“For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” Revelation 19:10…releasing the goodness of God

“For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy … “ (Rev 19 10).  To prophesy is to declare God’s intentions, His goodness … Paul writes in 1 Cor 14:3 “But everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort”; indeed, Paul writes that “I would rather have you prophesy” (1 Cor 14:5), to emphasise the importance of the prophetic word being released by believers.

Well, this story has that very power.  This story came in and a person I know read the testimony in its “raw” form.  The story is about sowing into the Kingdom of God financially … but, as a person with a benign tumour read it, the “tone in the ear shifted” … the ear has been affected by a tumour and the hearing has been affected … so, as a completely unrelated Jesus story was read it seems that power was released into the ear … this shift has encouraged that person to read more, listen to more, engage more with the testimonies of healing from a Good God!

If the spirit of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy, then could Jesus and His presence ride forth on a story, on a testimony, and cause a shift in something that is unrelated to the subject of the story?  I know that Bill Johnson covers such concepts in his book “The Power of the Testimony” … healings do take place as testimonies have been released into the atmosphere, but I think (but I could be very wrong here) that the healings referred to were only ones of a similar nature to the testimony released, a similar condition … this release of power came on the reading of a financial miracle testimony, and the power of Jesus was released into an ear …

Could it be as we share our stories of a Good God that power is released for more than  just the miracle to which the story relates? …

Just one more good reason to let the world know that God is Good …

The story received by email Monday 5th September 2011 reads:

Here is a story of sowing into the kingdom of God.

It started about a month ago; my wife was invited to a Birthday morning tea. We know this family is standing in faith for financial provision, so we decided to put $100 in her birthday card.

A couple of weeks later, our family and some others were in Geelong helping my wife’s grandparents by laying gravel in their driveway. After we finished, my wife’s Pa gave us $100 as a way of saying “thank you”.

We sowed that money into the love offering for David Wagner.

Then, at a conference where our catering business was supplying food, we had sold only half of the food we prepared! So, we were giving away pies, pasties etc in the afternoon to whoever wanted something to eat rather than throwing them out. One person wanted to pay and I said “you can’t pay, but you’re more than welcome to make a love offering…” Later I found out that he gave my wife $100, we sowed that too back into the love offering for Bill Johnson and Leif Hetland.

The next day of the conference we sold EVERYTHING! We had a little bit of product left over which we were able to make into little hampers to give away – Such Fun!

So last Tuesday I was working in a factory area selling coffees, when I was described by a factory boss as being like a “white light” and … he ordered $100 extra in coffee.

Last Wednesday we went to my wife’s sister’s house to cook her some dinner. She is pregnant and not feeling the best at times. We cooked 7 meals, plus 3 serves of fried rice; our kids came too and slept on the couch.  My wife’s sister and her husband came for dinner last night, and gave us a thank you card, with a Coles voucher in it – value: $100

Makes me wonder what would happen if we started to sow $500?!

What stories of God’s goodness are you keeping to yourself?

You never know … if you start to tell the stories in your own life of a Good God, you may just release the spirit of prophecy, and with it a tumour may shift, a leg may grow out, or a heart may be healed … you will never know unless you start to speak and, I hazard a guess, that if you start power will be released … and that power will heal because …

God is Good!

Salvation at the hairdressers – God is Good!

I was up at the hairdressers last Wednesday (27th July 2011) and I was offered a free blow wave by the salon.  I was planning to just have a dry off, which means they do not style it thereby saving time, since I was tired and wanted to get home; however, when the offer was made I felt Holy Spirit say “take it, say yes” and so I did, wondering why, and feeling a bit embarrassed receiving it.

