Fire burns all the time…

In soaking group this week I recalled a truth and a ‘coincidence’ that at the time kissed my tired heart alive. It still leaves me in awe of a good God.

In 2008, I attended revival meetings in the USA. It was a big deal leaving my family. Master M was 15 months, and Mistress R not yet 5. I was home full time with them, and I missed them dreadfully. There were tears all round at the airport.

I came back from the US more on fire for God than I was before, if that was possible. I was already blazing hot, but I believed that the revival had set me more alight somehow, and I felt it was my job to keep that flame burning hot. Those women with oiled up lamps were onto something! (see Matthew 25:1-13)

I had already started to ‘stop for the one.’ I was seeing miracles, healings, and experienced profound encounters on the streets and in my own life. All unexplained by ‘logic,’ but none-the-less real. I would not have believed it if I had not experienced it myself.

As a young mum, life got busy, and the vigour seemed to settle somewhat. On the surface, I was running hot, but this striving perfectionist was not burning as hot as before, and it bothered me.

One afternoon, with the youngest asleep in bed, I sat at my desk and cried. R (5 years old by this time) sat on the floor quietly drawing. Deep in thought, she asked me how to spell a few words. Nothing profound. Nothing out of sorts.

Moments passed. I was miserable. I was so sad and knew I had somehow missed ‘it.’ I sat and struggling to work out how I could ‘fix it, fix myself’.

As I sat, a little person gently came to my side placing her masterpiece before me.

‘This is for you, mummy,’ she said with eyes shining. ‘God wants you to have this.’

And there, in red, orange and yellow pencil, were 5 words:


I looked at her incredulously.

I had said nothing to her. I had kept my thoughts quiet in my mind.

Fire burns all the time…

The blaze may not be discernible, but it burns.

It does not take much to fan into flame.

Perhaps you are feeling the same?

If so, listen and look for God’s kisses through your days.

Spend time with Him (come for a soak with us even) and learn how to lean in.

A dry piece of kindling will catch fire and blaze hot if it leans into the flame; so too you. More kindling; greater flame. Community matters.

13 years on I reflect and see with some perspective. If I had kept the pace, I would have burnt out. I know some habits that help now, that I impart in teaching and in my writing. Longevity matters.

A wise man counselled me recently. He said if I have been able to keep doing what I have been doing for the last 10 years, then that was a sustainable Christian lifestyle. It has been a lifestyle that has space for the miraculous and family, friendship and community.

Fire burns all the time…

I believe 1 Samuel 3:3 holds one key.

The lamp of God had not yet gone out, and Samuel was lying down in the house of the Lord, where the ark of God was.

(1 Sam 3:3)

The lamp had not yet gone out. Samuel was lying down, positioned where God’s presence was. He did not recognise God’s voice at first, but with the help and guidance of a wiser, older one, he could respond when God called him a third time. Interestingly, Samuel was lying down in the house of the Lord – where God was in those days.

These days God is within you; around you; and face to face with you at all times.

So, we are the Ark of God, but are we listening well?

Will we position ourselves to hear?


We may be a lamp but if we’re not plugged in, we can’t shine the way we’re designed.

Fire burns all the time…

Will you kindle it into a flame? Lay your head upon His breast and listen to His heartbeat for you, for your family, for the nations?

I retold the testimony briefly in this weeks Aussie soak time. You can have a listen here:


Beth’s testimony Fire Burns All the Time (from the mouths of babes):

Fire burns all the time, it will never go out because…

God is Good!

Reaching into an empty barrel only to find more than enough

Sometimes we have nothing left in the tank. The sense of tiredness is real. Self care is essential, so as you read, balance the message with permission to rest.

We reach into the empty barrel believing we have nothing to give; only to find an abundant flow.

I was at kindy pick up for my 3-year-old son when I saw a mum who I had prayed for previously at a play date. She had asked why I was fasting. I explained Australia was in revival and a mighty move of God was afoot across our wonderful nation. As we spoke, she shared some of her private and very painful history, after which I prayed for her. While I prayed, she felt electricity running up her arms, and she cried, feeling His presence course through her body. She had encountered a good and loving God.

On this day, she looked tired. I asked her about this, and the tears flowed. I gently placed my hand on her shoulder and prayed, releasing peace and rest. She reported her sleep was ok, but she was not feeling refreshed from her sleep. I prayed again, asking that one hour of sleep would be as four. I hugged her, nearly crying myself, and said to call if she wanted prayer again.

With said 3-year-old in tow, I planned to head home. Instead, I ‘knew’ I needed to go to a local shopping district. It was close to Christmas, so shopping was not what I felt like doing. However, hearing the nudge, I headed to the store I felt compelled to visit.

