Ice cream and prayer at the pool – God is Good

We were up at the local swim school with our 4-year-old son this morning (Saturday 13th August 2011).  I was at the reception desk arranging a “make up” class for him when the girl (for what reason I do not know) looked at me and said she felt sick because she had just eaten an ice-cream …

As she checked make up lesson times I checked with God and felt He wanted me to pray for her.  We finished sorting out the “make ups” and I said “give me your hand, I am going to pray for you”, and I mentioned a few examples of people being healed of upset tummies in the past.  I said to her that she had nothing to lose in giving it a go.  She agreed and so I prayed.

I held her hand and I prayed for “peace” in her tummy in Jesus name, and for God’s “shalom” to be within her stomach.  As I did so the words “dairy intolerance” came to mind.  I asked her if she had “dairy intolerance” and she responded that she did not know but she did not drink much milk – she didn’t like it.  I explained that I felt she may be dairy intolerant and she should check it out since that was what I “heard” for her as I prayed and that, if so, the ice-cream could definitely trigger nausea and an upset feeling in her tummy.  She then said that she had eaten a richer ice cream last night and felt ill after that too … she noted the “coincidence”.

I then prayed that her body would cease to be dairy intolerant and I suggested that she take it  easy on the dairy … especially the ice-cream.

I finished up.  She said she felt no immediate change, but she agreed that the nausea may lift more quickly due to the prayer.  I reiterated that she really had nothing to lose in giving prayer a go.

This is a simple story.  There is nothing seemingly remarkable about it.  There were no immediate “hallelujahs” … she didn’t feel anything, her nausea had remained … but I sense that God was letting her know that her body did not tolerate dairy well.  He cares about our physical well-being too.  He wants us healthy and He will let us know, in various ways, if we are doing something that is not too great for our bodies.

Perhaps she will get it checked out … perhaps she is already healed of the intolerance.  Either way, I know God wanted me to pray for her.  She had an encounter with a loving God who wants only the best for her – I know this because He wanted me to stop and pray and the “prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” James 5:16 (NIV).  I believe every time you pray you effect change.  He gave me the words “dairy intolerance” because He wanted her healed of it and I know He would not have had me stop and pray for her unless He wanted her better! 

This may seem an insignificant story; however, I have learnt along the way that even the little encounters matter.  Each encounter with our loving Father is one more step to knowing and receiving Him … He will continue to reveal Himself to her; He will continue to draw her to Himself … and this I know because …

God is Good!

Greek Grandfather is healed and captures the heart of God … Praise report from K

On Thursday 28th July I received this praise report from a friend “K”.  Many of her stories are posted on this blog, and I know more will come because she has chosen to take God at His word and believe what He says in the Bible about what and who we are in him.  This was just one of four praise reports she sent …

She writes:

Office Healing:

A lovely elderly gentleman in our office had a quadruple bypass last year. This winter season he has been struggling with a chest infection that just won’t seem to heal. He said it was related to his operation last year when they had deflated his lungs during the operation. So I asked him if he believed in God to which he replied yes, he was Greek Orthodox. I explained to him that I have been challenged by the scripture in Mark 16:17-18 where it says: ‘And these signs will accompany those who have believed: in my name…. they will lay hands on the sick & they will recover’ I either believe or I don’t and if I do, then I have to activate it.

So I asked if I could lay hands on his chest & pray for him. At which he replied yes, that would be good. (He’s Greek so imagine the heavy Greek accent!) I then thanked God for this gentle man that has such an amazing heart for his family & others. I then commanded the infection to go in Jesus name. I then felt compelled to pray healing, favour & blessing over him and his family. He thanked me very much when I had finished & we went back to work. That afternoon he took the time out to come downstairs and thank me again and said he was going to claim the blessings!

Yesterday he reported to me that he saw his doctor on Monday who was astonished to see that there was no more infection in his lungs! Praise God! & Yay God!

What are we all activating in our lives?  I think we are activating something, I do not think we can remain neutral, even if we want to.  I believe that we are either activating God’s word in our lives, which seems to activate His power too … or we are activating something else …

A post script came in from “K” about this gentleman on 4th August 2011.  She writes:

And, an add-on to the Greek grandfather in our office. He shared a story where he had left is wallet at the swimming pool. Got home & realised he didn’t have it. Went back to the pool, but on the way asked God to help him find it.  When he got to the pool, the lady at reception asked him if his name was “P”, he said yes, she said I have your wallet. So now he wants to know more about this prayer thing! God is sooooo good!

