The God who sees (Part 1)

©Guilherme Stecanella

If anyone has read my stories, they know I believe in stopping for the one. The masses are exciting and they matter. The big impact is glorious. Yet there is something so very special about the one. Never forget, He is the Father that encourages with the story of the one lost sheep.

Sometimes in stopping for the one, in taking time to sit, listen and serve, I can become quite despondent. I wonder whether it really makes a difference.

Today I gave my time to support others. I spent longer than planned. An hour out of a day, with an extra half hour, does not seem too much; but when you are in a busy world, it makes a tremendous difference.

Feeling a little flat after, I roused myself. I must have made an impact, given how flat I felt. Walking with my son in the sunshine, I reminded myself that God had asked me to do what I had done, yet the niggle remained – had I just wasted my time?

Intellectually you know you are doing the right thing, but…

Master M and I stopped for lunch at a local cafe. I randomly looked at my mobile phone… 1:11.

‘I love you’ I heard Him whisper.

‘I love you too’ I responded and ate my lunch.

As I went inside to pay, I thought about an ARK (Act of Random Kindness) I had performed over a week before in the same cafe. I don’t talk too much about these, and I would not normally be writing about this one, but the goodness and kindness of God radiates by sharing what happened today. It’s my hope you see Him in this story. It’s my wish that you hear His heart. I trust it will encourage you to look for Him yourself when you feel as I felt today…

He is the God who sees (Genesis 16:13).

©Nathan Dumlao

Just over a week ago, I had left a sum of money at this cafe. It was enough for 10 or more coffees to be given away to whom ever they pleased. Amazed and delighted, the girl behind the til chatted about never seeing something like this before. She was so excited by the idea. I laughed and said that she would have fun giving the coffees away. The tangible atmosphere in the cafe buzzed with Holy Spirit.

This came to mind as I walked in to pay my bill. I wondered why I had bothered, noting the grouchy exchange I had with the owner late last week when I had tried to be friendly. (Note: my stinking thinking). I checked myself and my attitude, and I smiled as I paid and left.

We were some way down the street, when a girl chased behind us.

‘I was that girl that you left all that money with on the til the other day, you will never guess what happened…’

I smiled and waited…

‘You broke something open that day. I’ve never seen it before, but two more people came in that day and they also left money for free coffees for others…’

‘Wow,’ I responded, ‘that is bizarre.’

I know people leave money in cafes. It happens regularly at another cafe a suburb away from where I live. But, she had never seen it happen in this cafe.

© Brooke Cagle

She had not finished her story. She was so excited, she repeated herself.

‘I had to tell you, you broke something open that day, you started something that day, you broke it open that day, and others followed you and did the same, you caused something to start that day, what you did opened something up…’

I smiled and was a little embarrassed. Thanking her for sharing it with me, I told her to have a beautiful afternoon, and we walked on in the sunshine.

I heard the Father’s voice. He spoke to me through her excitement and declaration of what had occurred. he reminded me of my purpose, having first reminded me that I was loved.

I was nearly in tears.

She did not know I was feeling flat.

She did not know I have had those same words spoken over me many times. She did not know I had been told I would break things open, and that others would follow.

Being a breaker sounds fun, glamorous even.

It’s not.

There’s rarely people encouraging you to walk forward.

Stepping out in faith is spelt: R I S K.

There’s often jeering from the sidelines. People regularly misunderstand motives. Many, even ‘friends,’ want you to stop where they are at, so as not to cause them too much discomfort.

It’s lonely.

©Limor Zellermayer

The point is, God knew my heart, my thoughts today, and He met me with, ‘I love you.’ Even though I was entertaining thoughts of ‘poor me’ and ‘stinking thinking.’

He then said, ‘thank you, I see you’ and He affirmed my identity and purpose.

Through an excited young woman, He showed me the end of a story. I rarely see what happens next, but she had remembered me and had witnessed to me the marvellous results of stopping for the one, and the flow on impact that an act of kindness had. It was His idea; it was my idea; it was both our ideas… His nudge so intangible. A joy to do, feel the atmospheres shift and watch the delight. She witnessed two more people give money away to bless others they did not know… and she somehow recognised that the act of obedience had broken something open for others to follow.

