011

I was flying interstate and had settled into my seat next to someone that was happily absorbed with his i-phone.  I was looking forward to a quiet time with God on the plane.  It was a short flight.  I had stopped and prayed for someone at the airport, and did not sense that the guy next to me was someone that I had to “engage with” in any way and was happily anticipating a quiet trip.

As the final passengers boarded I looked up and saw Sarah.  I did not know that was her name until later, but it was obvious she had been to my home town for some very serious surgery on her head … she was all bandaged up and was walking gently and carefully up the isle to the last seat, the one behind and opposite me.

As she walked down the aisle I just knew she was someone that God wanted to touch.  I knew I had to stop for this one and so I said to Him that he would need to give me the timing and the words, because she looked delicate – emotionally and physically.

I picked up my book as we took off, and then later got my i-pod out and “soaked” in Him, uninterrupted for nearly the entire flight.  As I soaked I could sense and feel Holy Spirit all around.  I sensed angels entering the plane, stirring the atmosphere, and as I did I sensed that with the angelic increase a lot of darkness left, which made me smile … like the flick of a switch the light dispels the darkness.

I was travelling with two other Christian friends, although we were not sitting together and I wondered whether one of my friends was praying for someone at the time, enjoying the thought of the entourage from Heaven we must have been travelling with.  I later found out that one of my friends also had an “assignment” on the plane – a single Mum who was deeply touched by the presence of God as he prayed for her.

The plane started its descent and my mind went back to the girl.  I started noting a sharp pain behind my right ear and I wondered whether that was the point where she had been operated on.  The anointing was very strong and I just knew that God wanted her dramatically touched.

Once the plane landed I quietly leaned back and spoke to the man travelling with her, who turned out to be her fiancé.  I mentioned that I had seen she had been battling something significant and that I was a Christian and would love to pray for her, if she would like me to.  He lent back and let me address her directly and as I spoke her eyes filled with tears, saying she would love for me to pray.  She then went on to explain that she had been battling recurring malignant (cancerous) brain tumours, on the right side of her head – approximately where the pain had been on my head. She was returning home after surgery, during which they had removed some of her skull as well.

I could feel Holy Spirit in a strong way as we spoke and I suggested we get off the plane and pray in the terminal – she agreed.

Once in the terminal I explained to my friends what we were doing and they stood and prayed with me as well.

As we prayed she felt dizzy and a touch “drunk” and she swayed as the anointing came so we encouraged her to sit down.  My friends stepped aside to wait discretely and I continued to talk to her and pray.  As we spoke she told me that she was engaged to be married.  I had already prayed that her skull would regrow and that the tumour would leave, never to return, telling the cancer to get out, and releasing health, healing etc.  Once I found out about her wedding I prayed for her hair to grow back rapidly for her wedding day – some might say that something like this is insignificant given what she had been facing, but I believe God is interested in these little details too…

We continued to speak and I felt that she had known God, but was very angry with Him.  I felt Holy Spirit ask me to ask her if she wanted Him back … I asked her if she had asked Jesus into her heart.  She explained that she used to attend church but …  I asked her if she was angry at God and she said “yes” and I quietly explained that this condition was not from God and went on to explain that we are taught by Jesus to pray “on Earth as it is in Heaven” (Matt 6:10 NIV) and since there were no brain tumours or cancer in heaven it did not belong in her body, that He could not give what He did not have … I asked her if she could forgive God, and she said “yes” and so she prayed a quiet prayer of forgiveness.  I then asked if she wanted to ask Jesus onto her heart.  She did and so in her own words she rededicated her life to Him … the anointing growing in strength and with her gently weeping as she did. I also spoke to her about the Holy Spirit, thinking as I did of Jesus’ warning of the empty house (Matt 12:44-45; Luke 11:25-26) and she gladly invited Holy Spirit to come into her heart and to fill her up …

I gave her details of a local Church and a contact there so she could attend and be encouraged.  I gave her my own home number too.

Her fiancé had gone to get the car while we spoke and on his return she gently started to walk through the terminal, saying how giddy she felt with the Holy Spirit on her.  I suggested she go home and rest and press into the presence she felt.  I suggested she ask Holy Spirit for “more”, and bless what he was doing and in doing so He could continue doing what He was doing in her body.  I had explained that sometimes it took time for the fullness of healing to come.

