A prophetic insight can come day or night. We might think there is no rhyme or reason to the timing, but often there is! Sometimes we need to share a prophetic encouragement for another in a timely manner. Sometimes we need to hold and wait for the right time to release. And other times, we are not to share at all!

All prophetic insights require a further engagement with God. It is one thing to recognize the voice of God in our lives. It is another thing to respond appropriately to what we have heard. Both hearing and responding require us to seek God for clarity about what we heard, and whether we should share. In our enthusiasm to share our gift with the world, we can miss why God is sharing. We can miss what we should do with what we heard. Recognizing the voice of God in our lives is the first step. It takes a further inquiry (and practice) to know what to do with what you heard.

I was sitting in the sunshine at my local coffee shop, waiting for my order to be filled. As we are wont to do, I was scrolling through socials as I waited when I saw an advertisement for the top 10 Christian books of the year. The advertisement caught my attention and as I looked, a person came to mind.

The thought was quick as a flash, and I nearly discounted it. I briefly saw in my mind’s eye a leader who has been influential in my and my husband’s walk from the early days. A leader who had written books. He is someone I have permission to text with prophetic insights, but who I rarely do, to honor the permission I have.

I inquired of the Lord.

‘What are you telling me?’

‘He has a top 10 book to write and/or publish.’

‘Ok, and what do you want me to do?’ I asked.

‘Tell him.’


Now, while I have permission, I also dislike looking silly. I hate getting it wrong, too. So I enquired again.

‘He has a top 10 book to publish. Just text him and tell him what you know.’

I typed the message.

I hope you are well.

I was looking at the top 10 short list of published Christian books from Sparklit.

As I did, you came to mind.

I don’t know if you’re currently writing or have hopes/dreams to write another book, but I felt perhaps it was time for another 💥

I wanted to encourage you there is more in you to release in the form of a book, but also perhaps a podcast. I feel the Father’s joy at the thought of you writing.

I sense it will be a ‘top 10’.

As always, if it doesn’t resonate, please flush.

Biggest of hugs to you both.

Beth xx

Cc: his wife and Andrew

I sent it, copying in his wife and my husband for transparency.

With coffee in hand, I headed home. I hoped it was not too far off the mark, but thought, ‘What have I got to lose aside my dignity?’

I received a response later that day.

Thank you, Beth,

I can’t tell you how timely this is. For a range of reasons, yesterday I was questioning the place of my writing.

Interestingly, my next book has been completed in draft form for the last 9 months and I am currently trying to understand when to send it to the publisher 😊

I am very grateful that you texted. It was a kiss and gift from heaven.

We can be anywhere when God whispers in our ear. He can speak day or night; in our quiet time, or when we are busy and on the run with our day. It might be inconvenient to stop and write up the encouragement for another. You may even risk rejection, or looking a fool. BUT, you may also be right on time to encourage another human being to step into their Kingdom purpose. You might be granted the honor and privilege of encouraging someone to step into a timely act of obedience that will affect many others for the Kingdom.

The key is to recognize the prompt, what grabs your attention, and then lean in and seek God for direction with what to do with what you hear. It might be send them a text, it might be to write a letter, it might be call them and tell them, it might be write it as a poem, a song, a story. Maybe you are called to pray it back to God, releasing His decrees over what you see, or it might be as simple as holding it for another day. Whatever it is, do it. In this way, maturity comes. It is not enough to receive a prophetic insight, but true richness comes as we learn to co labor with God in what to do with what we hear Him say.

As we in the Body of Christ learn to recognize and respond to the voice of God in healthy, loving ways, the world will taste and see of His kindness. The world will also taste of His wisdom and His love. It takes just a moment to release a prophetic encouragement, but the flow on effect you cannot measure. For always, when we respond, as directed, the recipient will know, without a doubt, that…

God is Good!

© Beth Kennedy 2023

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