God heard my heart today, and He met it with a kiss. He did so through an unknowing girl who witnessed generosity break out in her workplace. God knew I needed a reminder that I was loved, that he saw me, and he met me in my need. And He will do so for you too, if you look to see because…

God is Good!

What do you want … calling forth a blessing for business because God is Good!

About two weeks ago I was chatting to a friend who owns an online organic fruit, vegetable, and essentials home delivery business.

We were discussing “customers” … or in my world “clients” … 

What were “good clients” in my industry and what were “good customers” in her industry … and how wonderful it would be to have customers that were essentially regular, paying, non- complicated individuals who appreciated and valued what they were receiving … how business would be so much easier with those sorts of clients … They appreciated value and service and were not high maintenance, complainers or ones that expected a whole of something for … nothing ….

She discussed a prophetic word I had given her and how I had prayed a blessing for her business … She mentioned that business was going well, and how good changes were on the winds. I asked her whether she had ever identified and written down the “ideal customer” and whether she had called them in.

She responded she had prayed for her business to be blessed, but she had never considered identifying the ideal customer profile and asking for lots of those types of customers in her prayers … she had always kept it general …

I told her the story of a Christian great I had read about and how he had learnt to be particular with his prayers … I then shared how I had also been particular after reading this book, with my prayers regarding a matter in my own life, that had dragged on for 18 months … and how not long after my husband and I had seen break through, and I encouraged her to do so the same, get particular with her “ideal customer” and ask for them to come … and with that we both said goodbye with school pick ups to take care of in our own respective worlds …

Not long after I received this message:

“So you said pray for good easy customers to come in, which I did …. Got a call this morning from a company with $x to spend from a grant and have ordered veggie boxes for the next 9 weeks and have paid upfront! Hilarious and so good. I like that prayer idea!!! Thanks for the inspiration xxx”

We have not because we ask not …

Get particular with your prayers … What do you really want?

What does a blessed business look like?

What does abundance look like?

What does health look like?

And when it comes … Regardless of the size of the break through,  celebrate!  Celebrate the first fruits of the breakthrough and see the fullness of the promise in the seed …

Are you ill? Do you feel a little better? Praise God and look for the fullness of the healing.

Are you in need of finance … does someone buy you a coffee, or do you find $2 on the pavement … get excited and see it as first fruits …

Does someone else have the break through that you are looking for … celebrate with them, ask them to pray with/for you and watch what will happen …

A good work He will bring to completion!

Never despise small beginnings … But celebrate and call the rest forth … For your self and for others … And as you do you will see the goodness of God grow in your life, and in the life of others and it will be the start of the knowledge of the glory of God filling the Earth as the waters cover the sea (Hab 2:14) because …

God is Good!

We cannot out give God because God is Good! I’s testimony of a good God.

We cannot out give God.  When we sow as He directs, the harvest will come in … but, we need not only to be ready to sow, obey when told to do so, we also need to be ready and watching to celebrate how He blesses us in return …

This story was received the day I posted my story of regret, just prior to Christmas, about “missing the mark” …

It confirms and affirms that when we obey, instead of using “logic”, God will bless, because He is Good …

The story reads as follows:

Your fruit and veg posting was a double blessing, as we all need to be reminded not only of God’s goodness, but that we can miss it so easily if we let logic take over – something I have done before…

I have a short story you might want to share.

About 10 years ago I decided that for me, Christmas would be a time when I gave Jesus a birthday present since everyone else seemed to be getting presents on His birthday. I believed the amount I it was right for me to give was $200 and it has been my greatest pleasure each year to wait in anticipation as God showed me to whom His present would be given.

Sometimes it has been a stranger in the street, sometimes a single mother I worked with and sometimes an elderly couple at church, or a sick neighbour.

This year I knew to whom God’s gift would go, but my work hours were dramatically reduced over the past month due to a new competitor opening in the area. This has left my funds dramatically depleted and, other than my young nephew, no one was getting a present. My credit card was $583 over its limit – I had to used it to pay bills, and in faith I prayed for the extra hours to get the $200 for God’s present, but when it came, with a credit card debt that high, logic kicked in about having to honour my debts first. (What greater debt do I have than to the Lord).

As I prayed I was reminded not to worry about tomorrow so I released my $200 to the Lord.