Uncertain why I was there, I looked. Feeling exhausted, I did not believe I had anything to give.

My barrel was empty.

Wandering about, I feigned interest. I noticed a woman with a brace on her wrist.

‘Person found,’ I thought.

I approached her and asked about the brace.

She had torn tendons in her wrist and thumb, so I offered to pray. She agreed and as I prayed she felt tingles, which continued long after I finished and she completed her shopping.

I turned towards God once more, knowing I had not completed the task. I felt tired, so I argued a little, but ultimately decided I would stay.

I could not shake the feeling I had not found who or what I was there for.

A woman had watched me closely as I prayed. I was aware of her, but I had ignored the feeling. I felt her watching me again and wondered if she was stalking me through the store.


Crossing her path, I smiled and turned to pass politely, but she suddenly stepped forward to speak.

Earnestly she said she felt stressed. She explained the stress was because she was hosting her son’s wedding reception at her home, followed closely by Christmas.

I agreed that would be stressful.

‘Thank you,’ she said.

The exchange puzzled me. Perhaps she needed to be seen.

I wandered on with my son, but there she was again…

I was sure she was intentionally placing herself in my path.

She engaged me in further conversation.

Tired, I did not want to chat. Small talk is a gift, a gift I do not posses. I have to work at it.

I stopped the sour grapes and simply threw caution to the wind. I offered to pray.

Excited, she readily agreed. She said she saw me on the other side of the store, praying for the other woman.

‘Ah, she had been watching me,’ I thought, ‘and she wanted prayer.’

Her name was Joy, so I prayed for Joy. I prayed for Joy to be released into her destiny; for joy (the Spirit of Joy) to come upon and within her; for Joy to receive ‘joy’; and for Joy to be Joy and all that entailed. In fact, it was the season for JOY!

I also prayed for the other circumstances she had shared.

As I prayed, I looked at her.

‘You can feel that, can’t you?’

She nodded, close to tears.

When I finished, she stared at me and asked if I knew some Christians on her street in a nearby suburb.

‘Oh no, here we go,’ I thought, but then she told me their names.

They were my pastors!

She said I was just like them – she told me she had been watching them.

‘… and now she had been watching me too,’ I thought wryly.

It was clear in that moment God was on her case. It was not a coincidence I was in that store. I was there for no apparent reason other than a hunch. My pastors’ witness impacted her. She was the one God had set His heart upon and sent me. She had a hunger to encounter the God my pastors knew; the God I knew; the God she wanted to know too- the one we all called ‘Lord,’ the one we all called Jesus.

I was there for her!

I explained I had not known why I had come to the shop. Yet, it was now apparent to me I had come for her.

It was apparent that God was on her case.

I wished her well and finished up in the shop.

My barrel was empty today-but God.

Life is busy at Christmas time. Children are excited, their behaviour can challenge. People make demands; others can be unkind. We can feel our barrel is empty and we have nothing to give.

However, God’s barrel is never empty. Despite me and my circumstances, as I reached into my empty barrel, God came through and touched three women – all in the space of an hour. Each woman needed a touch of God; all for different reasons.

As long as I will stop for the one, regardless of how I feel, regardless of me, my God will move to touch a hurting world.

Today I saw His arm long enough to embrace others through me; His grace sufficient for my needs to be met and His desires fulfilled. My barrel may feel dry, but His barrel is always full – His power is ever present.

Despite me, wine will always flow.

Since this day I have discovered people are watching. I know if they watch for long enough I will disappoint them because I am mere human; but if they will see through me to Him… that will not disappoint.

I have prayed for many who have yearned for a touch from God. There have been many such occasions. In my daughter’s school, a young teacher cried when I offered to pray. She explained she had been waiting, hoping for prayer. This shocked me, because I always felt so awkward in offering. But here was a woman desperate for the moment God saw her heart’s cry. Through her tears she said she thought she was going to miss out; I assured her God saw and loved her- she would never miss out.

We may think we are at the bottom of our barrel, there is nothing more to give. But, in the empty barrel, there is always more.

Wine will flow regardless of me because…

God is Good!


And there was rain – God is Good!

This is a friend’s testimony. It demonstrates how obedience, prayer and daring to believe can cause breakthrough for communities and areas of land. I hope this testimony is an encouragement in this time for all of us to continue to pray for breakthrough – for the rains of the Holy Spirit to come and demolish every demonic stronghold, every demonic attack, every sin, every sickness and for those rains of His Holy Spirit to flood the lands with healing, salvation, joy, peace, righteousness, and hope because … God is Good!

A, my friend, thank you for daring to take this prophetic praying journey as a woman on your own, sleeping in your car, through the centre of Australia, and for being willing to go as God led. I honour you for your bravery and sheer determination to believe that one woman, with God is a majority.