I suggest that we need to activate God’s truth, because His truth will always give us “…a future and a hope …”(Jer 29:11).  His truth is not only remarkable for us in our lives, but in other people’s lives as well … it is contagious; it is wonderful, for both us and the others we meet, like the precious Greek Grandad that has caught the vision that his prayers get answered.  We need to stop for the one, as we go because …

God is Good!

From our lips to God’s ear … calming the storm at Mt Kosciusko, Australia’s snowy mountains

My husband loves to ski, but has not been skiing for many years. His sister was heading up to Kosciusko for a week and I suggested he go with them … after thinking about it … for about 3 seconds (no he did take longer than that), he decided to go for it, and in a matter of days was all booked to go.

He had his first day of skiing today.  He was up at Perisher and there was a weather warning – everyone was advised they should head down the mountain due to anticipated oncoming high winds and a lightning storm.

People started to leave and the ski lifts closed.  He stood and thought “No” and he spoke to the storm in the name of Jesus … to be still …

The storm never eventuated, and the lifts opened…

He, his sister and her husband kept skiing all afternoon.  Many had already left the mountain, and so they skied with very few people on the mountain, and in all had a delightful day skiing both Thredbo and Perisher …

That day when evening came, he said to his disciples, “Let us go over to the other side.” … A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped. …

He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.

He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

They were terrified and asked each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!”

(Mark 4:35-41 NIV)

I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

(John 14:12 NIV)

My husband was determined to ski, and so he stepped out into his authority, spoke to the storm, and it was stilled.  A storm diverted, and he could ski because …

God is Good!

Stepping out with the Kingdom of Heaven at the basketball (K’s story of a Good God)

A friend of mine has been stepping out and offering the Kingdom of Heaven as she goes … where ever she is … be it work, her son’s basketball, where ever.  I love her testimonies (see link for some others).  She sent me more testimonies last week and they continue to inspire me to keep going.  She sent this testimony today. 

Because K chose to believe and release Heaven’s healing in faith, a young boy may be healed and may be ready to play basketball sooner than he would have been.  As a minimum, at the time, the pain receded, relief came for the boy as he waited for the ambulance, and favour was released …

K writes in her email dated 4th August 2011:

This stepping out is really becoming a lifestyle thing …

Last night I went to pick up S [her son] from basketball training. When I arrived one of the boys on the team had fallen and hurt his elbow pretty badly, so much so that the Coach had called an ambulance. They feared it was dislocated or even broken. All the boys had run down to the entrance of the school to wait for the ambulance & the Coach was outside speaking to 000. When I went into the gym, the boy J was sitting with his mum looking quite ill and he was in a terrible amount of pain.

I sat next to him and his mum and asked if I could pray for him while we waited for the ambulance.  They agreed.

I commanded the pain to go and asked the Holy Spirit to come in and heal his elbow. I asked that his elbow would not be broken and that the peace of God would flow over him and his mum.  I then asked how the pain was, he said it was still there but not as intense. I said I wouldn’t touch his elbow but would hold my hand near it and keep praying, so I sat there quietly praying for peace & healing & praying in my heavenly language.  I asked him if he could feel anything. He said he could feel heat coming from my hands. I explained that he could feel the healing presence of the Holy Spirit. I then began sharing testimonies of healing with him & telling him I believe God is going to heal him & he will be playing basketball in no time.

When his Coach came in she said he looked much better and had his colour back. He was still in some pain though. Unfortunately I had to leave as I had family waiting for me at home as we had to go to a function that night.

I just spoke to his mum this morning [the day after].  She was thankful for my prayers and she believed it made a great deal of difference for him.  God is so good, because they were shown favour went they went to the hospital & were seen in 1 ½ hours when the place was absolutely hopping.  The x-rays couldn’t confirm a break as there was too much fluid to see, so they have put  a support cast under his lower arm to protect it until they can x ray again on Monday.   They said if he can stretch his arm out straight by then all will be good.  – Yay!

So I encouraged his mum to keep praying healing scriptures over him & to keep commanding the pain to go. I shared with her my journey in believing God’s word and activating it. So I am still waiting and believing in a complete healing…

My friend knows, and is discovering more and more, who she is in Christ, and she is choosing to step into her identity.

