I found my treasure & she needed to know God loved her – God is Good

Well … what can I say but – God is Good!

As previously mentioned, we are running a group called “Sitting at the Feet of the Father”.  It’s all about hearing from God for ourselves and for others.  It’s about identity first, and then going and doing His will for us from that place of being fully loved, and full of His love.

Last Tuesday night we discussed Words of Knowledge and as we did I felt God prompt me to do an activation with the group, in other words, stop talking about it and DO it.

I actually prefer to stop for people as I go – no lists.  I find the idea of doing a list of words of knowledge from God and looking for a treasure (the person to whom they apply) a bit challenging … I could get it wrong people! Yes – I am a reformed perfectionist and can suffer from performance anxiety. But I knew if I was leading the group to do them, then I needed to do the exercise too.

We all sat quietly and asked God for words about people, me included.

The first part of my list was:

red cardigan

blue bag


Mentone (a suburb near us)


Out walking on streets, sunshine

And I saw a picture of a local barbers shop located on a corner

It’s Monday here in Australia.  So this morning, remembering my list (which I have been carrying around with me) I asked God about timing of my walk in Mentone in the sunshine (and yes people it is sunny today – although cold).

I felt Him say to drop my son at school, go home do a few chores and then head out at 10am.  I want you all to know – I am crazy busy and under the pump with work (that is a whole new God is Good story but crazy stretching testimony), a mother in hospital and many children commitments, and today, my husband is interstate for work, so it’s all on me today.  Did I have time – no!  Did I want to find the treasure – yes!  I had a time frame and I knew that I may miss the treasure and it would be on me if I missed it if I was not obedient.

I headed out a little late.  I could feel His desire for me to be out on the streets, and I hurried to get out.  I looked up and down, asking Him as I went where to go.  I had a picture when I got the words of knowledge – that I would see her outside a particular barber shop.  I knew I was late for the “appointment”, so I listened, having apologised to Him for my being late.

I looked up and down the street … checking bag colours, checking cardigan colours … I followed a woman with a blue bag who was wearing a coat – I needed to see if she had a red cardigan … she didn’t and I didn’t get a positive “go for it” in my spirit with her even though she didn’t completely fill the list.

He had said go to the post office, so I did, continually looking for her, and looking for my other words of knowledge: a mum in blue jeans with two kids, one in a pram, who is seeking answers to questions/issues from the past; a man called Frank who worked in the trades, who has cancer (I think testicular – that may be a tough one), God wants to heal him; … my list goes on …

I walked out of the Post Office and looked into a coffee shop as I walked up the street – a woman in a head-dress in a red cardigan, but I couldn’t see her bag.  I walked up to the corner of the street again and back and looked in, and walked into the shop, trying to see her bag.  I still couldn’t see her bag so I gently interrupted her and her friend saying:

Excuse me.  I’m a Christian and I’m practising hearing from God, and I have this list (I showed it to the red cardigan woman and her friend) and I saw you had a red cardigan on … is your name Cindy? and then I saw she didn’t have a blue bag,  but she said:

My name is “Seemi” …

I thought “close enough” Cindy … Seemi …  I said explained my list (see Kevin Dedmon’s book Crossing the Chicken Line on how to get a list), and I asked could I pray for her. I found out she was from Pakistan (I assumed a Muslim because of her head scarf, but she may have been of another faith I could not be sure).

She said “yes” I could pray, so I crouched down, popped my hand on her arm gently and prayed.  As I did more information came, more words of knowledge about her so I prayed what I heard – that she was making some major decisions, that she wasn’t sure what to do, I asked God to guide her, I thanked God that He knew her and loved her, and I prayed for wisdom, great wisdom as she decided.

She looked at me and asked: How do you know all that?

I responded that I listened to God.  That we can all hear from God. I showed her my list.  I explained why I was out. That he had sent me out at 10am (although I had run late) and that He loved her enough to send me to pray for her, to let her know that He knew  her and He loved her … I asked if she had been on the street before (and mentioned where I had seen) and she said “yes”.

I had a feeling about some more details, but I felt to not share what I discerned, I felt that God wanted her privacy to be kept, that I was to just let her know that He knew she was making these decisions and that it had been a really tough time making them.  I felt the information would be too full on to disclose in that setting.  I also felt she had a child that would be impacted, so I asked if she had children.

She had a son.

I prayed for her decisions again and asked God that the peace that surpasses all knowledge and understanding would guard her heart and mind in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:7), and that peace would be her guide (Col 3:15).

I asked how old her child was when I was done.  7 she said.

And so I invited her to our church movie days in the coming school holidays telling her it would be a safe environment, she could have a cup of tea or coffee, meet some people and he could be looked after for a couple of hours – she could stay or leave him she could choose.  I gave her the details, and also gave her my name and number so she could call me if she wanted.

I looked at the woman (an Australian woman) who was with her – she had teared up.

I thanked them both for letting me pray, and as I started to wind it up, she looked and said:

God loves me? She looked astounded …

I replied yes: God loves you, He knows you and He loves you very very much.

