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Read some of the many God is Good Stories experienced and written up over the last 10 years.

Maybe join one of our vibrant prophetic training groups, and/or soaking community groups where you will experience God’s goodness, His kindness, His mercy, His sense of humour, His love, His joy, His fun and His passion.

Your walk with God is for you and for those around you.

Beth Kennedy

Born into an atheist home Beth came to faith in her early 20′s. In 2008, after a career in law, corporate consulting and the birth of two beautiful children, she had a series of encounters with a loving God, through which she radically changed, and started to trust that God was indeed good. Beth dared to believe that God spoke to her personally, and He wanted to love people through her, in every day life – and so a journey of fun, joy and discovery began.

Over the years Beth has guest taught at Bible colleges, spoken at various churches, and trained, equipped and mentored many individuals in order that they experientially know God’s goodness.

Andrew and Beth train, mentor and coach others in how to deeply connect with a loving God, and in so doing respond to the voice of the Holy Spirit in everyday life. They run worldwide soaking groups, and prophetic training groups to encourage, empower and equip Christians from all walks of life.

Your sphere of influence is different to any one else’s, and how you impact the world around you is unique to you.

Our hope for you is that you will be amazed and delighted at what God is willing to do in and through you to impact the world around you, and in daily adventures you will taste and see that …

God is Good!

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