Within 24 hours, and with no one knowing I was $583 over my credit card limit, I got a call from a friend who had just had lunch with another friend who had money he wanted to sow. He had $1200 and felt I was to be given some of it. As they prayed, he felt the Lord told him to give me $600 and a few hours later it was in my account.

God showed me, yet again, that when I take care of the things He has put on my heart, I can trust Him to take care of the other things.

Not only was it enough to cover the excess credit card bill, it was also triple the amount I had given the Lord!

I wonder why I ever hesitated when God has repeatedly provided in miraculous ways.

And He will always provide because …

God is Good!

And unto us a child is born … Praise report of a Good God! healing of cerebral palsy …

In this world of instant this and instant that, how many times do we miss what God is doing and somehow give up on a miracle that may have already started to happen, if we just hung in there to see it to maturity?

Do we speak life … or death over our worlds for “life and death is in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21).  Do you speak life, and celebrate even small beginnings, or do you speak death in discouragement and disappointment …

This is a brilliant testimony of God’s goodness.  A healing, blooming into fullness over time … it is still continuing even as I write …

This testimony (lengthy but so worth the read) was sent to friends of mine.  My friends had the same type of healing take place in the life of their own boy, who is now a grown man.  My friends’ child had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy too and was later declared infertile … he has since grown into a completely healthy functioning adult man who is a happy husband and father …

My friends did not give up and continued to pull down on the Promises of God and while doing so they also foster cared for over 70 children … I know … it amazes me too!

So, I ask … what miracle is around the corner for you?  We all love the instant fixes, the eyes that open, the ears that hear, the lame that walk instantly, but often a healing can be a process … it comes as a seed that must grow … and in that process there is a coming closer into relationship with a loving Father God, who wants good things for His children (Matthew 7:11)…

I believe we must celebrate all stories of breakthrough, all stories of triumph, for in each story of breakthrough is the promise of our own breakthrough … this is why I love these stories … God is no respecter of persons and … “they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…” (Rev 12:11) … there is power in the blood and in the word of our testimony … and so read and prepare for the hour of breakthrough in your own life and be blessed as you declare His goodness in your own lives and into the lives of others …

My friend writes:

We became involved in this because of the miracles in our son P’s life. When A’s parents came forward for prayer, we were called and asked to tell them about our journey [author’s note: there is power in the testimony]. We prayed with them until Bill Johnson and Leif Hetland were free to come and pray. It was such a privilege to be ‘involved’ in this miracle…. HE is GOOD!

The testimony then goes on to say …

In January 2010 my two precious twin daughters were born almost 3 months before they were due, weighing in at only 2 pound 11 oz.

Within 24 hours my first born, A was diagnosed with significant brain damage, due to a major cerebral artery stroke. We were told she would probably die, but even if she did survive we were told she would have cerebral palsy and would never walk, talk properly or see properly and would not function normally in general. A’s younger sister was skinny and premature but ok.

So began our major faith walk with the Lord.

Early on the Lord gave me a dream in which I saw her running to me on the first day she came home from school. I refused to believe she wouldn’t walk. I told the doctors I was expecting a miracle. Jesus was there over her isolette in the ICU ward and He wasn’t going to disappoint us. She was going to be perfect just as He created her.

I cried. I screamed at God. How could you let this happen to my darling daughter? Why? My husband and I struggled with our faith. I realized that a faith that hadn’t been tested, couldn’t be trusted.  I clung to Him desperately.

Soon after we got home, after almost 3 months in hospital, we started to see signs of paralysis – symptoms of cerebral palsy. The knots in my stomach got worse and I’d lye in bed at night and couldn’t sleep because I was fearful for her future. The enemy would get in my ear, and harass me that she would never walk.

But, I remembered the hope I have in Jesus and the dream, the promise He gave me.

In May 2011, my daughter and I were at an all time low. She would sit on the floor and sob because she couldn’t move. Big fat tears would roll down her cheeks. She’d watch her sister running around and it would just break my heart. She couldn’t crawl. She could only sit.  Even then, she’d often fall back and smack her head on the floor. The whole right side of her body was paralyzed and in a state of spasticity. All she wanted was for me to hold her constantly and carry her everywhere. That was impossible and I felt like I couldn’t bear it much longer.

I cried out to the Lord … we can’t take much more Lord, we need a breakthrough soon! He said to me she would start walking in August. It seemed too long away but we just clung to the faith He’d given us.