I gave her a hug and left …

And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness–secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name. (Is 45:3)

I found my treasure on my treasure hunt list – well one at least.  I’m looking for the others, and even if I don’t find them all, I know He will delight in the fact that I am even looking, giving it a go, because it’s not just about them out there (although that is a very significant important part of it) but it is also about me, getting closer, leaning in and hearing His heart beat …. it’s about the intimacy because He loves me too …

and He loves you …

We can all go and do, especially if we know how loved we are … and He will lead us to those that are hidden in the darkness for us because …

God is Good!

Please leave your testimonies of your successes below for us to share and be encouraged – any remember that every attempt (regardless of outcome) is a success because it’s about the journey of learning, not about the notches on our belt … it’s about our relationship with Him, and our journey as we work with Him to reconcile the world to Him, and that is purely because … God is Good!

Finding the Father’s heart…finding freedom, finding treasure…God is Good! praise report

There is something happening across our church at the moment … lost things, things that have been searched for, things missed and thought lost … are being found … in very bizarre places and in very bizarre ways!

This is wonderful and marvelous, and the stories are awe-inspiring … but I believe God is doing something deeper than just “getting our stuff back” for us because he loves us … I believe He is revealing His heart … His heart for the lost … His heart for lost treasures and I sense that as He calls us to go deep in Him, and as we find our freedom in Him to be all we are created to be, as we discover our identity, He is also asking us to feel His heart beat, to feel His heart and to step out into a lost and dark world and bring light … to help bring the treasures home …

About eight months ago I bought my seven-year-old daughter a small necklace from Swarovski.  It was a necklace with a little crystal pink heart on it, with a little butterfly to the side. She declared it was God’s heart for her … God’s heart of healing … and the butterfly was her freedom in Him. It was a precious gift that she held dear.

Not long after, she lost the necklace – she had worn it only a few times, and to lose something this precious to her was not in character at all … it had just “vanished”

We searched everywhere for it. We checked her luggage, where it was meant to be, we checked her room and eventually, after searching for it and praying for its return, we decided it was well and truly lost. She wept, realising something precious was gone …

On the final day of summer holidays, I resolved to replace this pendent … I don’t know why, but I just felt it was ok for her to have another and so we popped into the store from where it had been bought and found they still had stock …

I stood at the counter with the box in my hand and hesitated, checking with God about the purchase.  As I did I “saw” the boxes that my daughter has from the store – she has bought many little crystal trinkets  from there, and I felt he wanted us to return home first, to look in all the Swarovski boxes she had.  I asked the pendant to be held for 24 hours so we could go home and do as God had prompted … feeling a bit foolish, but figuring we had nothing to lose in being obedient.

We left the store and I explained all this to my daughter … She had no objections, having seen God return many of her most precious items time and time (see her blog God is Good for Kids for a few stories).

We went to the movies that afternoon, after which we returned home and I encouraged her to go and do the search. She went to her bedroom and took out all her Swarovski boxes and bags. I gave her some time to complete the task and then looked in to see how she had got on – no necklace.

I still felt the urge to check, the job was not finished … it was such a strong feeling by this stage that I sat on the bed with her and systematically went through each and every box, large and small, emptying each of its foam contents to check completely.

I then checked each box’s label, to see if we had found the pendant’s box … and I noted that it was not in the pile … this was strange since she is such an organised little poppet and keeps all of the boxes and warranties in one place.

I looked and said “we need to find the pendant’s box to be sure.”

She looked at me and said that she had found everything.

I insisted we look for the box feeling certain I had to check everywhere before giving in to defeat … each and every little blue box I could find needed to be opened and checked …

I opened the cupboard door and put my hand behind a wooden box on a shelf and found one more box behind some bits and pieces.

I showed her and quickly checked the label – it was the pendant’s box. 

Now I must admit … I have experienced lost items being found (see the missing plate story which saved us $400) but I still had my doubts …

I opened the box, and lifted the velvet flap … barely daring to believe, and, as I lifted the insert, sure enough there, shining in the sunlight drifting through the window was a little pink heart and butterfly, perfectly placed into the box like new … the chain laced through the foam insert perfectly, as if it were freshly bought and carefully placed …

She gasped and laughed and said “I can hardly believe it” … we thanked Jesus and over and over she said “that is amazing, that is so amazing … it was lost and now it is found…” (Yes …  from the mouths of babes!).

This is not an isolated story – similar stories are happening right across our church … and it is no coincidence that these “finds” are occurring …

In this instance, we had lost God’s heart and His gift of freedom … but with a search, with seeking … it was found …

Jesus says … I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly (John 10:10 NKJV).

What is precious was lost, but now is found … returned to its rightful owner, returned to its rightful place … see Luke 15

I believe this is just one of the many such stories that are indicating to us that it is time for:

What was lost being found …

The Lord says: I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name. (Isaiah 45:3 NIV)

What was lost is now found … what was lost will be found …

It’s time to hear the heartbeat of God … the heartbeat of freedom …

The lost will be found … the harvest is plentiful …

It is time for those precious and lost to be found for it is time for the harvest..

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” (Matthew 9:37 NIV)

He is calling us to a search … he wants to give us His treasures, people hidden in darkness … He is calling them home to Himself, home to His heart of love … home to their freedom for… what is lost will be found because …

God is Good!