Jesus said:

Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.”

John 14:12 (NASB)

And so she steps out … and God backs her up, because we have His word that He will, His word is good, and he fulfils His word because …

God is Good!

Link to another of K’s testimonys (healing of migraine):

A “random act of kindness” … you’ll never know the impact – buying coffee at Gloria Jeans

I mentioned in an earlier story that I had bought coffee for someone while out at the local shopping centre (see story about healing for Sammi – link here).

On this particular day, on my way to the store where Sammi worked, I had stopped to buy myself a coffee and a muffin for 4-year-old M.  As I stood to pay for my order I felt God prompt me to buy the coffee for the guy that was standing next to me.

I stood discreetly to the side, waited for him to finish his order and pulled some money out stating, as I did, that I would be paying.  The guy at the register and the guy I was buying for looked gob smacked.  I said it was a “random act of kindness”.  I suggested he receive the blessing and I explained I was a Christian and that I felt that God wanted him to be blessed .

He was astounded. 

A bit embarrassed I shuffled to one side to wait for my order.  As I waited he came over and said that he was a Christian too.  I smiled and after a brief chat I offered to pray for him, asking if there was anything he needed prayer for.

He responded that his daughter was due with her second child – would I pray for her please? I said “sure, give me your hand”.  He looked a bit surprised – I am sure most people expect me to go home and pray privately.  He gave me his hand and I prayed.

I prayed for a wonderful, peaceful, safe, and supernatural child-birth experience for his daughter and her baby, and a blessed start to life with the new baby.  As I finished he looked at me again, and mentioned that he was a retired minister – having just left two notable private schools as their chaplain.

We had a brief chat about his work , and we mentioned where we both went to church.

He then said to me that there was something else I could pray for – his church was going through a lot of change.  He asked if I would pray for that too.  I indicated that many churches were undergoing change and I prayed with him for his church, for the transition they were going through, for unity and for clarity in hearing God’s voice and His will for the future.  I prayed that revival would come to his church, especially revival in the youth.

He looked again and gathered up his order and mentioned as he left what a remarkable experience it all had been.

It was only a few days later that I figured a little of what God was up to … 

A friend of mine, who is also stepping out as I do (here is the link to the story at his blog: click here), also stopped for a minister recently.  On this occasion my friend had prayed for the minister’s healing, and the minister’s leg had grown out (one had been shorter than the other). The minister responded to the miracle with a “that’s interesting”.

I figure God is up to something.  He has more and more of us out there, starting fires in the community, fires of His love, fires of His passion.  As we step out we are showing the community, the Christian community too, that there is a way practical way to demonstrate God’s love “as we go”, as we go about our usual life.  By stopping for the one we are demonstrating His character, offering His salvation, being His hands and feet to a hurting world … through random acts of loving kindness in the community we are releasing the Kingdom of Heaven to a hurting world … it may be as simple as buying a coffee, or praying and watching the God of the miraculous, perform a miracle like a healing or a leg growing out, whatever it is, it is showing His heart to a world that thinks He doesn’t exist, or worse still doesn’t care …

I believe that the gentleman I stopped for on God’s prompting was deeply impacted by my offer to buy coffee, and then further when I offered to pray for and with him.  What might happen if he then took what happened to him and suggested to his church that they could do the same … what if he and a few others started to step out and offer God in practical ways to a hurting world in their sphere of influence … which in turn will perhaps inspire those others to step out too… it would be unstoppable as the Christian world took God out of the Church … then perhaps the world would taste and see that …

God is Good!

Click for link to Sammi’s healing another story from the day

He was dying … but then he lived … because God is Good! August 2010

So many of us attend functions, schools, seminars … on healing, miracles, signs, wonders, God’s power, His will for our lives … We get excited, even convinced that we will use all that God has for us, but then we freeze, fear grips, or we are tired, want a rest, or just do not want to face rejection … or perhaps in the moment we truly believe we will step up and out … but then we get “busy” and we forget the thrill of feeling, hearing, learning about and from God … and life gets back to “normal” …

This is a story from August 2010.  It is a longer story but I think worth the read.  I had attended Randy Clark’s Healing School 1 in Sydney, at great cost and effort to myself, my family, and those that offered to help out while I was away.  I had prayed for a few people while in Sydney … seen a girl be healed of nasty hay fever (God is Good) and now I was at the airport … relishing the last few hours I would have to sit quietly with a coffee and start to read a book I had just purchased from the school.

