Can you see the one before you?

This morning I was a little flat. We are still in stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne, Australia, and although there was some lifting of restrictions last night, the changes do not really change anything for us in our little bubble.

Restless, I pulled on my big girl pants and drove to the naturopath to pick up some tablets.

As I chatted to the owner, I asked her how she was.

She felt the same – a little flat.

We chatted and exchanged comments, and as I did, I noticed the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit.

I stopped and asked: ‘can I pray for you?’

She looked, muttered ‘yes’ and instantly cried.

‘Oh gosh, yes, please, oh, gosh, that would be nice… I don’t know why I’m crying, how kind…’

Her words tumbled out through her tears.

I responded through tears: ‘it’s ok, I can feel the Holy Spirit here, and I felt to offer to pray…’

She came out from around the desk. I asked if I could place my hand on her back. I actually desperately wanted to hug her…

I prayed for her to be refreshed and to receive joy, hope, good sleep, favour for her children who would also remain at home when school returns in a week.

I also felt I heard a word for her, which I gave for the business, and she stepped back wiping away her tears.

There was nothing more to say in that moment.

We both agreed – three more weeks and perhaps it would be better for us both…

Gerberas to give. Nothing to lose ©Beth Kennedy 2020

As I drove away, I thought of the woman who had texted me that morning that she was closing her business. It was too hard. She texted all her customers; I was just one of many. I felt the nudge to drive to the concourse where her shop was located and buy some flowers, so I did, some beautiful large bright happy orange gerberas, thinking I would offer to buy some of her produce to help with the finances of closing shop and moving to the country.

If I was to do this, surely she will be in her shop clearing it out… if I had ‘heard’ right… right?

The shop was closed and no-one was answering my knock!

Maybe I got it wrong…

Frustrated, I then felt to drive back to give them to the naturopath practice.

‘Surely it would cheer her day,’ I thought. Nothing to lose. I did, but I felt it fell flat… I felt foolish…

Maybe I got that wrong…

Still feeling unsatisfied, I drove back to shop area, drove past the shop and the door was still shut with no-one inside.

So I took the Gerberas home ©Beth Kennedy 2020

‘Right’, I thought, ‘I’m driving home’, but it didn’t feel right to just drive home…

Soooooo, I went back again and bought some gerberas (this time smaller bright orange ones), hoping I had ‘got it right’ this time…

Nope – the shop remained shut and empty.

I brought the flowers home and they sit on my kitchen table, bright and cheery.

So I am telling this to encourage those that are giving this ‘stopping for the one’ a go. People that have heard many of my stories think somehow that I get this stuff right, all the time…

I don’t!

You will get it right sometimes.

You will get it wrong sometimes, but if it blesses someone who cares, God loves your heart, and someone gets blessed.

You will get the timing wrong sometimes – I will give it another shot if I can to bless the woman whose business is closing. Let her know her community cares.

And sometimes you just don’t know what you were hearing… but try to step out any


The bottom line is, giving it a go counts – giving it a go is a ‘win’.

So, even though I feel like I missed it, I didn’t.

I loved on a woman who was struggling, and I tried to love on another.

Incline your ear, regardless of how you feel.

Stop for the one as you go, and you will learn, as you go…

And I can guarantee that you will taste and see that…

God is Good!


Let me know when you thought you got it right, but then you got it wrong, or you thought you got it wrong… but did you?

ARK in covid-19 update – God is SO GOOD! (and funny)

This is crazy!

Several people have asked for the details of the beautician I gifted money to.

I can provide details to those that want it.

I have reached out to a coffee shop too, but they are yet to respond.

The beautician is overwhelmed.

I looked at her FB page.

She has been caring for international students and the elderly in her area. She has been encouraging others to buy groceries and cook meals etc to help them right through this covid19 time. She has been offering to buy a week’s worth of groceries, to cook a meal, to give what she can, and she has said to people “no shame” just direct message her.

Her tag is “never give up because great things take time.”

This woman who I “randomly” chose to give money to, in order to support her business, so she in turn can give away vouchers (WIN/WIN/WIN) is giving of herself already.

That is so God!

Well, it’s her time to be blessed.

God sees her!

If you want her banking details to bless her socks off…to give so she is supported and so she in turn can give, please DM me and I’ll provide them.

Thank you to those who have already re-posted on Facebook. Thank you also to those who have committed to this project. There are readers on this blog that have also committed – thank you! See comments below and please support their business if you’re local.