A writes:

In June 2018 I felt God ask me to take my Subaru Outback (an all wheel drive station wagon) and go outback [middle of Australia through dessert etc].

I travelled up the centre of Australia, a trip I had never done before. I slept in my car, and did my best to listen to where God wanted me to go.

This is one of the many stories on my journey.

I had stayed overnight in freezing conditions at the Orroroo Caravan Park in South Australia, so cold the water pipes had frozen over.

I left early the following morning to visit Magnetic Hill, a hill that has a magnetic attraction that is so powerful it will literally pull your car up hill. You shut off the ignition, put the car in neutral, take the hand brake off and your car moves – up hill.

When I arrived I couldn’t find any signs to show me what to do, and with no one around to ask I decided to pull over to see if I could get mobile [cell phone] reception. As I pulled over I noted that there was a dead sheep, the area was in deep drought and this was a common sight, but as I checked my phone I noticed a small amount of movement.

Grabbing my drink bottle I went through the pasture gate to investigate and found that the sheep was indeed alive, but struggling. I gave it some of my water, and fed it some hay from nearby, and spoke gently to him, reassuring I would find someone to help.

On the other side of the dirt road there was another driveway. I jumped back in my car and drove down it in the hope I would find a farmhouse or someone to help. There were big sheds and a car, but after wandering around and calling out for a while I found no one so I left a note with my mobile number on the driver’s seat of the car informing him about the sheep.

I went on my way, praying that the sheep would be ok, and as I did I found a small hand made sign telling visitors what to do in order to experience Magnetic Hill it said to put your car in neutral, let the brake off, and the car would travel uphill,

So I had fun. I went forwards a few times, and also tried it with the hill behind me so the car was taken up the hill backwards too. It was a strange experience, and it had me intrigued.

On my way out I saw a farmer, so I stopped and told him about the sheep. It turned out that it had been his car I had left the note in. He said it was his neighbour’s farm across the road but he would see to the sheep. I asked why the sheep couldn’t get up and he went on to explain that the sheep would be weak from lack of feed due to the drought.

I responded by saying, ‘okay, I will pray for rain.’

I drove on my way, relieved that the sheep would be cared for, and as I did I prayed for rain, tipping half the water in my drink bottle out the window onto the dusty road as a prophetic act.

That evening I received a text from the farmer to say he had righted the sheep and that it was going to be fine.

It was about a week later I overheard a conversation between campers saying they had just been to Magnetic Hill, and they mentioned that it had been raining while they were there – after I had prayed.

I was overjoyed that my prayer had been answered and also that I had overheard that my prayer had been answered in that conversation. I ask, what are the chances of that?

The chances of that are ‘BUT GOD’ I say.

He will not only answer your prayers for the nations, but He will also show you at times how He does answer your prayers, so that you can see that you and God are a majority because

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16

‘God wins with a pair of 2’s’ (Bill Johnson).

And this is purely and simply because not only is He powerful, but …

God is also very, very Good!

God is in the beautification business – God is Good!

Last Thursday was a day of beauticians and blessing …

I had a busy day but I felt prompted to book in an eye lash tint for that day too.  This was not logical!  I usually have an eye lash tint once a year, before Christmas, so I don’t have to worry too much about make up etc … but for the rest of the year I tend not to worry.  I was therefore a little surprised when I felt God prompt me to make an appointment.

That morning, I briefly caught up with a beautiful Christian friend.  In the past she had worked as a beautician and when I told her of the prompting she encouraged me to make an appointment.  She then proceeded to tell me some stories about eye brows, tinting and waxing that had us both laughing out loud …

With hurried goodbyes, I headed to the supermarket to get a few necessities, hoping for a quick run through. Items found and in my trolley, I looked up and there was a check out completely clear of people – a miracle itself at that time of the morning.

I headed over, started loading up the conveyor belt and said “hello”.  I made a little bit of small talk and I felt that familiar nudge to pray for the girl.  She was quite young and I asked her how she found working at the supermarket.  She responded saying she wanted to study, she was a qualified beautician and she wanted to further her study at a particular school.  I recognised the name, having spoken to other beauticians over the years about their dreams and goals.  I mentioned that I had heard of the place and that I believed that it was quite a prestigious place.  She agreed it was, and with that I offered to pray for her and her dream.  I introduced myself and she happily gave me her hand.  I prayed for her future, to have favour with respect to her studies, that her dreams would be realised.  As I did I felt she was also looking for work as a beautician.  Now, this may seem obvious to you, given she was working on the supermarket check out, but it wasn’t necessarily obvious to me at the time, since many young people work part-time to support their studies.  I felt a little nudge to pray for a new job, so I asked her if she was looking for  a job currently in the beauty industry … she was … so I also prayed for favour with her search, for that the perfect job and as I left the store I encouraged her that the job would come quickly, much more quickly than she thought.