God had other plans …

I went to get my coffee.  God said that I was to pay for the order for the people behind me.  I did.  They were shocked and blessed.  I was thinking about my book and the half hour I had to sit and read.

I then went to the desk to see if I could get a better seat – praying for God’s favour.  I got it!  I got a seat in the first row or two in economy, so that (as the girl at the desk said), I could get off and see my kids quickly after being away.  I felt to offer to pray for the girl.  She readily agreed and I imparted favour, received a word of knowledge that she was a single Mum (which she was) and prayed for her future, for a wonderful person to come, her “knight in shining armour” that would treat her as she deserved to be treated – a princess.  I also prayed for favour for her trip that she was about to take.  She responded amazed and I could see she felt truly blessed.  God is Good!

Again, thinking “that must be it” I wandered over to the gate with my coffee and book.  There was a really cute little “poppet” who kept smiling at me so I pulled out some biscuits and offered them, with the parent’s approval.

I made myself comfortable again and started to get into my book … when the girl nearly opposite me took a phone call and screamed and started to sob.  I tried to ignore it … someone else went to her aide and I felt that I just wanted to be quiet and read … but the prompting got so strong I put my book down and went over to offer to help.

Her name was H.  She was on her way to Melbourne.  Her dad had just come out of surgery for prostate cancer and she was going down to see him.  The phone call had been her sister calling to tell her that there were complications and that her dad was dying … his heart had stopped and they were trying to revive him and he was unlikely to be alive when she got to the hospital.

The other woman sitting with her was obviously a Christian and was comforting her well – far better than I could.  I thought … “well, I’ve been to Healing School, there was a word during the school for healing of prostate cancer and my own Dad had died of the disease … I had a right of pay back and I had the anointing for healing of prostrates because it had been released at the conference”.  I quickly explained this to her and asked if I could pray … and I did with the other woman looking at me as if I was crazy because I was calling “life and not death” … I thought to myself “what am I doing … what if he dies?“ but I kept on regardless.

With the prayer out of the way I gave her my card for support in Melbourne and said to her I would try to arrange for her to sit next to me on a seat further back, to keep her company … or she could take my seat to get her off the plane quickly, and went to speak with the hostesses.  Instead, they gave her a business class seat and promised to keep an eye on her throughout the flight …

We got on the plane and there was a very angry American.  He was very offended at me for having a large bag on board and refused to move his bag, even when the air host tried to get him to help.  I found somewhere else for my bag, refusing to get angry and offended back although I had felt shamed before everyone …  I had got on board late due to the “event” with H.

Once lunch had been served and cleared God made it clear that I was to apologise to the American and the fear physically spread up my lower back.  I apologised, especially since God made it clear to me that He did not want the American to carry an offence.  He forgave me, melting as I gave an unreserved apology.  I climbed back into my seat and again tried to settle to read, but as we started to ready for landing I got a head ache and so stepped out and asked if the guy next to me had a head ache … he didn’t, but after chatting I ended up praying favour for his family and kids and for an upgrade for him – he was travelling overseas and this was his first leg of the trip.  He said he would ask for a better seat on to the overseas destination where he was going after I told him about my favour with seating and another friend’s favour that I had prayed for an upgrade and who had received an upgrade to business class going to the States  … on tickets that “just could not be changed”.

And H … The long and the short of it … her dad survived and to follow are the emails that I received …

Sent: Tuesday, 24 August 2010 12:39 PM

We met at the airport on Sunday. I just wanted to say thank you for being there for me and thank you for your prayers. My dad is still fighting he is in intensive care but improving every day.

… you and the other lady were two angels by my side and I can’t thank you enough for being there for me.

When I got off the plane I found out that his heart had stopped and they had to resuscitate him, that’s why my sister got the call from the hospital to tell her to come in.

We are praying that he recovers, but he is still really unwell.

I just want to thank you so much you are an amazing person, and God bless you for being there when I needed someone by my side

Lots of love


She later wrote in response to my email:

 On 27/08/2010, at 4:11 PM

Hi …,

Thank you for your kind offer and for continuing to pray for my dad.

Our priest came past and read a few prayers for him, and you are right miracles do happen.