And to those who have acted without commenting, thank you 🌷

You’re amazing 😊

God IS Good!

(and He makes me laugh!)

Salt preserves – being community in the world … God is Good!

Yesterday I posted about the time I had to stop and breathe. During this time God came and nurtured me, and gave me a list of dot points to “do” (note: it is a high priority to “be” every day, before I “do”).

One of my dot points was literally: “JMAB – skype lessons.”

JMAB is an elite ballet school.  It provides excellent dance tuition to literally hundreds of children, who represent 100’s of families in our wider community.  The school has existed for YEARS!

With the prospect of community distancing, schools shutting, and our suburbs getting ready to go into shut down I became acutely aware of the needs of our ballet school, and how very vulnerable the staff would be feeling. Now, this was last week people, so Australia was still not really seeing the writing on the wall.  I have always prayed for every school community that we are a part of, and this school is no exception, and so, as this season of challenge accelerated over the last few weeks I have found myself praying more and more for JMAB staff.

Now, I have learnt to hold my tongue with God ideas, and to go gently gently, especially with pre Christians, although on this I stuff up all the time.  So, I sat on this idea and waited for God’s timing, for a natural opportunity to make the suggestion.

It came Sunday afternoon!

I received a text that the school would be shut down due to State Government guidelines.

I texted the staff member back saying:

Hi S

We have set up a studio in our lounge room. We would love privates by video by video – what are your thoughts? This way we can support the studio financially through this time and the kids can keep training xxx

Note: I wanted to keep the idea small to start with, but I saw it HUGE – much bigger than just the odd private lesson

I then texted more:

We are setting up our cameras etc too 🙂 Maybe J could put the level 2 music and other music online for the kids too.  There is so much we can do as a community to keep JMAB going xxx

As I texted, I read what I wrote to my husband and as I did waves of the Presence, or surges of God’s anointing came and covered me powerfully. It took me by surprise, but though laughter, and it’s intensity I thought “ok God must be on this”.

Then suddenly the phone rang.

It was S.

We then proceeded to have a discussion. I told S I had been praying for them all and that last week I had felt I had received this idea as I prayed for them.  I told her I wanted her to know they were not alone, and that they were important to us.  That JMAB and staff were important to the community.

S had a number of challenges with the idea.  She was already defeated and deflated. I gently came back with decent suggestions to counter the issues (the ideas just came people) and as I did she slowly warmed to the idea and even started saying how it could perhaps work, and she started problem solving for herself, and she started to sound more hopeful. I knew not to be too intense, to let the idea slowly simmer. After quite a lengthy call, I hung up hopeful, trusting and praying that she would communicate the ideas to J, the principal of the school.

I had to trust God!

Yesterday I drove my daughter to the school to empty her locker, and while there my daughter saw J, the principal teacher.

J said to my daughter that she hoped to see her soon … AND she said that she was hoping to do some classes online … !!!

When my daughter jumped back into the car and told me MY HEART SANG!!

We are called to be salt and light to the world (Matthew 5:13-16).

Salt preserves.

Salt brings cohesion to a recipe, it binds the flavours together.

Salt also highlights and intensifies flavours.

I’m hoping God’s salt will preserve JMAB and staff in this time of uncertainty for so many.  Just a sprinkle, and I trust He will do the rest – because He cares more for them than I do.

How do we be salt?

We release Him as we go, we release His ideas as we go, and we pray for people (in our prayer closets, and in the open). We seek His ideas for them, and if we have the opportunity we gently communicate those ideas (whether saying He gave them or not)

How do we not lose our saltiness?

We spend time with the One who created everything,  We read His word, we worship, we pray, we journal … we dream with God.

And as we do, in these uncertain times, more than ever people will see that …

God is Good!


What do you want … calling forth a blessing for business because God is Good!

About two weeks ago I was chatting to a friend who owns an online organic fruit, vegetable, and essentials home delivery business.

We were discussing “customers” … or in my world “clients” … 

What were “good clients” in my industry and what were “good customers” in her industry … and how wonderful it would be to have customers that were essentially regular, paying, non- complicated individuals who appreciated and valued what they were receiving … how business would be so much easier with those sorts of clients … They appreciated value and service and were not high maintenance, complainers or ones that expected a whole of something for … nothing ….