In August I was driving home from a medical appointment and the Holy Spirit hit me hard and said He wanted me to take A down to Melbourne for Bill Johnson to pray for her. Before I got married, I had lived just outside of Melbourne and had attended Stairway Church but now I lived in rural Victoria, 3 hours away.

Bill Johnson and Leif Hetland were visiting Stairway Church that weekend of August 20th. Problem was, their conference was in a few days, and I had no tickets.

In faith, we made plans to go, and believed we were going to receive prayer. My husband and I took our three children (all under 2 years old!) to Melbourne, three hours away. Everything possible seemed to happen to prevent us getting there. We even lost our accommodation, so we had to drive there and back on the same day – 6 hours in total. We waited until the end of the conference, when the ministry team were praying over everyone, and then we walked right through the doors holding A. Thank God no one stopped us. The presence of God was in that place and we were getting in there no matter what! We waited in line and it came time for Bill and Leif to pray for her. Nothing happened…

We left for home believing for a miracle. The kids screamed pretty much the whole 3 hours home. My husband and I were emotionally spent.

The healing started slowly. She started pulling herself up to her knees; then she started pulling herself up to standing. A few months later she was cruising around furniture; and, then she was walking along the fence at the play ground! Then she was walking with us holding onto her two hands.

Before long, she was walking with us holding her one hand, the good one. Then it was walking holding just the affected hand.

And then … we hit a painfully slow period of nothing …nothing…nothing … it was like watching grass grow.

I downloaded Danny Silk’s message on “Master of the Breakthrough”. I knew something was building. We prayed, we declared. We prayed, we declared. Then last Sunday at church we sang a victory song about the deaf will hear, the blind will see, the LAME WILL WALK, the dead will rise, and I believe, that Jesus Christ is alive! We chanted that over and over and danced in the Spirit. We declared A would be dancing on her tiptoes, for Jesus!

The next day, on Monday, I woke up and read this scripture:

“If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!”( Matthew 7:11).

A few hours later – A let go of the couch, and started walking completely alone, towards me!!!

It was an unforgettable, indescribable moment.

She’s wobbly, she is still falling and giggling, but Hallelujah … she is walking due to the amazing resurrection power of Jesus Christ! She is beating all the odds!

A is still learning to use her right arm and hand, particularly her fingers, but we just know that it won’t be long and a complete and total creative miracle will have happened!

She WILL be dancing on those cute little tippy toes. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll play the piano. She has also been talking, I’ve been teaching her to say ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’. Her eyes are perfect, she can see as well as her little sister.

All glory to God! He truly is THE Healer and Restorer. Thank you Lord from the bottom of our hearts! We are so grateful to our King.

A’s testimony to Jesus is going to be broadcast to everyone we come across. He is so worthy of all of the glory. And we can honestly say we are blessed to have been taken through this journey. We just can’t help but spread the word, of, “Look what the Lord has done!!!!” Hallelujah!

Signed AJ

What seed of a miracle has been planted in your world?

What seed of a miracle could you release to others?

If the healing, whether your own or someone you love, or someone you have prayed for has not yet materialised in the natural … do not lose faith, but know the breakthrough is there … the breakthrough of another holds the promise of the breakthrough in your own life …

For unto us a child is born … (Isaiah 9:6)

And I know all this is so because …

God is Good!

Post Script: In getting permission to recount this testimony the following comment came back from the family on Christmas Day 2011:

PS: the medical professionals are all saying, it is just unheard of for a hemiplegic cerebral palsy child to be walking before 2 AND without her AFO (ankle foot orthotic). Truly is a miracle!
Unheard of in the natural world of medicine … but not unheard of in the world of Jesus Christ because …
God IS Good! … Merry Christmas!

Fear that guards the place of break through…“he who believes in Me, the same works that I do, he will do also” John 14:12 (NASB) – pushing through to the promise…

I was up at the local shopping centre on Tuesday 21st August 2011, looking for some red ballet shoes for my daughter, who had decided that she would be the Magic Ballerina from Darcey Bussell’s books series for the International Book Day at her school.

