A few weeks ago, I was missing my father deeply. It had been a rough week, and there was a poignancy to the emotion. I was aware I was grieving for my mother, sister, and father simultaneously, but having journeyed grief before, I knew the intensity would pass. Regardless, my heart was yearning for a hug from my dad.

That morning, feeling sad, I had turned to My Father, and whispered,

‘I need you today.’

I went about my morning until it was time to jump online and train. As we grow in our prophetic gifting, a time of regular training in a safe community is a blessing. The gift within us refines, as we lean in to hear the heart of the Father for another. I teach we should gather to grow, but I also live what I say, and so I too gather to grow.

So, jumping online, we started training in the various ways to give a prophetic word. We had the freedom to choose how to deliver, through a song.

I gave the word first, and paused after he gave me feedback, waiting for my partner to give me a word in return.

He stopped and looked at me.

‘I am so sorry’,’ he said.

‘I have had this dreadful song in my head all day. I’ve tried to shake it but I couldn’t.’

‘Just sing it! Go for it!’ I said.

‘I am not religious in how God gives a word, or what type of song He would choose. Please, just go for it.’

My partner looked again.

‘I’m sorry,’ and he opened his mouth and sang.

I smiled, and then, as my mind, heart and spirit registered what he was singing, I burst into tears.

The music went straight into my heart as I saw my father from a memory looking over at me, smiling with love as he sang the same song to me as a child. Heart pierced with the memory of love, Father God had gone straight to the centre of my emotional core. Through the stranger’s song sung over a zoom call, God let me know He had seen me, He loved me and a fresh invitation was at hand.

I was a wreck.

The way we deliver a word can affect us in such a deep way. You may hesitate, thinking ‘surely not,’ but it might be just the thing a person needs in the moment.

For me, that silly little song echoed of love, of innocent times, of being safe, loved and seen. The lyrics held a double meaning. It was the song of my earthy father; but it was also a song of invitation from my heavenly Father. I was being invited deeper into God, but also I was told, powerfully through the sung song, that God saw my heartache. I felt completely acknowledged as well.

A word delivered well, in God’s way, can pierce, heal, and love simultaneously.

My partner could not have communicated the message in any better way than as it was in that moment.

I was seen, known and heard because…

God is Good!

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