She discussed a prophetic word I had given her and how I had prayed a blessing for her business … She mentioned that business was going well, and how good changes were on the winds. I asked her whether she had ever identified and written down the “ideal customer” and whether she had called them in.

She responded she had prayed for her business to be blessed, but she had never considered identifying the ideal customer profile and asking for lots of those types of customers in her prayers … she had always kept it general …

I told her the story of a Christian great I had read about and how he had learnt to be particular with his prayers … I then shared how I had also been particular after reading this book, with my prayers regarding a matter in my own life, that had dragged on for 18 months … and how not long after my husband and I had seen break through, and I encouraged her to do so the same, get particular with her “ideal customer” and ask for them to come … and with that we both said goodbye with school pick ups to take care of in our own respective worlds …

Not long after I received this message:

“So you said pray for good easy customers to come in, which I did …. Got a call this morning from a company with $x to spend from a grant and have ordered veggie boxes for the next 9 weeks and have paid upfront! Hilarious and so good. I like that prayer idea!!! Thanks for the inspiration xxx”

We have not because we ask not …

Get particular with your prayers … What do you really want?

What does a blessed business look like?

What does abundance look like?

What does health look like?

And when it comes … Regardless of the size of the break through,  celebrate!  Celebrate the first fruits of the breakthrough and see the fullness of the promise in the seed …

Are you ill? Do you feel a little better? Praise God and look for the fullness of the healing.

Are you in need of finance … does someone buy you a coffee, or do you find $2 on the pavement … get excited and see it as first fruits …

Does someone else have the break through that you are looking for … celebrate with them, ask them to pray with/for you and watch what will happen …

A good work He will bring to completion!

Never despise small beginnings … But celebrate and call the rest forth … For your self and for others … And as you do you will see the goodness of God grow in your life, and in the life of others and it will be the start of the knowledge of the glory of God filling the Earth as the waters cover the sea (Hab 2:14) because …

God is Good!

Blessing a business…blessing negotiations…God’s will be done because God IS Good!

I was scooting in the morning sunshine with my little boy, on my way to meet a beautiful friend for an impromptu quick coffee.

As I went I felt God nudge me with the idea that I was to pray for the business, for the coffee shop, and bless it … I noted the “nudge” and went on my way …

My friend has set her heart to live a naturally supernatural life (see link for one of her stories), and so we had a thoroughly good time telling each other about what God had been doing in our lives, in other’s lives through us, in others we knew … telling each other testimonies that encouraged immensely …

The quick catch up was over and I went to pay.  As I did I asked the man at the register whether he was the owner and whether I could pray and bless the business.  He agreed to prayer, even though,  as he told me, the business had been blessed when it was opened, since he was a Christian.

I was delighted to hear he was a Christian and I told him what I had felt God say to me as I had scootered to his shop.  I took his hand and invited the Holy Spirit to come … and as He came I felt the anointing and started to get words “pop” into my head …

I sensed the word “decisions” and so I asked whether he had to make some decisions to make … he did …

I then heard “negotiations” and asked if it he was in the middle of negotiations … he nodded …

I then asked whether it was around the lease hold since I had heard the word “lease”… it was …

And so with the topic of prayer established, and sensing “M’s” faith rising, I smiled and told him that I felt that this was the issue that God had wanted dealt with, the lease hold negotiations, and that this was what I was to pray about … and so I did …

I declared favour, favourable outcomes, blessings on the negotiations … favour in the deal … favour for the owner “M” and divine wisdom in the name of Jesus … I then prayed cancellation of debt, favour over the business and favour over M, calling forth favour with God and favour with mankind … all the while M looked at me in surprise …

I quickly finished up and smiled saying that God often had me stop to pray for businesses, and that they were indeed blessed after being prayed for.  I also mentioned that it was clearly the lease hold issue that He had wanted me to deal with  and I said that I looked forward to hearing how it all went …

I waved goodbye, leaving the store with my son and my scooter, full of encouragement and revelling with the delight of seeing and experiencing yet another example of how very good God is …

I will post the outcome when I find out, for I often have coffee there …

I know the outcome will be good, because God’s will had been released over the situation … God wanted a favourable  outcome for the negotiations … if He didn’t why would He have told me to stop and  pray and then given me the words of knowledge around the very issue of concern in M’s life?

This was easy … it was on my way … it was natural … and it was fun  …  it took no more than a few minutes of my day to stop, pray and release the favour and blessing of God to others …

We have a good God. 