He [is] doing so much better today, his doctor can’t believe how well he is [emphasis added] compared to how he was on Sunday.

Thank you again …

And again she wrote:

Tuesday, 31 August 2010 10:01 AM

Hi …,

That would be nice thank you [author’s note: in response to my asking if she would like her dad prayed for by our church’s prayer groups]. When my sister called me last Sunday they took 20 minutes to resuscitate him, by that time I was on the plane and didn’t get the update of how he was until we landed. [Author’s note: she was told at the airport he would not live and to come straight to the hospital from the airport].

He came out of intensive care yesterday and hopefully will be home by the end of the week. Things are looking good my family is very happy and relieved how well he is doing, and he can’t wait to come home!

I leaveMelbourneon Saturday, but it has been nice spending time with the family.

Hope you and your family are well.

Best wishes


I am glad I “interfered”.  I am glad I stopped and helped, even though I could have left it to the other stranger that had gone to help.  The miracle happened while she was on the plane and she arrived to a father that lived … that was dying or dead in the natural when she received the phone call …

He was dying, but then he lived because …

God is Good!

Ballet mum receives the gift of healing and is ready for a good night’s sleep – Saturday 26th February 2011

If we will step out and let people know about God and his goodness then they will have a solution. Some will want what we have and then they can spread the Good News …

I am discovering that many people are waiting for us to step out and into who we truly are, and as we do we reveal who God truly is too.  In doing so they often ask “what took you so long” because they want Him too!

While waiting to collect my daughter from ballet I asked a Mum how her little baby boy was doing. She said he was cutting molars and was not happy … neither was she … she needed a good night’s sleep!

As she spoke, I got a picture of me placing my hands on either side of her face and praying for her boy. I kept listening to her and decided to step out and offer to pray for her, trusting that the picture God had given me would provide the key to her boy teething without pain.

I explained what I had seen and asked if it was ok to pray for her, saying that obviously it may seem strange but that sometimes people received healing for others as they stood in their place and received prayer on the person’s behalf. She agreed to give it a go and I put my hands on either side of her face and started to pray that her little boy would no longer feel teething pain, that he would sleep peacefully and that there would be peace in the home.

Another ballet mum watched (the mum I had prayed for a few weeks prior regarding a solution to her children’s schooling see “God’s provision for a family from ballet, posted 2nd March, dated 15th February 2011). I prayed for the peace of God to rest upon her little boy and I also prayed for the “Shalom” of God, and I explained later as we left that the Hebrew word “shalom” not only meant “peace” but so much more … everything that she could imagine the Kingdom of God to contain was contained in the word “shalom” … it was so much richer than just “peace”.

As I prayed I asked her if she felt anything – she did.

I then felt to ask God to give her the gift of healing. I asked her if she would like that gift and explained that she could take the gift and lay her hands on her child and release healing on him. She said “yes” and so I asked God to give her the gift of healing and she said “oh my gosh, my hands are getting hot”. I explained that was the gift being given to her and suggested she laid her hands onto her little boy and pray for healing for him when she got home.

We wandered down the stairs and our other friend from the earlier story was exclaiming … “we have known you for a whole year and we never knew you did this!”

I explained that I would have if I had seen a need, or felt prompted by God to step out and pray for them … however, for her it was as if I had been keeping an amazing secret from them all this time!

In the car park we kept talking. I asked her whether she believed in God. She said she did – that she was a Catholic. I said “the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead resides in you, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is in you” and I asked her if she had ever actually asked Jesus into her heart. She responded “no”, but on being asked if she wanted to she said she would, and so in the car park a mum asked Jesus to come into her heart. Her eyes got teary as she felt His love in a tangible way …

I then suggested she ask for the Holy Spirit to come and live in her too, which she did … and with a big grin I said to her …. “now the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is in you” and I explained that the Bible said “these signs shall follow those that believe … they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall be healed, they shall raise the dead …” and I quickly told of my friend who has called someone back from the dead and I said “and now you can too …”

She looked at me teary.  Her daughter was calling for her to get in the car.  She seemed a bit in awe of what had just happened to her. God was moving and she could feel Him.  She said “My Grandmother used to do this stuff but I have never heard about it in the church …”

I said “well its in the Bible … you have it, now go home and use it” and with that she went to get into her car and as she did she called out to me and said she was going straight home to “give it a go” … and I know something will happen because …

God is Good!