I waved her goodbye as she climbed into her car …

Sarah was sent from God.  I know she was.  She had a destiny and a purpose and God wanted her well.  There were more coincidences around this whole event, but suffice to say I absolutely knew I had to stop for this one, and I know that Holy Spirit turned up … the airplane was pregnant with purpose, presumably with the angelic, ready to be released on a prayer, to minister to her for God’s goodness and healing to be released.

A heart turned back to Jesus, a young woman ready to step back into His arms, a healing being released … yes the battle has been won on the cross, yet she was still to see the victory in her body …

I hope she sees break through.  I know we are all special, but she was specialI want her to be tumour free, for her skull to grow back and for her hair to be pretty at her wedding.  I want her to enjoy her wedding day, grow old with her husband by her side and see her children’s children’s children grow.  I want her to be full of life and health and vitality and strength … and if I want that for a stranger called Sarah, how much more does God?

“If [we] then, though [we] are evil, know how to give good gifts to [our] children, how much more will [our] Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” (Luke 11:13 NIV)

I am trusting that:

“…the peace of God … will guard [her] heart and mind in Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:7)

We have the authority (Matt 28:18-19).  Healing is in our hands (Mark 16:18).  The Kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matt 3:2), at our hand … Will we stop for the one and risk embarrassment, rejection, ridicule?  Will we stop for the one and in doing so “risk” life being released through us by a loving God … ?

He wants us to release Him so He can touch a dying world … will we slow life down and release Him to others … and in doing so release life?

Sarah could be healed, and she could go on to live a long and healthy life …

There is a Sarah out there for us all, if we would just look for them, and then stop our business long enough to care and pray for them …

Look around, ask God for a Sarah and then dare to stop, … risk something and offer the Kingdom of Heaven … we have nothing to lose, but they, out there have life to gain because …

God is Good!

Ice cream and prayer at the pool – God is Good

We were up at the local swim school with our 4-year-old son this morning (Saturday 13th August 2011).  I was at the reception desk arranging a “make up” class for him when the girl (for what reason I do not know) looked at me and said she felt sick because she had just eaten an ice-cream …

As she checked make up lesson times I checked with God and felt He wanted me to pray for her.  We finished sorting out the “make ups” and I said “give me your hand, I am going to pray for you”, and I mentioned a few examples of people being healed of upset tummies in the past.  I said to her that she had nothing to lose in giving it a go.  She agreed and so I prayed.

I held her hand and I prayed for “peace” in her tummy in Jesus name, and for God’s “shalom” to be within her stomach.  As I did so the words “dairy intolerance” came to mind.  I asked her if she had “dairy intolerance” and she responded that she did not know but she did not drink much milk – she didn’t like it.  I explained that I felt she may be dairy intolerant and she should check it out since that was what I “heard” for her as I prayed and that, if so, the ice-cream could definitely trigger nausea and an upset feeling in her tummy.  She then said that she had eaten a richer ice cream last night and felt ill after that too … she noted the “coincidence”.

I then prayed that her body would cease to be dairy intolerant and I suggested that she take it  easy on the dairy … especially the ice-cream.

I finished up.  She said she felt no immediate change, but she agreed that the nausea may lift more quickly due to the prayer.  I reiterated that she really had nothing to lose in giving prayer a go.

This is a simple story.  There is nothing seemingly remarkable about it.  There were no immediate “hallelujahs” … she didn’t feel anything, her nausea had remained … but I sense that God was letting her know that her body did not tolerate dairy well.  He cares about our physical well-being too.  He wants us healthy and He will let us know, in various ways, if we are doing something that is not too great for our bodies.

Perhaps she will get it checked out … perhaps she is already healed of the intolerance.  Either way, I know God wanted me to pray for her.  She had an encounter with a loving God who wants only the best for her – I know this because He wanted me to stop and pray and the “prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” James 5:16 (NIV).  I believe every time you pray you effect change.  He gave me the words “dairy intolerance” because He wanted her healed of it and I know He would not have had me stop and pray for her unless He wanted her better! 

This may seem an insignificant story; however, I have learnt along the way that even the little encounters matter.  Each encounter with our loving Father is one more step to knowing and receiving Him … He will continue to reveal Himself to her; He will continue to draw her to Himself … and this I know because …

God is Good!