I headed home and I then remembered that I had felt that I was to make a booking at a particular local waxing place for an eye lash tint. I tried to logic it away, thinking there would be no way they would have an appointment with the right girl in the next two hours, which was the only time I had left before I had to pick up one of my children from school, and so, with such a small window of time that I had available, and given my schedule I knew that there would be no  chance of an appointment.

Are you getting the gist?  I was using logic to step out of obedience … my husband and I call it “logicing” ourselves out of “it” … whatever “it” might be …

As I tried to use my logic (I really couldn’t be bothered by this time) I felt convicted and so I picked up the phone and got the girl I needed on the phone.  Within 2 minutes I had the perfect appointment, with the right girl, that fitted exactly with my time allowance for the rest of the day … go figure … Go God!!

I headed up to the waxing place, and made the usual small talk with this girl.  As we chatted she started to tell me about how as a child she had pulled her eye lashes out – compulsively.  She said she loved eye lash extensions, but she couldn’t wear them because when she got them she would pull her eye lashes out with even more ease … it became such a problem that the person who put her extensions in refused to give her extensions any more, being concerned that she would end up with no lashes at all.

I knew of this condition.  I had researched the condition when one of my children, when  little, had started twisting their hair and pulling it out at night when it got knotted.  I had found wads of hair knots in the bed.  At the time I had googled it, thinking it could be a stress response to what was happening at her school.  I had found the condition in my search – it was called alopecia.

I have written about alopecia in other stories.  For these stories see links here and here.

When it came to my child we had a chat, let them know it could develop into a habit and that habit could result in bald patches … the behaviour instantly stopped with the possible consequence understood and not desired.  Whereas, the girl at the waxing place was now an adult, and although she knew it was a bad habit, she felt compelled (as she had as a child) to pull out her eye lashes.  She found it very difficult to stop and could not control the compulsion.

I mentioned to her my child’s story.  I said I had heard of the condition and that it was called alopecia.  She was a little shocked that I knew the name of the condition.  We had bit more of a chat as we walked out to the register for me to pay, and once the payment transactions were taken care of I gently mentioned asked for her hand and as she gave it to me I explained I was a Christian and I said I was going to pray for her to be healed. She smiled and said “sure”.  I could sense that she felt it was just a nice thing for me to do.  Most non-Christians out there seem to have no problem with us praying for them … I think most do see it as a nice thing to offer to do; however, I felt that she expected nothing, which was fine by me … I couldn’t heal her if I tried … but my God could!

I smiled back and asked the Holy Spirit to come, and I prayed breaking the addiction, requesting healing and finishing in Jesus Name.  As I prayed I felt a rush of the Holy Spirit through me, and I assumed it went straight into her because as I prayed she looked a bit startled, jumped backwards in her chair and she said:

 Oh my gosh … Oh I just felt tingly all over … oh my gosh that was so weird, I am so tingly

I smiled again, and said that the tingly feeling was the Holy Spirit.  I explained that it was definitely not me, but God and that she could ask God for more through the day and He would come to her again and again.

She looked at me with big eyes and said “oh my gosh … oh … thank you so much … oh wow!”.

I left her there and wished her a brilliant day.

It was only later that day that I realised … three “appointments”… three beauticians … there was a coincidence there … I actually still don’t know what that was about … but what I did and do know was that God is always on the move, He is always wanting to touch and kiss and love on people, He is always wanting to release people into their destinies, encourage and love them, and show them through experience that He is real … purely and simply because …

God is Good!


A South African Coincidence? I think not because … God is Good!

At some stage of this journey, after the food etc I had felt to give to the kindy teacher and her husband a couple of small pamphlets on healing and keeping healing.  I also felt to pop in a pamphlet on who Jesus was … it was a little book (one of a pack of 10 that I had bought many years prior on the prompting of God) that was called “Why Jesus?”.  I think it was written by Nicky Gumble, but I could be wrong.  It was a little red book that I had handed out as I felt I was  meant to over the years, and this was my last copy … I gave it to them, hoping it would not cause offence.

My relationship with the kindy teacher remained positive, she returned my bags I had provided the food in with her note, and she gave me updates on how L was doing.  Christmas was coming and life was busy with two small children. The kindy teacher gave me updates and said how much she wanted us to come back and pray for L again.  When school and kindy finished we would make a time to visit and to pray for L again … but in the meantime I got updates and I would pray, thanking God I had not completely botched it!

Eventually, we arranged to visit L and the kindy teacher at their home.  I can’t remember all the details, but my husband A and I went along, and we prayed for L, answering their questions about God.  They then pulled out the little red book, and sheepishly said to me that this little red book had given them a prayer to pray, and that the little red book advised that, if they prayed this prayer then they should tell someone … and they looked at us and giggled and said that they had prayed the prayer and they were now telling me … they had become Christians!