Special time with God and prayer for kindy teacher’s husband – Wednesday 13th October 2010

After school drop off, and a few other jobs, I had about 40 minutes to spend with God.  I felt inclined to go and sit and have coffee at a coffee shop right on the water’s edge.

I headed to the coffee spot and sat quietly sensing God saying to just enjoy the quiet – no need to “do” anything.  As I got this and settled into just being with God in the moment, nothing else, I looked down and saw a little feather sitting on my lap …

God is kind … and funny too … He made me smile in that moment, and even now when I recollect it, the memory makes me smile still …

After sitting peacefully for a while I texted a word of encouragement to a new Christian and headed off to collect M from kindy.

The kindy teacher had been overseas for a holiday and today was her first day back.  During this time her husband had developed double pneumonia and was hospitalised in Hungary.  They had just managed to get him home, at which time her husband was immediately admitted into hospital due to the infection going to his heart.

We had been praying for them since Monday, which was when we had first heard the news, and as I drove to kindy I had a sense that I was to pray for her with another friend from kindy that also attended our church.

I spoke to M’s teacher who said she wanted prayer for her husband and we waited for all the children to leave, and for my friend from church to arrive to collect her son.  When we were all there we joined hands and started to pray.  Another Mum saw us and joined the group … like another Christian coming out of “the closet”, so to speak.  There we all were in the middle of the kindy, holding hands and praying for M’s teacher’s husband, the new Mum prayed in tongues, and a beautiful sense of God enveloped us all.  The other girls later said they felt electricity as we prayed.  We also prayed for God’s peace to envelop and stay with M’s teacher – which she said she felt.

I then offered to go to the hospital to pray for her husband, which M’s teacher said she would like.  She said she would arrange it with her husband. 

The encounter was was a truly lovely moment – with a divinely timed appointment with the other Christian Mum who attends another local church … God is so lovely in how He times these things … and boy did that Mum get fired up with the encounter and seeing how we could pray for people in public

It was on this day that I started to feel a beautiful synchronicity happening as I walked with God.  There was a sense of great peace and calm that was escorting me through life (as would a gentleman escort a lady to a dance).  It felt so lovely, so peaceful, even warm … so lovely in fact that I wondered if I had somehow missed something … and it was then that I realised what was “missing” so to speak … there was an absolute absence of striving … I was, and as I write now I am gently reminded that this is how life is meant to be, how we are designed to walk … in peace with a quiet sense of joy indescribable with a God whom loves us, with a complete absence of striving, and I believe that this is the case purely because …

God is Good!

Praying in the park – Monday 11th October 2010

M (my son) and I went to the local park for a play after kindy.  A little girl and her Mother were there enjoying the sun after a bleak winter.

M immediately struck up a friendship with the little girl, as only a 3 and a half year can, and scored half a banana from the little girl’s Mum.  The mum and I struck up a conversation with each other and chatted about a variety of things.  As we chatted I learnt that she was at home with her children, was studying to become a nurse and had a 7 year old daughter in Grade 1 at primary school.  She and I chatted about the challenge of juggling all the various demands of being a Mum, student, etc and laughed about how people only saw us wearing one hat when in fact we wore many.

It was a nice chat and as we got ready to go I felt God prompt me to pray for her so I asked if I could pray for her and queried whether she had anything that she needed prayer for – she responded that she needed prayer for her exams, which funnily enough I had felt was the need before I asked.

I placed my hand on her shoulder explaining that she may or may not feel anything but also explaining that regardless of what she felt, God answered prayer. As I prayed, I released peace, joy and wisdom into her life, for an ease in her walk and for wisdom in how she juggled the many hats that she had to wear as Mother, student, wife etc.  As I prayed I felt that God let me know that she strived and was very thorough with her study – I asked her about this and she laughed and said yes that was her and so I again prayed into that point releasing more peace, and also an ability to put down the striving and worry when it was time to study.  I felt God then say “that’s enough” and I encouraged her that it was possible to have peace, but yet have so much going on.  I wished her well and we all headed home … after a lovely play/pray in the park.

I don’t think I ever saw her again … or if I did neither of us recognised the other … regardless there was a chance meeting in the park, a meeting of hearts and minds … and a touch from Heaven … purely because …

God is Good!