God has a sound track ready for us. It’s a soundtrack of freedom, encounter, and immersion in the Spirit. The invitation is now, and all who say, ‘yes,’ will transition to the new with ease.

We know the winds of change are here. The shift occurs regardless of our desire to change. But, if we will walk with Him, in Him, there will be a tangible sense of joy and love to guide our way.

This new way requires a willingness to let go of hurts, new and old. Gratitude is the way. A thankfulness for the people in our lives, and a willingness to forgive. Our forgiveness must also include a release from obligation, regardless of promises made in past times and seasons.

As we walk, the winds might whip up and cause us to feel the resistance in the spirit, but to press forwards is to step into His heart. And there He will carry us.

A moment has come, where we have a choice. We reach a fork in the road.

We can either walk along a well-established path (and it will involve high places), or we can go low by the waters of His presence.

The high pathway will seem the obvious choice. It’s well-worn and known by many. Providing security, consistency, it feels sure, and understood. Yet, there is another way. The other is a simpler way. Simple, yet profound, it will irritate the religious, and rattle the performance driven. It is counterintuitive in this time of hustle, but it is the pathway that will bring the greatest, genuine life.

We are being called to go low by the waters of His Presence. We will meet resistance, but not as we expect. This way will be less demanding, yet more rewarding. It feels unknown and new, but it is not new at all. Many have traversed this pathway He calls us to; many have gone before. We will meet resistance if we choose this way. It will not seem easier, or obvious. We may even slip a little as we seek to gain our footing, but the way will draw us closer still to His Presence, and there, my friends, is both the reward and abundant life.

We are being called to walk close to Water’s edge, close to the Rock of Jesus, so that we may rest in His Presence.

It is easy to take a well-made path, where others have laid down foundations. It is easier to follow the well-worn road, and yet, we are now being called to step out in faith and walk where few have dared to tread, and yet Jesus beckons,

Come close, go low, by the waters of My Presence.

Forerunners have gone before us. Their walk has not been easy, nor comfortable. Many have paid a deep price, in the secret silence of the wilderness. They call to us, having made a way forward. Even though the forerunners have gone before, the walk will still not be easy. It will even be uncomfortable, because it is countercultural in nearly every way. And yet, Jesus asks us to take the way, so even more may follow.

He beckons His bride.

‘Say yes and come close to the new pathways forward.’

It won’t look as it did for those willing to take the journey.

In the future, the path is there. As stated before, it’s a path walked before, although most think it’s new. It is a path to be discovered. Rediscovered.

Many think the new way is unique, original even. Many will claim to have created it, discovered it. But it has been there all along. Many have been along it, never assume they do not know. It is the new way, but old too. This way has always been. It is the Ancient of Ways that He calls us to take.

Indeed, it is time for the Bride to reconsider ancient pathways.

A reinvigoration is being released. A rediscovery takes place.

The way forward for the church was seemingly straightforward – a known path. There is now a choice at hand. Go high on the well-worn path. It is not the wrong way; it is just different. Many will head that way. They will believe it true and tested. However, there is another way whispered on the winds. It has beckoned for years, even centuries. Some have stepped into it; others have feared it; yet others can sense it is there, but cannot quite find the way forward… yet.

The winds of change, the uncertain sands of shifting realities are underfoot. Fear causes many to shout loud into the noise of the wind and shifting sands.

But, He whispers to His bride,

‘Be still and know.’

Humanity is waiting, watching, restless to find the pathway forward. Desperate for the known to be reinstated. Anything, but this… uncertainty! It is the uncertainty that unsettles many.

The tension is real. Stepping into the yet unknown rattles cages of religion. Those that must know and understand find the tension unnerving. It shakes those who perform in constructed programs, generated through their urgent need to look busy and about the Father’s business. They seek to look effective – numbers, views, performance, notches on belts.

He whispers,

‘Breathe My love.’

We make a new way, on the ancient pathways. It’s uncomfortable. Sand grits in our shoes and it stings our face. We may slip. But soon others will follow. It’s a place where ancient (and even more recent) Elders have walked before us.

This knowledge brings me hope.

‘My Beloved, come, step out of the caves.’

He continues to call the Body to get out of the box that has contained His bride.

Stop talking; get walking

‘Come to me and go. But first, be.’

He breathes us into His stillness. We will find the void in which His purposes live deep within our souls. We will find it in the stillness of His being, in which there is a constancy of movement and life. The vibrancy of His being is joy, wrapped up in peace. A gentleness of Hope reverberates as vision, purpose and Love releases, washing over us all who seek HIs face.

There is a deep expectancy of all things good!

Heaven is an oxymoron. Enter through stillness to find greater movement forward. Within, there is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colour and change.

Soon, the new pathway will forge. It will become clearer.

To thrive, we must remain humble (go low). Let us remain anchored in Jesus (close to the Rock), and walk by the many waters of His Presence, so that at His behest we will walk straight towards Him. We must dare come close.

Our buildings fill again, but it’s not quite the same. We can all feel it. I hope the renovations we undertake are successful. I trust foundations have gone deep. The call for Truth, which will resonate beyond performance, is here. The size of the building does not reflect success, nor do numbers show true growth.

A novel way is being forged in the winds of change. There must be integrity in the way we live at Home. For those who say ‘yes’, there is a joy in the chase. The way, its key, is here in the soundtrack of Heaven for those that will hear.

Mt Zion* now gives a beautiful invitation. To the east, west, north, and south, Heaven calls to us to come close. There is an open door to be face to face with God by the waters of His presence.

If we heed the call, the way may be fraught, but the joy will be immeasurable because…

God is Good!


*Mt Zion is a Biblically important place. In the natural it references a hill in the city of Jerusalem, as well as the city itself. But it also references the Kingdom of Heaven.


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