I was shocked and delighted for them … but they said there was a story that I had to hear …

They told me that L had suddenly got better after the prayer, he had then slipped back a bit, but while all this was happening, L’s son and wife in South Africa had been given a little red book … !!!

Yes it was THE SAME little red book I had given them here in Australia …

They said that his son had spoken to them about Jesus … he had told them that he had become a Christian and he wanted the same for them … well as they spoke to him, they told him about their little red book … and their decision to become Christians … and they told A and I with giggles of delight that simultaneously on the other side of the world, completely independent of us, they had all become Christians at the same time … after reading the same little red book …

I was flabbergasted!

It was so God!

It made me laugh and cry simultaneously … of all the things for God to line up … to show the entire family (and me) that He was on the case and had it in hand …

Simply and basically all I could say to them at that moment was, that well …

God is Good!

A random act of kindness…God is Good!

Last Saturday while I was waiting for my daughter’s ballet class to finish I caught up with a new friend, a friend who has already blessed my life in many ways …

As we finished up, she saw a friend of hers, a woman she had told me about, a woman who was also kind, gentle and gracious.  She said hello to her friend and as she spoke her friend suddenly said with tears …

“Please excuse me, my dog died last night …”

As her friend said this I was filled with compassion for her and nearly started crying too … I feel like a sop when that happens, because I can tear up so easily at times, especially when I am filled with compassion or love or empathy … filled with Him … for another …

I touched her hand … aware that I was a complete stranger and not wanting to “get in her space,” and I gave my condolences …

I said goodbye to my friend, and with another hour and a half to wait, I wondered what I was to do. I asked God, and with a suddenness I knew I had to buy this woman flowers … a ballet mum too … what would she think?!

I started to walk, hoping to find a florist.  I trusted she would still be in the coffee place I had met her in when I got back, thinking how she may find me a bit “odd” to do something like that, but I thought “what can it hurt to give her flowers … to do something kind …? … but still!”

I eventually ended up at one of the train stations in the city, and found my way to a flower stall.  I immediately saw some miniature cyclamens … and I knew I was to buy her the deep pink ones …

“Odd,” I thought, feeling a bit shy about it.  I looked at the other flowers on sale … she seemed so gracious that I thought I should perhaps buy her a potted orchid but I kept being drawn back to the deep pink cyclamens …

I selected the plant I felt God draw me to, bought them and asked for them to be wrapped.

I wandered back past the coffee shop … she wasn’t there …

“Blow, I thought” and decided on my friend’s suggestion (who I had just spoken to on the phone about another matter) to leave them with a person at the ballet school to pass them on …

Still with time to wait I went back to the same coffee shop to sit down outside and have another cup of tea, thinking I may see her again …

I got on with a bit of texting, sipped my tea, and contemplated life, looked at the passers-by, enjoyed the greenery of the trees over the road … and as I did she walked past …

I called out and said a bit awkwardly “… these are for you, I hope you don’t mind, but I felt to get them for you … I just wanted to bless you …”

She looked and cried, tears ran down her cheeks and she told me a little of the story.

I said I had felt to get her the pink cyclamens …

The tears kept running down her cheeks and she said that her little beloved dog’s collar was the same pink, and the dressing gown that belonged to her daughter that her little dog had been buried in, was purple (the cyclamens had touches of purple at their base, and the flowers were wrapped in purple).

Only God!” I thought.

I said I had felt to get her the hot pink … and had thought they may be able to sit on her kitchen table in memory of her dog …

She said “thank you, it’s so kind”

I backed away, not wanting to invade her space in any way … but I said “I just wanted to bless you … I hope it is ok … just a random act of kindness …”

And I wished her well.

We had spoken about more than just that, but the exchange was brief, in that I wanted to really respect her privacy, but I said I would sit for a while longer if she felt like stopping later, but if not, there would be no offence …

And so I finished my tea in the morning sunshine … she didn’t come back, and that was ok … she was too tender….

Regardless … I don’t believe the “coincidence” was lost on her …

I had mentioned praying for her family, but other than that I didn’t mention Jesus, I didn’t pray for her then and there, I didn’t get in her face about anything, including the God coincidence …. I just gave her the flowers that just happened to be the same colour as the collar on her little dog and the gown in her little dog was buried …

Did I feel awkward?


But I know when God moves us to do something, it is worth feeling awkward for, it is worth taking the risk and obeying, for you never really know what is gong on in a person’s life … but He does and perhaps through that one act of obedience, that one act of kindness they too will know that …

God is Good!

“Reunification” was the word-God is Good!