C was washing my hair.  I had said to her earlier that she seemed to be in a good place .  She looked at me and quizzed me how I knew.  I did not realise that she had known about G, who was the young guy that I had prophesied to two years ago, and who had told me recently what an impact the written prophetic word had made – he carried it in his wallet and read it regularly (see below for link to related story).  In any case, G had undergone quite a change.  He no longer dressed in a very “camp” way, but had seemed to tone it down, and I wondered if that was in direct relation to the word I had written which was full of God’s love and acceptance for him.  C mentioned it, and agreed with my observation, and she was intrigued by the whole event … 

C was going to blow dry my hair and she started chatting about it all, commenting on how much the written prophecy had impacted G and how she marvelled at being able to do that.  She then went on to say that she was frightened of dying … I sat and listened thinking “what are you up to God?

As she spoke I suggested that everyone could hear from God, because He loved us all, Christian and non-Christian, and He spoke to us all more than we thought.  She agreed that he loved us all.  I found out later that C had come from a Catholic background, having been brough up in “the faith” with an Italian background, but without a personal relationship with God.

When I said she could hear from God too she seemed excited.  I went on to explain that we all had a “God space”  (see http://www.refocussing.com.au/godspaces) and that He wanted to connect with her so badly He would let her know where He was for her right then, in the salon as she was drying my hair (and I held my breath as I said it trusting God would show up!).  So, as she dried I suggested to ask Him where He was for her and she said “Jesus, where are you for me right now?” and then her eyes lit up as she looked at me in the mirror.  I said “where is He?”  She replied “He is right above me looking down”

I thought of the woman in Myers from last year, who had asked Jesus to come closer and closer, and then asked Him to come in her heart (see below for link) and I said to C “Do you want him to come closer?”  She replied “yes” so I said to her to ask Him to come closer.  As she did, she lit up more and I said “where is He?” and she said “right next to me on my right”, and she motioned to the place. 

I said again, “do you want Him closer?”  She did and so she asked Him closer and He came closer, and was right next to her, as she invited Him closer I could feel the anointing increase.  I then said, “do you want to ask Him into you, so you have Him inside, do you want to ask Him into your heart?”  She looked at me in the mirror, all excited and said she did and so, as I watched her in the mirror, in the middle of the busy hairdresser, as she dried my hair she said “Jesus, come into my heart” and as she did her face changed.  She told me she felt a “shift”, and she felt completely different.  She said she was full of joy, and she looked it!

I then suggested she say sorry for being away from Him, to accept what he did on the cross for her etc, which she did and she looked so delighted she looked like “the cat that swallowed the canary” except it was that she had taken in the saviour of the world instead …

We kept talking.  I asked whether she felt any more fear of dying … she stood and thought for a moment and said “No!”  She was so excited!

I then told her about the gift of the Holy Spirit, that Jesus said that he would not leave us as orphans and that when He left He would send another, the Holy Spirit.  I quickly explained the gift of healing, the gift of prophecy which she was so intrigued with, and the gift of tongues, and there, in the hairdressers, I prayed for a baptism of the Holy Spirit, and for an impartation of all three gifts … and she quietly started to pray in tongues.

I gave her a cuddle and told her about the angels around her, dancing and celebrating at her new life,  told her about the angels in Heaven, and the great crowd of witnesses that were all celebrating and dancing, and as I did a little dance to the groovy music playing in the salon to make my point … her beaming the entire time.

I gave her my personal details, suggested she read the book of John as a start and encouraged her to plug into a local church, making a few recommendations and giving her details of her preferred choices next service … she very excitedly said she would go, and would take her brother with her … I thought ooo another saved soul on the way to Heaven …

I left that night with a blow wave, and she left with her salvation intact … she left her fear of death behind in her old life, having stepped into the new … alive to Christ, ready to get to know her God, ready to hear from Jesus, ready for a fullness of life with the Holy Spirit, and I know she will if she pursues it (as I think she will) because …

God is Good!.