We serve a kind God. 

We know a God that cares about the outcome of things … like lease hold negotiations …

We have a God that cares about blessing, favour, healing, salvation, restitution, restoration, abundance and love …

He cares about us … and those we do life with … as we go!

We have a God that loves us, but also wants to get out of us and into the world … will you let Him out?

Join me, and allow the world to see that …

God is Good!

Blessing businesses on holiday and a Praise Report … for God IS Good!

I am currently away at a beautiful sea-side town in Victoria, Australia (yes I am blessed!) and went wandering through some local shops with a friend yesterday.  We wandered into a local home wares store and as I passed by the counter I noticed what a beautiful looking girl was behind the counter.  I greeted her but she did not look up  … I tried again, as I purchased some soap as a gift, and she glanced at me briefly, … and, as I stood, I felt that I needed to offer to pray.

There were a few people waiting to be served, so I stood watching, knowing I was not to leave until I had prayed and so I suggested to my friend that she go on ahead and I would catch up …

I went back to the counter and, laughing, explained I was a Christian and asked if I could pray for her.  She said yes, engaging me much more directly, I asked her name, I told her mine and invited the Holy Spirit to come and glanced around the shop.  As I did so I felt God indicate that there was something about a contract or lease that was going on and so I asked her about it …

Se looked at me in astonishment and said “yes” asking me how I knew and I responded that He (God – and motioned upwards with my head as I laughed) told me … and so I prayed for favour … favour for the business, favour for the family business structure behind the business (and I asked for the name of the family business), favour for the family, favour regarding the contractual negotiations, favour regarding the lease hold, and lastly favour for her … a double portion …

As I prayed for this beautiful girl I sensed God indicate that she had deeply buried dreams in her heart, and it was time for them to be brought to the surface, and so, I prayed for this girl …I called forth her dreams and declared her destiny open in the name of Jesus, open doors to her future and favour … more favour …

I left after briefly telling a few testimonies of other businesses that had been prayed for in the area and in North Queensland, and how they had been blessed by God since … I said to her to watch for the favour to flow, I thanked her for allowing me to pray and left with her smiling and looking at me square in the eyes …

We later walked through another shop, one of my favourites in the area.  It had a lovely atmosphere and as I wandered and chatted to the owner, I noticed a wooden crucifix over the desk where the owner sat. I instantly asked “are you a Christian?” and she responded with a smile and a “why yes I am, are you?” I answered in the affirmative and said the shop had such a lovely feel to it and asked if I could pray for her.  She responded “absolutely, yes” and so I took her hands in mine and prayed blessing and favour on her business.  As I did I sensed that times had not been tough and said so I said what I felt I was hearing … she agreed … I then said “in fact times have been good” and she agreed again and so I prayed greater blessing, for more favour, for an abundance of favour, blessing prosperity, declaring that since our God was abundant let there be an abundance in her life … a greater prosperity in all things good.

She looked at me and said “I felt that!”

So, I asked “what did you feel?”

She replied, “I felt that go right up my arms” and she thanked me…

As we chatted some more in light of a place or thing having a lovely atmosphere I told her the story of the beanie knitted with love – how we had bought a beanie a while ago down the street and it felt like it had been knitted with love … and how it so turned out it had been … knitted with love by a lovely Christian woman who wept as I prayed for her … as she felt God’s love flood her body …

I said she could read about it on a blog … and she excitedly said “do you blog?” I said “yes” and gave her the details …

As she wrote them down I told her how God’s Presence had come so strongly in the second-hand book shop that I had not wanted to move and the Christian woman I had prayed for had wept as I declared God’s favour and blessing on the sale of her beloved business and leasehold …

I said I never found out what happened to the end if the story …

She told me she knew the end of the story …

She said that the woman had sold her business and lease hold, instead of just walking away from it … the story had turned out well, for the woman in question was living near her other little second-hand book shop, in a nearby town and was living a very happy life indeed …

I was delighted … I felt so blessed … I had got to pray for a beautiful woman of God, and she in turn was able to share how a prayer story (one that had intimidated me) had turned out and how God’s goodness had yet again shone through a supposedly desperate and hopeless situation …

I left full of joy, having given this woman the blog details with her excitedly (or so it seemed to me) planning to read more stories of God’s goodness because she knows, as well as I know, that…

God is good!