Yesterday afternoon I was travelling interstate to attend a conference. The plane landed and I struggled to free my on board luggage from the overhead locker, and unintentionally invaded a gentleman’s space.

I apologised and as we stood to wait to disembark he asked if it was “home” and I said “no … I was attending a Christian conference”. He went on to say he was visiting his family, but that he was meant to have his daughter with him, but that she was ill. He then went on to mention that his daughter had not been able to come because she had broken out into a rash.

I said “what a shame”, and as we disembarked, climbing down the ladder onto the tarmac, I offered to pray. He readily agreed and so we stood at the base of the stairs of the plane and I introduced myself, explaining I was a Christian, and he introduced himself back saying he was a Christian too!  We laughed, I took his hand, and I invited the Holy Spirit to come.  We prayed for his daughter to be healed, for her histamine levels to come back into normal range and for her immune system to tolerate the penicillin (he had said it was an allergic reaction to penicillin). I then felt I “heard” the word “reunification” or “reunion” or something along those lines and I mentioned it to him, explaining that it made no sense to me, but asking if it did to him.

He looked at me and said “that does mean something to me … My wife and I are separated …” and as we walked into the terminal together he explained that he was separated, that was visiting family for four days and that he and his wife had separated, he felt, due to the over protectiveness she had with their two children, the fear that something might happen … He continued saying that she had been pregnant previous to him meeting her and that child had died … She had a very understandable fear that her children may also die … and as I heard the story my heart went out to them as a couple and to her as a woman, or girl, who had got pregnant young, had a child out of wedlock who had suffered the sadness and grief of having that child die … only to have two more with a husband, but to be filled with a constant fear for her children’s safety ..

As we walked in, his parents greeted him and he introduced me to them, explaining that I had prayed for him, that I was a Christian too, here for a conference. They asked me what conference I was attending… I told them and they said … “Oh how funny our grand-daughter is the worship leader there … Make sure you say hello to her …”!
I looked at S (the gentleman I had prayed for) and said “were you planning to come along?”

He said “no”, he hadn’t planned to but he then responded that he just may, since it was Friday night Saturday day and Saturday night…

I then quickly switched the conversation back to his wife.  I felt an urgency to pray for her for as he had spoken about his wife, I had felt my compassion stir, and I knew I needed to pray.

I mentioned this and he agreed, and so we stood, and prayed for his wife.  I prayed as I felt led, for her to feel the Fathers heart, for her to be released from all fear, for His love to surround her, and for her to be released from the condemnation she had felt as an unmarried mother.  I prayed that she would know the love of God in a tangible way, to know that she was not to blame for the death of her child, that she was free of judgement, and for her to feel the peace of God in a tangible way, for her to know beyond any doubt that it was safe to releases her children into His care. I then prayed for their marriage, for unity and for reunification…

S stood and agreed with me.  He looked tangibly moved, and as I prayed I knew that his wife was the main reason for me to stop to pray. I had felt to pray about the daughter, but the compassion had come and the heavy tangible sense of the anointing had swept around us as I had prayed for his wife…I felt that, yes, I was meant to pray for the daughter, the allergic reaction was not God’s will, however, it was a means to an end, where God could then show His love to the father, and release His heart of reunification and healing for the marriage and for the mother…

God had set me up again!  God had set S up too!  And, the extraordinary “coincidence” of his niece being the worship leader at the conference that I was going to, that the father was free to come to the conference if he so chose because he was there on his own, indicated to him, I believe, that God cared, that God had it in hand, that God “saw” him, and with that, God was drawing S to Himself, and through him, his family would be drawn too, just because…

God is so very, very Good!

One more for the Kingdom…He wooed her well because God is Good!

I was heading interstate a few weeks ago, and while at the airport, I stopped to buy a tea and fruit salad, having rushed the entire day.

As I stood to pay for my purchase I felt the usual prompting to offer to pray for her … to stop for the one … to pray for Mona

She readily agreed to my suggestion after I quickly told her the story from Coles, and I asked what in particular she may need prayer for.  She motioned for me to come over, to the edge of the serving area, and so I followed her to the end of the counter …

She headed up to the end of the counter where it was a little more private and I took her hands in mine.  I blessed her, calling forth her destiny.  I asked her a few questions, sensing that she was in transition, she had just come to the end of something and she was not yet sure what she wanted to do, that she was artistic and so I encouraged her to step into it … she agreed with the words of knowledge and she asked me how I knew, I must be psychic …

I told her that God speaks to us all, and that since He loved her and wanted to reach out to her, through me, in this instance, He would let me know the areas of her life that He wanted to impact, to have prayed for, so I could make His plans a reality through agreeing with His intentions for her life … I explained that this was what Christians called being “prophetic”.

