This word was a part of a prophetic word first posted in 2021. I am reposting this section of the word, knowing it is still current as we step into the new God has for us in 2023-2024.


Resets, restarts, reshaping, renewing, recharging, restoring – so many re’s being re-leased

The Body cries, ‘Lord, re-store what was, return to the recent known (comfortable) ways.’

Is that where we head?

It was in a worship time in February 2021 at Jubilee Church Sydney that I felt God speak. The word still resonates today – for we are still in the season of a forward movement into the new:

‘My people have been straining to turn the clock back. They desperately want, need to return to the old. They desire the past, the ways they know. I have allowed for time to stand still, to adjust. This stillness has not been so that they may return to former things, but to rest and prepare for the new.’

I saw the desperate attempt of the many yearning for the clocks to turn back. They long for the former ways of comfort, knowing the past was not perfect, but it was familiar, and hence felt secure. I had known for some time (indeed since my walk of Joy) that we would never return to old ways. There would be a fresh path forged for the new.

I then saw the attempt to turn the clock back desist.

Time stood still.

I waited.

‘2020 was the time for my people to breathe, regroup, and be still in the storm. Now the clock moves forward. Time is gathering speed. There will be no turning back of the hand to the old. The old way has gone; and the new is upon us. The new is not secondhand, or second rate. The new is an old way, but not the way of immediately before. Instead, the new is the Ancient of Ways – it has been before, and it will be again’

And I saw the clock and time turn forwards.

There is no turning back.

Feeling sad knowing that it would be hard for so many, I partnered with the clock moving forwards, and gave my ‘Amen’ to His ‘yes.’*

We cannot turn back time. Regardless of how much we would like for things to go back as they were, they simply won’t.

The yearning for a day, a move that was, will cause us to miss the new thing He is doing. The hands (our hands) must be to the plough for the forward motion. We must turn away from what was as Elisha did and follow the Master forward.**

Chewing on this word, I had a sudden realisation. Those that are trying so desperately to preserve the old thing are like Lot’s wife in Genesis 19:26. She turned back when she needed to walk forwards. She was not evil, nor disobedient, she just yearned for what was, the known, secure, her past (with all its imperfections). As she headed out into the new, unknown, she cast a backwards glance and turned into a pillar of salt.

In focusing backwards, we cannot preserve the past. If we do, we will freeze in time. We will become preserved in a moment ourselves, immovable with the salt of past moves. In desperate attempts to preserve the past, we will become ineffective to all. In looking back, we preserve nothing but ourselves, and even that I doubt. For if we preserve the old, we will become form without function, spinning plates on points of time that God no longer inhabits.

In contrast, we must allow our wine skins to be oiled with His Presence, so that we will be supple, ready to be stretched with (and for) the new wine.

And so I encourage all those that read my words. Look back to learn, celebrate, and acknowledge the past, but then turn, look forward, and embrace the new. The best is yet to come. None of us really knows what it will look like, but it will be effective and amazing, because He will be in the midst.

He works all things out for good for those that love Him and for those called according to His purposes.*** The safest place to be is in the centre of His will.

As we collectively turn and set our faces like flint to True North, we stand together and walk, run, dance forwards.

Choose to stand with one another. Lean into the celebration of one another, and our diversity (for diversity reflects a creative, and creating God). Let’s encourage one another to run the race set before us, calling out the gold in fellow runners to the left and the right. As we unite into Kingdom formation, we will be strong and girded through future trials. Stepping into the new, we will thank God that time stands still no more because…

God is Good!

*see 2 Corinthians 1:20

**see 1 Kings 19:21

***see Romans 8:28

For those reading to understand prophetic ways of wisdom, this word was ‘heard’ through a prophetic act, which became prophetic intercession. As I asked questions to gain insight about what I was doing in the moment. He told me, and I have reflected on the ‘word’ ever since, gaining further clarity and insight.

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