Story that refers to the prophetic word given to G: http://godisgoodstories.com/2011/07/09/toothache-heartache-god-cares-about-it-all/

Story that refers to Myers salvation: http://godisgoodstories.com/2010/11/30/myer-is-full-of-the-spirit-of-god-%e2%80%93-a-prodigal-daughter-comes-home-wednesday-9th-june-2010/

toothache, heartache … God cares about it all

Thursday 7th July 2011, 4 year old M and I popped into the local hairdresser to buy some shampoo.  I had kept forgetting but I felt that God had reminded me while out this morning and, strangely, while there I felt to ask, on the off chance, whether there was anyone available to cut M’s hair.  Usually they would be booked out, but someone was available and so, after a chat about the cost (usually more expensive for kids on a Thursday) we were given a 40% discount rate rather than a 20% discount rate, and M delightedly made his way to the chair …

M happily sat down, put in his order for a hot chocolate and chocolate chip biscuit and proceeded to chat to the girl that was cutting his hair. 

As I sat I had a chat to a young Mum with foils in her hair.  She had a petite 16 month old and as we chatted about “Mummy stuff” she told me that her daughter was having trouble with teething.  I remembered the miracle of the teething 1 year old who had slept through from the night I had laid hands on his Mum and prayed for him (see links below for story and praise report).  I mentioned this to the Mum and offered to pray.  She said she was a Catholic and had not ever heard of such a thing.  I replied that I had decided a couple of years ago to believe the word in the Bible that said: “these signs shall follow those that believe … they shall lay hands on the sick and see them healed”.  From that time on I told her I had seen healings take place, and I told her a few more testimonies of God’s goodness.

She went to have her hair rinsed so I went in with her and laid hands on her daughter.  I released peace and told her daughters body to cut teeth without pain … and when I felt it was enough I stopped.

The Mum kept chatting to me and I felt to ask her if she wanted the gift of healing.  She said yes.  I sensed that she was intrigued and so I said to her that I felt she would check it out and that she would be shocked to see God heal people.  She gave me her hands and I prayed as I knelt before her – she was having her toner put in her hair by a male hairdresser who watched and listened as I prayed. 

Once I finished praying for an impartation of the gift she started to tell me about her problems in her 5 year old marriage and how it had been really tough.  I again said give me your hands and I prayed.  She felt her heart tighten and I said to her that I believed she would go home and think about this and that she would ask Jesus “where are you for me right now?”  I told her she would feel Him and I said when that happens she should ask Him to come into her heart (I did not feel to lead her to Christ then and there).  I told her from that time on things would change for the better for her and that she would be amazed.  She agreed. 

As I spoke I talked of God’s love, that there was no sickness in Heaven.  I told her about how I had given the young man washing her hair a word from God about 18 months earlier (he said – “that was you!? I keep that in my wallet.” And he said something along the lines of how special it had been to him).  I explained how God had wanted us to know how loved we were regardless of what we had done, who we were, how we lived, that He loved us regardless.  The guy doing her hair nodded all the way through as I spoke. 

The girl listened and as we spoke her husband rang.  Coincidence? I think not.

As she spoke to him I prayed for them, for unity in the marriage.  When she finished I prayed for her again, and spoke unity and peace, joy and the “shalom” of God.  I explained briefly what that meant.  I finished praying and gave her my number telling her about how some people I had met as late as a year later had called me.  We spoke for a little longer and I said goodbye, encouraging her as I went to ask Jesus where He was and ask Him into her heart, and I confirmed that things would shift for the better.

I left … encouraged that the meeting was not by chance.  The discounted hair cut was not by chance.  Remembering to buy my hair shampoo that morning was not by chance …

I left encouraged that a word I had given, so very nervously, just after I had completed a prophetic course, had impacted a young man so strongly that he still carried those pieces of paper that identified how much God loved him …

God has a plan and a path for our lives … most of us just need to know how loved we are by Him, He will do the rest …

The impact of the words written in love to a young man … the impact of offering to pray … the impact of chatting to a young Mum who looked all shiny on the outside, but was hurting so much on the inside … the impact of speaking the Truth of God’s Kingdom, of healing and love and joy … the impact of taking the time to stop and chat, although I had many other things I could have got on with …

The impact of it all I will never really know, but that young man is an indication and an encouragement to me because, I know it I will just stop, step out and release His love to people as I go those around me will start to see that …

God is good!


