It’s time to move out!

I have suggested through out many blogs that the language of coincidence is one of the ways God speaks to us … as I step up and out I am becoming more and more convinced of this …

I was at the shopping centre Thursday 5th May 2011 buying my youngest some shoes at Myers. I could not find a single person to sell them to me … I wandered about when I eventually found a cashier and wandered over.

There was a Mum of three children all under the age of 3 or 4 years … one in a pram, one walking and the youngest was 8 weeks old in a baby sling. The toddler in the pram had very red cheeks. I asked if it was teeth and was told no she was a rosy cheeked girl, but that even so she was teething and they had been having a dreadful time of it, with four teeth coming through all together.

I quickly told the Mum about my ballet school friend whose little boy was teething and was not sleeping and we prayed and he slept through from that time on (see links below for stories) and with that testimony offered I suggested I pray.

She agreed, and I prayed for her daughter who went very quiet while she gazed into my eyes. I finished praying, wished her well and went to get the shoes.

While I had been praying the sales assistant had got the right size shoes for M, we tried them on and as we chatted at the cash register I offered to pray for her too, mentioning how well she was handling the shop sales with no staff … she readily agreed saying she had bought a house and the settlement had been held up and that she was very very stressed … I took her hand and prayed. She felt great peace. I then mentioned a friend who I had taught to go to her God space and walked her through a simple exercise for her to access God. She went straight to that place of peace and I suggested that when she got anxious she go to that place, but in the meantime the settlement would happen and the doors to her destiny would open, and as I prayed for this I explained how doors of destiny had opened last year over and over again for people that I had prayed for. She thanked me saying how calm she felt and I wandered off to complete my shop and go home.

On the way out of the complex I saw a huge sale at a major electrical store.  I felt to go in and was blessed with an amazing purchase of something I had wanted for many years, after which my son and I went home.

Later that day, I popped back up to the electrical store to confirm an issue with the purchase, not being able to get through on the phone lines. I spoke to the sales person and he mentioned he was desperate for a coffee, so while he sorted a few issues out for me, I went and got him a coffee … well the girl that made his coffee was lovely and I felt to offer to pray for her … she agreed and as I took her hand and prayed I received a word of knowledge … there was something about a house for her.  I asked if that meant anything to her … she responded stating she wanted to move out … another house issue … 2 in one day … coincidental!

I prayed telling her the open doors to destiny testimony … I know I have used that testimony many times over it is a great precedent to ask God to do again and again … She thanked me for the prayer saying she felt something and I took the coffee back to the sales person and went on my way.

The house issue was an interesting one. I went home and talked to God about it and I felt to pray that I would settle well into my new spiritual home, that nothing would stop me from finding my place in the Body of Christ … and yet now as I write about the day I realise it has far more reaching consequences … I think many of us are moving … we may not be actually selling our homes, although many people I know are in that process, but I think that many of us in the Body of Christ are being called to move … if not homes, then to just move … move on, move out, move up, move forward … just move and then He can start to steer us …

I actually think He is calling us all to move out … to take it out, to let Him out of us … for we are a store house of miracles waiting to be released … if only we would go out and let go, give away what we have … we have had plenty of time to grow up … now it is time to move … OUT!

I feel it is time for the Body of Christ to grow up. Stop allowing issues to block, acknowledge that we are old enough, have enough and know enough, because all we really need to know is Christ in us … and then out we go, taking Him with us, and where ever we go will always be “home” for … “home is where the heart is” … and I happen to believe that God’s heart is on the streets of Melbourne … or on the streets of your neighbourhood … if our heart is in His heart and His heart is in our heart and our home is where the heart is then our home is out there on the streets … AS WE GO … so lets move out with God because …

God is good!


 Ballet mum receives the gift of healing and is ready for a good night’s sleep dated Saturday 26th February 2011 

Praise report – God is Good dated Saturday 5th March 2011

Ballet mum receives the gift of healing and is ready for a good night’s sleep – Saturday 26th February 2011

If we will step out and let people know about God and his goodness then they will have a solution. Some will want what we have and then they can spread the Good News …

I am discovering that many people are waiting for us to step out and into who we truly are, and as we do we reveal who God truly is too.  In doing so they often ask “what took you so long” because they want Him too!

While waiting to collect my daughter from ballet I asked a Mum how her little baby boy was doing. She said he was cutting molars and was not happy … neither was she … she needed a good night’s sleep!