I sensed that I was to invite her into the Kingdom of Heaven, make an invitation to her to ask Jesus into her heart and life, but feeling awkward, I let her get on with her work …

I sat down and chatted to my friend, mentioning that I had “missed it”, he nodded, agreeing, knowing that I had too.  In any case, I drank my tea, and noticed that as we chatted she kept looking over to us …

Not long after … she came right out to us, leaving the serving area, to where we were sitting and asked ernestly:

Will God heal me of something?

Sure” my friend said and we listened as she explained what had been wrong.  She explained that she had undergone extensive surgery to remove growths on her uterus, she was still in pain from the surgery … she didn’t want to growths to come back, she wanted a full recovery.

My friend recounted a testimony of a friend who had been completely healed of uterine cancer a couple of weeks before and I then stood, placed my hand on her abdomen … and we prayed … Holy Spirit was all around …

She then looked at me and said excitedly “Do you know anything about numbers?” and she asked me again if I was psychic … she kept on …

I keep getting the same numbers over and over and I do not understand what they all mean.” She explained that, over the last couple of weeks, she kept getting, noticing, seeing 111 and 10:10 …

I laughed saying that those numbers were the exact ones that I often got at very “coincidental” times and I explained how whenever I felt like He had wanted me to stop for someone and I did, that I would often see the sequence of “111” straight after and, after speaking to a Christian friend who could interpret dreams, visions and numbers (thank you DH), I came to understand that it meant, “My Beloved Son” … “My beloved Daughter” or “I love you” … (see Mark 1:11).

The “111 thing” started happening for me just after Leif Hetland had come to our church a year ago.  Leif had released the “Blessing of the Father” … and within a week, these strange coincidences started happening with “111” … it has since become part of my personal vocabulary that God uses to speak to me.  For example, about a week after the Leif Hetland seminar, I had stopped for a girl with a broken arm at the shops with my toddler, when I hadn’t really wanted to stop.  I prayed for her healing and led her to the Lord.  As I left, running late for something and with a toddler who was well and truly over the shops, I flicked on my phone and as I did up flashed 1:11 …

This would happen everywhere, it was ridiculous … 111 on number plates just after pleasing Him, stopping for someone, 111 on an advertisement, or in a headline that I would see just after feeling down, when I felt I had failed Him … it still happens now … last Sunday night, when I had been questioning things and I was feeling sad and challenged, I looked up at the Tour de France on tv, and straight across the backside of the bike rider that panned into the camera shot was … yes … 111 … twice!  Once on his left hip and once on his right hip!  God was saying “I Love You!” … “I see you” … “I appreciate you” … it actually made me laugh … and I always say right back … “I love you too!”

I mentioned the pattern to her and she smiled …

What about 10:10?” she asked

I replied that I had been seeing this everywhere for a while, and a Christian friend who had studied at Bethel had once suggested it was indicating the completion of a cycle and the start of a cycle (thank you JS) … which also made her smile … saying that she had completed a tough time in her life, that she felt the surgery was the end of that time and that she was about to start something new … as confirmed with my prophetic words over her life before …

As we spoke my friend did a quick search and suggested that “111” could also mean “open doors” which also resonated with her … and I laughed saying well … “Jesus IS the door … He is knocking … will you invite Him in …?”

It was at this point that I knew I was to now invite her into a relationship with Jesus …

I pointed out this “coincidence” and the “coincidence of me stopping and asking her if I could pray, after a cycle of a couple of weeks of her seeing and noticing these numbers in such a way that she had been querying it, and I quietly asked her if she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart, explaining a little about it to her and feeling the Holy Spirit, the anointing, swirling all around …

My friend teared up, as did I and she just quietly responded … “yes” …

She prayed asking Jesus to fill her, to come into her heart.  She invited the Holy Spirit to fill her to over flowing … she used her own words after I had explained the basics and what it meant.  I told her God would give her the words … and He did.  I then blessed her, commanding all darkness to leave and for her to be filled with the Light of Jesus …

She glowed, fired up by this all …

My friend and I glowed and dabbed the tears …

I promised that on my way back through the following day I would drop some materials off for her to go through (which I did) and I gave her my number and hugged her goodbye …

She waved us off as we left for our flight … she was afresh and full of the glow of a loving encounter with a Magnificent God …

She had been wooed with the oddities of numbers.  God had positioned me, who had also been wooed in a similar, and strange way … We had connected and God invited her in through the Open Door that is Jesus, into a relationship with Himself …

Her journey began before I came on the scene … and her journey will continue …

She saw and will continue to see, a kind God at work in her life …

She discovered that God so loved her, that He wooed her, He called her … He arranged the ordinary to become so highlighted that her attention was drawn to them, and then He sent a stranger to stop and pray …  one who could unpack some of her journey, having had a similar strange experiences … and He let her know, through this and a stranger taking time to stop for the one that …

God is Good!