4 year-old M had not eaten his breakfast so we promptly got some raisin toast and a drink.  As I stood waiting for the drink I felt Holy Spirit prompt me to pray for the young girl behind the counter.  I offered and she said she was a Buddhist.  I responded that was fine, I was happy to pray for her, and asked for her hand.  I prayed favour, blessing, prosperity …  This was done with ease, not too much anxiety about what she may think.

We then went on to find some little red shoes …

I asked God which store and he led me straight to a children’s clothing store which, “coincidently”, had just what I was looking for.  I bought them with a few other items for M and we decided to head home, me marvelling at how smoothly the whole shopping excursion had gone.

As I headed up through the centre I walked past a “Ted’s Cameras” store and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a wheel chair.  I hesitated for a moment, and checked with Holy Spirit if I should stop … I didn’t really want to and all the excuses came flooding into my mind.  I felt I heard a “no” … I walked on a bit but queried the response feeling puzzled and recalling the same feeling when I had stopped and prayed for “A” whose two broken legs were healed miraculously and who was walking within two weeks after prayer, well before she was even meant to be out of her wheel chair and leg braces.

I wandered aimlessly through Myer, saying that I would approach the person if they were still there when I went back and I felt a sense of fear spread through me.  I tried to check again, asking Holy Spirit and I again felt I got another clear “no”.  I kept walking, sensing the fear … and then it dawned on me … this was potentially a place of great breakthrough and the words from one of Kris Vallotton’s (Bethel Church, Redding, California) teaching came back to me with force … he had said something like …

“the hounds of hell guard … make the most noise … at the gates of greatest promise …”

I recalled this comment and I wondered whether there was breakthrough in this … and so I resolvedly ignored the fear and doubt of “what if she isn’t healed” and I, walked in and offered to pray, seeing that she was still in the store, all the while reminding myself that the same spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead is in me (Rom 8:11) and that Jesus had promised that …

“… he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father. “ John 14:12 (NASB)

The occupant of the wheel chair was an elderly woman who had suffered a stroke.  She was there with her daughter.  They very happily accepted my offer to pray.

I placed my hands on either side of the woman’s temple and she said she felt something happening in her head.  I recalled stories of healings from Randy Clark’s teachings and of A’s broken legs (see link below) and prayed again – feeling the anointing flow.

I would like to say that she got up out of the wheel chair and danced a jig through the store … she didn’t, but even so I felt I had pushed through something … a wall of fear and intimidation on which the other side there lay purpose and promise …

The woman felt the presence of God, both times that I prayed, and as I gave them my email address they promised to let me know how it all went.

I left the store and the centre … not elated … but not defeated either.  There was a definite sense of determination, achievement and breakthrough because I had chosen to walk through the gate of promise regardless of the fear, and I chose to be a vessel through which heaven could invade Earth … the outcome I had to leave with God.

M sat in the car after and he said he felt sad for her and had wanted to pray for her too.  I apologised to him for not asking him if he wanted to pray too (there is no mini size Holy Spirit in children, but full size and full strength Holy Spirit … and so at the age of 4 M is just as capable of seeing a miracle just as someone of 44 … in fact probably more so).

The hounds had barked, but they were soon silenced.  The worse case scenario was that I had got it wrong … I had offered to pray and they said “no” … and really … so what … I was a stranger reaching out to someone in need.

What gates are the hounds trying to intimidate you from walking through?  Is it stopping for the one on the street and offering to pray?  Is it starting a business, or believing in a miracle, a healing, or a salvation …or perhaps just telling someone “I love you”?  Whatever the fear is stopping you from doing, consider what the promise is on the other side before you retreat … if it is full of goodness, hope, peace, joy or love then there could be something there for you, waiting to be gained …

I doubt that this will be the last time I feel the fear try to inhibit me … and I know there is no fear in love, for “perfect love casts out all fear” (1 John 4:18).  I now know that the fear was a signal that there was something for me on the other side (thank you Kris Vallotton) and so I am glad I pushed through this time … and I hope I will the next … the next encounters were far easier and 24 hours later I led the Gloria Jeans girl at the airport to Christ with ease (see link below) …

There is victory on this side of the cross … there is victory for us on the other side of fear, and so I figure, for me anyway, I need to decide what I am going to allow to shape me … my destiny … and the destiny of those around me, including those I love the most … the fear, the intimidation, … or love … for perfect love does cast out all fear because God is love for …

God is Good!


Praise reports that followed:

Salvation at the airport: