The God who sees (Part 1)

©Guilherme Stecanella

If anyone has read my stories, they know I believe in stopping for the one. The masses are exciting and they matter. The big impact is glorious. Yet there is something so very special about the one. Never forget, He is the Father that encourages with the story of the one lost sheep.

Sometimes in stopping for the one, in taking time to sit, listen and serve, I can become quite despondent. I wonder whether it really makes a difference.

Today I gave my time to support others. I spent longer than planned. An hour out of a day, with an extra half hour, does not seem too much; but when you are in a busy world, it makes a tremendous difference.

Feeling a little flat after, I roused myself. I must have made an impact, given how flat I felt. Walking with my son in the sunshine, I reminded myself that God had asked me to do what I had done, yet the niggle remained – had I just wasted my time?

Intellectually you know you are doing the right thing, but…

Master M and I stopped for lunch at a local cafe. I randomly looked at my mobile phone… 1:11.

‘I love you’ I heard Him whisper.

‘I love you too’ I responded and ate my lunch.

As I went inside to pay, I thought about an ARK (Act of Random Kindness) I had performed over a week before in the same cafe. I don’t talk too much about these, and I would not normally be writing about this one, but the goodness and kindness of God radiates by sharing what happened today. It’s my hope you see Him in this story. It’s my wish that you hear His heart. I trust it will encourage you to look for Him yourself when you feel as I felt today…

He is the God who sees (Genesis 16:13).

©Nathan Dumlao

Just over a week ago, I had left a sum of money at this cafe. It was enough for 10 or more coffees to be given away to whom ever they pleased. Amazed and delighted, the girl behind the til chatted about never seeing something like this before. She was so excited by the idea. I laughed and said that she would have fun giving the coffees away. The tangible atmosphere in the cafe buzzed with Holy Spirit.

This came to mind as I walked in to pay my bill. I wondered why I had bothered, noting the grouchy exchange I had with the owner late last week when I had tried to be friendly. (Note: my stinking thinking). I checked myself and my attitude, and I smiled as I paid and left.

We were some way down the street, when a girl chased behind us.

‘I was that girl that you left all that money with on the til the other day, you will never guess what happened…’

I smiled and waited…

‘You broke something open that day. I’ve never seen it before, but two more people came in that day and they also left money for free coffees for others…’

‘Wow,’ I responded, ‘that is bizarre.’

I know people leave money in cafes. It happens regularly at another cafe a suburb away from where I live. But, she had never seen it happen in this cafe.

© Brooke Cagle

She had not finished her story. She was so excited, she repeated herself.

‘I had to tell you, you broke something open that day, you started something that day, you broke it open that day, and others followed you and did the same, you caused something to start that day, what you did opened something up…’

I smiled and was a little embarrassed. Thanking her for sharing it with me, I told her to have a beautiful afternoon, and we walked on in the sunshine.

I heard the Father’s voice. He spoke to me through her excitement and declaration of what had occurred. he reminded me of my purpose, having first reminded me that I was loved.

I was nearly in tears.

She did not know I was feeling flat.

She did not know I have had those same words spoken over me many times. She did not know I had been told I would break things open, and that others would follow.

Being a breaker sounds fun, glamorous even.

It’s not.

There’s rarely people encouraging you to walk forward.

Stepping out in faith is spelt: R I S K.

There’s often jeering from the sidelines. People regularly misunderstand motives. Many, even ‘friends,’ want you to stop where they are at, so as not to cause them too much discomfort.

It’s lonely.

©Limor Zellermayer

The point is, God knew my heart, my thoughts today, and He met me with, ‘I love you.’ Even though I was entertaining thoughts of ‘poor me’ and ‘stinking thinking.’

He then said, ‘thank you, I see you’ and He affirmed my identity and purpose.

Through an excited young woman, He showed me the end of a story. I rarely see what happens next, but she had remembered me and had witnessed to me the marvellous results of stopping for the one, and the flow on impact that an act of kindness had. It was His idea; it was my idea; it was both our ideas… His nudge so intangible. A joy to do, feel the atmospheres shift and watch the delight. She witnessed two more people give money away to bless others they did not know… and she somehow recognised that the act of obedience had broken something open for others to follow.

God heard my heart today, and He met it with a kiss. He did so through an unknowing girl who witnessed generosity break out in her workplace. God knew I needed a reminder that I was loved, that he saw me, and he met me in my need. And He will do so for you too, if you look to see because…

God is Good!

Who are we anyway? My beloved daughter… My beloved son

Our family has been in a time of rapid transition.

It’s been a ride.

One aspect of our recent journey has been to start an online zoom group. We always planned to start an online group, and covid-19 made us very aware of why this start up was on God’s heart.

Our zoom group includes people we know and trust. These people will try things out online with us, give us feedback, cut us some slack, while we hopefully sow something of value into them. It’s still nerve-racking because, well, God has to show up!

As with all groups we have run, the first topic we covered was: ‘who are we anyway?’

‘A simple question to answer,’ you may say, but it is surprising just how many (read everyone) struggle with this topic when you scratch the surface. Our religious and societal beliefs are so entrenched – ‘we must perform to be loved’.

I believe that we all struggle with this idea – that we don’t earn our right at the table with God! God approves of us, having done nothing!

Mark 1:11 makes it clear:

‘And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”’ (Mark 1:11 NIV)

Check out this link to Mark 1:11. The different translations, of the same verse say the same thing. In essence:

‘You are my son, I love you, and I am well pleased with you.’

I find this scripture fascinating. It is at the point of Jesus being baptised by John, before Jesus starts his ministry years. Jesus has done nothing to earn his father’s love. It is from this place of identity Jesus enters the desert, fasts, is tempted by the devil and then steps out into his ministry. He has held firm to who he is and whose he is.

The Father loves and approves of Jesus- before Jesus does anything.

Jesus would have studied etc prior to this point in time, but… he had presumably done nothing. He had not stepped into his ministry works.

Every group we have run, we cover the same idea – we are loved, approved and accepted, without works, having done nothing. In fact, we don’t have to do anything to remain in this place; however, when we really catch this concept in its essence, the irony is we can’t help but do something in response.

‘111, My beloved daughter; My beloved son.’

What do you hear Him speak over you today?

Will you just sit and let Him whisper sweet nothings?

Will you let Him sing over you, as you rest in the nook of His arms?

Will you ‘…wait a little longer’ with Him?

He wants us whole, and fully comprehending that we are His beloved daughter or son, in whom He is well pleased. It is from this place of identity that we are to step out and go, and as we do we will shine with His goodness, with His light, with His love because…

God is Good!

Please, sit, breathe and listen. See what He says to you through this song:

‘A Little Longer’ by Jenn Johnson
I particularly like the version on the album ‘We Believe’ but I couldn’t find an authorised website link to that version. The ‘We Believe’ album version is a little quieter, and I personally find it more poignant.


One more for the Kingdom…He wooed her well because God is Good!

I was heading interstate a few weeks ago, and while at the airport, I stopped to buy a tea and fruit salad, having rushed the entire day.

As I stood to pay for my purchase I felt the usual prompting to offer to pray for her … to stop for the one … to pray for Mona

She readily agreed to my suggestion after I quickly told her the story from Coles, and I asked what in particular she may need prayer for.  She motioned for me to come over, to the edge of the serving area, and so I followed her to the end of the counter …

She headed up to the end of the counter where it was a little more private and I took her hands in mine.  I blessed her, calling forth her destiny.  I asked her a few questions, sensing that she was in transition, she had just come to the end of something and she was not yet sure what she wanted to do, that she was artistic and so I encouraged her to step into it … she agreed with the words of knowledge and she asked me how I knew, I must be psychic …

I told her that God speaks to us all, and that since He loved her and wanted to reach out to her, through me, in this instance, He would let me know the areas of her life that He wanted to impact, to have prayed for, so I could make His plans a reality through agreeing with His intentions for her life … I explained that this was what Christians called being “prophetic”.

I sensed that I was to invite her into the Kingdom of Heaven, make an invitation to her to ask Jesus into her heart and life, but feeling awkward, I let her get on with her work …

I sat down and chatted to my friend, mentioning that I had “missed it”, he nodded, agreeing, knowing that I had too.  In any case, I drank my tea, and noticed that as we chatted she kept looking over to us …

Not long after … she came right out to us, leaving the serving area, to where we were sitting and asked ernestly:

Will God heal me of something?

Sure” my friend said and we listened as she explained what had been wrong.  She explained that she had undergone extensive surgery to remove growths on her uterus, she was still in pain from the surgery … she didn’t want to growths to come back, she wanted a full recovery.