As she spoke, I got a picture of me placing my hands on either side of her face and praying for her boy. I kept listening to her and decided to step out and offer to pray for her, trusting that the picture God had given me would provide the key to her boy teething without pain.

I explained what I had seen and asked if it was ok to pray for her, saying that obviously it may seem strange but that sometimes people received healing for others as they stood in their place and received prayer on the person’s behalf. She agreed to give it a go and I put my hands on either side of her face and started to pray that her little boy would no longer feel teething pain, that he would sleep peacefully and that there would be peace in the home.

Another ballet mum watched (the mum I had prayed for a few weeks prior regarding a solution to her children’s schooling see “God’s provision for a family from ballet, posted 2nd March, dated 15th February 2011). I prayed for the peace of God to rest upon her little boy and I also prayed for the “Shalom” of God, and I explained later as we left that the Hebrew word “shalom” not only meant “peace” but so much more … everything that she could imagine the Kingdom of God to contain was contained in the word “shalom” … it was so much richer than just “peace”.

As I prayed I asked her if she felt anything – she did.

I then felt to ask God to give her the gift of healing. I asked her if she would like that gift and explained that she could take the gift and lay her hands on her child and release healing on him. She said “yes” and so I asked God to give her the gift of healing and she said “oh my gosh, my hands are getting hot”. I explained that was the gift being given to her and suggested she laid her hands onto her little boy and pray for healing for him when she got home.

We wandered down the stairs and our other friend from the earlier story was exclaiming … “we have known you for a whole year and we never knew you did this!”

I explained that I would have if I had seen a need, or felt prompted by God to step out and pray for them … however, for her it was as if I had been keeping an amazing secret from them all this time!

In the car park we kept talking. I asked her whether she believed in God. She said she did – that she was a Catholic. I said “the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead resides in you, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is in you” and I asked her if she had ever actually asked Jesus into her heart. She responded “no”, but on being asked if she wanted to she said she would, and so in the car park a mum asked Jesus to come into her heart. Her eyes got teary as she felt His love in a tangible way …

I then suggested she ask for the Holy Spirit to come and live in her too, which she did … and with a big grin I said to her …. “now the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is in you” and I explained that the Bible said “these signs shall follow those that believe … they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall be healed, they shall raise the dead …” and I quickly told of my friend who has called someone back from the dead and I said “and now you can too …”

She looked at me teary.  Her daughter was calling for her to get in the car.  She seemed a bit in awe of what had just happened to her. God was moving and she could feel Him.  She said “My Grandmother used to do this stuff but I have never heard about it in the church …”

I said “well its in the Bible … you have it, now go home and use it” and with that she went to get into her car and as she did she called out to me and said she was going straight home to “give it a go” … and I know something will happen because …

God is Good!

Praying in the park – Monday 11th October 2010

M (my son) and I went to the local park for a play after kindy.  A little girl and her Mother were there enjoying the sun after a bleak winter.

M immediately struck up a friendship with the little girl, as only a 3 and a half year can, and scored half a banana from the little girl’s Mum.  The mum and I struck up a conversation with each other and chatted about a variety of things.  As we chatted I learnt that she was at home with her children, was studying to become a nurse and had a 7 year old daughter in Grade 1 at primary school.  She and I chatted about the challenge of juggling all the various demands of being a Mum, student, etc and laughed about how people only saw us wearing one hat when in fact we wore many.

It was a nice chat and as we got ready to go I felt God prompt me to pray for her so I asked if I could pray for her and queried whether she had anything that she needed prayer for – she responded that she needed prayer for her exams, which funnily enough I had felt was the need before I asked.

I placed my hand on her shoulder explaining that she may or may not feel anything but also explaining that regardless of what she felt, God answered prayer. As I prayed, I released peace, joy and wisdom into her life, for an ease in her walk and for wisdom in how she juggled the many hats that she had to wear as Mother, student, wife etc.  As I prayed I felt that God let me know that she strived and was very thorough with her study – I asked her about this and she laughed and said yes that was her and so I again prayed into that point releasing more peace, and also an ability to put down the striving and worry when it was time to study.  I felt God then say “that’s enough” and I encouraged her that it was possible to have peace, but yet have so much going on.  I wished her well and we all headed home … after a lovely play/pray in the park.

I don’t think I ever saw her again … or if I did neither of us recognised the other … regardless there was a chance meeting in the park, a meeting of hearts and minds … and a touch from Heaven … purely because …

God is Good!