Ballet mum receives the gift of healing and is ready for a good night’s sleep dated Saturday 26th February 2011 http://godisgoodstories.com/2011/03/04/ballet-mum-receives-the-gift-of-healing-and-is-ready-for-a-good-nights-sleep-saturday-26th-february-2011/ 

Praise report – God is Good dated Saturday 5th March 2011


Ballet mum receives the gift of healing and is ready for a good night’s sleep – Saturday 26th February 2011

If we will step out and let people know about God and his goodness then they will have a solution. Some will want what we have and then they can spread the Good News …

I am discovering that many people are waiting for us to step out and into who we truly are, and as we do we reveal who God truly is too.  In doing so they often ask “what took you so long” because they want Him too!

While waiting to collect my daughter from ballet I asked a Mum how her little baby boy was doing. She said he was cutting molars and was not happy … neither was she … she needed a good night’s sleep!

As she spoke, I got a picture of me placing my hands on either side of her face and praying for her boy. I kept listening to her and decided to step out and offer to pray for her, trusting that the picture God had given me would provide the key to her boy teething without pain.

I explained what I had seen and asked if it was ok to pray for her, saying that obviously it may seem strange but that sometimes people received healing for others as they stood in their place and received prayer on the person’s behalf. She agreed to give it a go and I put my hands on either side of her face and started to pray that her little boy would no longer feel teething pain, that he would sleep peacefully and that there would be peace in the home.

Another ballet mum watched (the mum I had prayed for a few weeks prior regarding a solution to her children’s schooling see “God’s provision for a family from ballet, posted 2nd March, dated 15th February 2011). I prayed for the peace of God to rest upon her little boy and I also prayed for the “Shalom” of God, and I explained later as we left that the Hebrew word “shalom” not only meant “peace” but so much more … everything that she could imagine the Kingdom of God to contain was contained in the word “shalom” … it was so much richer than just “peace”.

As I prayed I asked her if she felt anything – she did.

I then felt to ask God to give her the gift of healing. I asked her if she would like that gift and explained that she could take the gift and lay her hands on her child and release healing on him. She said “yes” and so I asked God to give her the gift of healing and she said “oh my gosh, my hands are getting hot”. I explained that was the gift being given to her and suggested she laid her hands onto her little boy and pray for healing for him when she got home.

We wandered down the stairs and our other friend from the earlier story was exclaiming … “we have known you for a whole year and we never knew you did this!”

I explained that I would have if I had seen a need, or felt prompted by God to step out and pray for them … however, for her it was as if I had been keeping an amazing secret from them all this time!

In the car park we kept talking. I asked her whether she believed in God. She said she did – that she was a Catholic. I said “the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead resides in you, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is in you” and I asked her if she had ever actually asked Jesus into her heart. She responded “no”, but on being asked if she wanted to she said she would, and so in the car park a mum asked Jesus to come into her heart. Her eyes got teary as she felt His love in a tangible way …

I then suggested she ask for the Holy Spirit to come and live in her too, which she did … and with a big grin I said to her …. “now the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is in you” and I explained that the Bible said “these signs shall follow those that believe … they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall be healed, they shall raise the dead …” and I quickly told of my friend who has called someone back from the dead and I said “and now you can too …”

She looked at me teary.  Her daughter was calling for her to get in the car.  She seemed a bit in awe of what had just happened to her. God was moving and she could feel Him.  She said “My Grandmother used to do this stuff but I have never heard about it in the church …”

I said “well its in the Bible … you have it, now go home and use it” and with that she went to get into her car and as she did she called out to me and said she was going straight home to “give it a go” … and I know something will happen because …

God is Good!