Post Script: we all have a journey that is as unique and as special as we are!  We are all positioned in communities and in places where those that will relate to us congregate … God has a purpose and a plan for our lives, including where we go, where we live and what we do … and if we will just stop and listen to Him, walk in His Presence, be aware of the realities of His Kingdom and purposes … we will hear and stop and see His goodness … I encourage you … there are people all around you just waiting for you to be who you are so they can discover whose they can be …

The deaf shall hear … The lame shall walk because God is Good!

In my last post I mentioned two people that I had prayed for, two people who were deaf, and that both of them had a close relative with them that had the same name as me.

The second story of stopping for the one is a story I have not yet posted.  It is an encounter that amazed me, much like the most recent post of praying at the Aladdin show in California Adventure Park … and so I will tell what happened.

A week prior to us leaving for the States my son had a follow up appointment with an eye specialist as a result of being in hospital last year. We had waited six months for this appointment, and although I was really ill, and we had received some sad news of the death of my husbands grandmother that morning, I took my son across town to the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital for this appointment, not wanting to be rescheduled for another six months time.

We arrived at the newly opened hospital and in the foyer a huge two story fish tank presented itself … full of small sharks, and an array of other fish. It was amazing and immediately drew my son.

We stopped, having walked through the cold and the rain, and I let him gaze at the fish as I shook out my umbrella and pealed open the appointment letter, damp from our walk. I stood looking at the directions as a young child came  up to me and pressed himself into my leg. I looked down and saw the cochlear implants and the mother quickly pulled him away apologising for the physical intrusion. I said”no worries” … it really had not bothered me, and I called to my son to come along, feeling a twinge as I walked away that perhaps I should have offered to pray, but noting that this visit was about my boy, and I sensed that leaving that one would be ok … even so I quietly said to God, “bring him back across my path if you want me to stop and pray for him” and I hurried on …

We completed our visit and as we prepared to leave I stopped to allow my son have an ice cream, a pause in a frantic and trying day, and then promised him we would stop and look at the fish in the tank again.

As we were doing so I was trying to get a good photo of him with a very big fish behind him and as I did a little boy with cochlear implants came towards us. I looked and instantly recognised the young boy… it was the same child that had bumped into me before our appointment and I knew that I was to offer pray.

I turned and located the mother.  I made some small talk, asking about the implants and I found out she was a mum of four children … I explained I was a Chistian, that I had seen them earlier, and that I had said to God if I bumped into them again I would offer to pray for her son and I asked her if I could pray.

She agreed and I introduced myself.  She took a step back and said “I’m called B too! Are you just B?” querying whether it was a shortened version of another name. I said no it was my full name. She said “that’s too weird” and we both agreed it was obviously meant to be.

I then explained that this was not the first set up like this … that the other deaf person I had offered to pray for had a sister called B … we both laughed and I could sense God’s hand in the situation … giving me faith and trust in the outcome.

She agreed it was weird and then called her son over for me to pray for him. I did, laying hands on his ears and commanding the ears to open.

When finished she then said the hearing issue was not so bad but that he had also been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and that the symptoms of that made life really difficult.  I empathised and gently  told her a few testimonies of people who had seen cerebral palsy healed through prayer.  I gave her my details, my church details and my blog details so she could read the testimonies herself and I offered to pray again.  She readily agreed.

Again I laid hands on her little boy and released healing. Trusting the prophecies over myself and over our church that “the blind would see the deaf would hear and that conditions such as cerebral palsy” would be healed. I asked God to do again what he had done for my friend’s son and what he had done for another young girl who had visited our church … and I commanded his body to come into alignment with the will of God … “on earth as it us in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10)  …. no cerebral palsy in Heaven, so it does not belong here on earth!

I finished up and thanked her for letting me pray. I encouraged her to thank God for any improvement, to come either to church for more prayer or to meet the people whose son had been healed of cerebral palsy and to let me know how she gets on.

I hope she contacts us for more prayer … She is the mum of four children so I know it will tough to do so … but I also know it will be worth it.

I left the Royal Children’s knowing I had been set up, and again trusting in a good God, knowing that it was His will for me to pray and for that young boy to be healed …

The coincidence was too strong … Thankfully it was not lost on the mother, and it was certainly not lost on me … I know the deaf will hear … if I will just keep on stepping out and praying … and I know the sick shall be healed …

God leaves little footprints, coincidences, like a child’s Easter egg hunt, a trail of encouragement, to let us know we are on the right path … we just need to stop, listen and look … and if we do we will find the treasures He has laud out for us … and as we do we most certainly will see that …

God is Good!