My friend recounted a testimony of a friend who had been completely healed of uterine cancer a couple of weeks before and I then stood, placed my hand on her abdomen … and we prayed … Holy Spirit was all around …

She then looked at me and said excitedly “Do you know anything about numbers?” and she asked me again if I was psychic … she kept on …

I keep getting the same numbers over and over and I do not understand what they all mean.” She explained that, over the last couple of weeks, she kept getting, noticing, seeing 111 and 10:10 …

I laughed saying that those numbers were the exact ones that I often got at very “coincidental” times and I explained how whenever I felt like He had wanted me to stop for someone and I did, that I would often see the sequence of “111” straight after and, after speaking to a Christian friend who could interpret dreams, visions and numbers (thank you DH), I came to understand that it meant, “My Beloved Son” … “My beloved Daughter” or “I love you” … (see Mark 1:11).

The “111 thing” started happening for me just after Leif Hetland had come to our church a year ago.  Leif had released the “Blessing of the Father” … and within a week, these strange coincidences started happening with “111” … it has since become part of my personal vocabulary that God uses to speak to me.  For example, about a week after the Leif Hetland seminar, I had stopped for a girl with a broken arm at the shops with my toddler, when I hadn’t really wanted to stop.  I prayed for her healing and led her to the Lord.  As I left, running late for something and with a toddler who was well and truly over the shops, I flicked on my phone and as I did up flashed 1:11 …

This would happen everywhere, it was ridiculous … 111 on number plates just after pleasing Him, stopping for someone, 111 on an advertisement, or in a headline that I would see just after feeling down, when I felt I had failed Him … it still happens now … last Sunday night, when I had been questioning things and I was feeling sad and challenged, I looked up at the Tour de France on tv, and straight across the backside of the bike rider that panned into the camera shot was … yes … 111 … twice!  Once on his left hip and once on his right hip!  God was saying “I Love You!” … “I see you” … “I appreciate you” … it actually made me laugh … and I always say right back … “I love you too!”

I mentioned the pattern to her and she smiled …

What about 10:10?” she asked

I replied that I had been seeing this everywhere for a while, and a Christian friend who had studied at Bethel had once suggested it was indicating the completion of a cycle and the start of a cycle (thank you JS) … which also made her smile … saying that she had completed a tough time in her life, that she felt the surgery was the end of that time and that she was about to start something new … as confirmed with my prophetic words over her life before …

As we spoke my friend did a quick search and suggested that “111” could also mean “open doors” which also resonated with her … and I laughed saying well … “Jesus IS the door … He is knocking … will you invite Him in …?”

It was at this point that I knew I was to now invite her into a relationship with Jesus …

I pointed out this “coincidence” and the “coincidence of me stopping and asking her if I could pray, after a cycle of a couple of weeks of her seeing and noticing these numbers in such a way that she had been querying it, and I quietly asked her if she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart, explaining a little about it to her and feeling the Holy Spirit, the anointing, swirling all around …

My friend teared up, as did I and she just quietly responded … “yes” …

She prayed asking Jesus to fill her, to come into her heart.  She invited the Holy Spirit to fill her to over flowing … she used her own words after I had explained the basics and what it meant.  I told her God would give her the words … and He did.  I then blessed her, commanding all darkness to leave and for her to be filled with the Light of Jesus …

She glowed, fired up by this all …

My friend and I glowed and dabbed the tears …

I promised that on my way back through the following day I would drop some materials off for her to go through (which I did) and I gave her my number and hugged her goodbye …

She waved us off as we left for our flight … she was afresh and full of the glow of a loving encounter with a Magnificent God …

She had been wooed with the oddities of numbers.  God had positioned me, who had also been wooed in a similar, and strange way … We had connected and God invited her in through the Open Door that is Jesus, into a relationship with Himself …

Her journey began before I came on the scene … and her journey will continue …

She saw and will continue to see, a kind God at work in her life …

She discovered that God so loved her, that He wooed her, He called her … He arranged the ordinary to become so highlighted that her attention was drawn to them, and then He sent a stranger to stop and pray …  one who could unpack some of her journey, having had a similar strange experiences … and He let her know, through this and a stranger taking time to stop for the one that …

God is Good!

Post Script: we all have a journey that is as unique and as special as we are!  We are all positioned in communities and in places where those that will relate to us congregate … God has a purpose and a plan for our lives, including where we go, where we live and what we do … and if we will just stop and listen to Him, walk in His Presence, be aware of the realities of His Kingdom and purposes … we will hear and stop and see His goodness … I encourage you … there are people all around you just waiting for you to be who you are so they can discover whose they can be …