Favour comes when we least expect it, often from places unanticipated. The timing is surprising, opportunities sudden, and unforeseen. When we feel ready to step into all that the Lord has for us, doors can close. Then, ironically, we settle into the place of hiddenness, enjoying the cave season, our heart settles into the rhythm of joyful life.

It’s curious. As the comfort becomes too cosy, it seems the curtains open suddenly. Spotlights blind, and doors swing wide, causing discomfort in the extreme. Or so it was for me in July 2022, and so it will be for you, too.

An email arrived in our inbox. Dr Joseph Peck from Empower 2000 wrote to me. At the time of receipt, I was processing the previous 2 years. I won’t bore with details of what most already know of 2020 and 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. Besides what we all lived through, in my immediate sphere, 3 loved family members had passed in the previous 12 months, including, tragically, my older sister at 57. By July 2022, I felt I could breathe a little easier. My children were thriving, the intensity of helping my elderly mother with estate issues and her grief was subsiding. The waves of my own complicated grief were ebbing somewhat too. Life was settling into a gentle rhythm again. I was feeling some forward movement with the call of God in my life, and I settled into the writing my long-prophesied book.

Come mid July 2022, an email lands in my inbox from Dr Joseph Peck. I felt puzzled. I had presented for Empower 2000 once in 2020, but nothing more. For those who do not know, Dr Peck is the Co-Founder and President of Empower 2000 (E2000). Through E2000, he facilitates the equipping of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Christians globally. He does so through quality online courses written and presented by various Christian leaders. He is a trainer and author in his own right, and has co-founded countless other brain tanks and leadership groups. Dr Peck impacts the Christian world on a global scale.

I read and re-read the email.

The title was simple: ‘Request to meet.’

Dr Peck journals every day with Jesus. He wrote that the Holy Spirit had inspired him to write my name several times in his journal, and to request a meeting with him. He said he wanted to explore the possibility of working with E2000, but in what capacity he did not know.

How does he know me, you ask?

We wind back 3 years prior. In January 2019, I discover that James Goll had a Mentoring With James Goll group (MWJG). Excited by the thought of being able to plug into the wisdom that James Goll has, I seek the Holy Spirit to see if that is where I can spend my time.

‘Not this year. Next year,’ I hear.

The following year, MWJG comes back on my radar. I get the go ahead from the Holy Spirit to enrol, and in January 2020, I joyfully absorb all that James brings.

All the live teachings were on a webinar platform, or so I thought, and I loved them. I would comment and ask questions I had carried for years. The year rolls on into September 2020. I can’t sleep, so I get up, and see a live meeting is about to start in the USA, but to my surprise the meeting is a live zoom!

Still in PJ’s, I rush to the bathroom. It’s 5.30am in the morning and I am dishevelled. I throw water on my face, pull on a jumper (sweater) and hope I look half decent. I am thrilled to sit under the tutelage of a great man in the faith, whose teachings released major aspects of my identity 10-15 years before.

In the way only God can set things up, James Goll calls me out and prophesies over me. In that moment, God reinstates my identity, speaking to every part of me that was nearly destroyed the season before. The word revives and resurrects broken places and confirms what I had known from years prior. It is a profound and emotional moment for me.

Dr Peck was presiding over the same zoom meeting. He takes care of a lot of James’ webinars and online training, including MWJG.

He notices what happens, and sees me through the prophetic word. Two months later, he asks me to speak in an online series for 20 minutes. I do so, and I hear nothing more.

Identity restored and healing, I continue to attend MWJG meetings. I also plug into various other communities I am led to, and serve as well as I know how. I continue to step into what God was asking me to do, knowing I had stopped moving forward years prior.

We now land in July 2022.

The email arrives, and I arrange the meeting with Dr Peck.

My husband, Andrew, and I chat with him for about 3 hours, and Dr Peck discovers I am writing a book. He asks if I would present a series for E2000. He wants me to write and record a 12 video series on God is Good Stories, teaching what I have learnt over the 15 years of stopping for the one.

Andrew and I look at each other, astounded.

Even though I feel overwhelmed, unqualified and thoroughly out of my depth, I felt God on it and said ‘yes!’

What was to follow was crazy. I wrote and recorded 16 videos, presented a live webinar to thousands, and presented 3 live Q&A classes in November 2022.

As I write, I am on the cusp of starting another live training for Empower 2000. This training is a live immersive training on zoom for 10 weeks, equipping people in the prophetic. Everything that I love to do.

And so, from hiddenness and obscurity, I am escorted with speed through double open doors of destiny. I did not expect any of it. I merely responded to the voice of God and obeyed. There was no striving to be seen. I had no desire to be on an international platform, but God had other ideas.

The journey sounds easy. It hasn’t been.

In those weeks of writing, recording, and international launch, my mother collapsed. The week of the first live Q&A, she died. Amid the grief, I stepped into the place God assigned me, living the lessons I taught. I experienced a complexity of feelings. Sadness at my loss, but joy in my Kingdom assignment. I adore equipping and encouraging others to believe in a good God who adores them. Celebrating people as they step out, I delight in seeing them shine. I was in my happy place, and yet I was also wading through another season of grief.

My story is the manifestation of a prophetic word I released for the Body of Christ in 2021. It’s called His Net-Works.

God will connect us. He is the Master net weaver. He joyfully places us in community. We need just rest and serve. He will do the rest.

Godly people recognized and responded to the voice of God, calling me out of the wilderness. Other Godly people have been involved too, but that is for another time. God will do the same for you. Had I not lived it, I would not have believed it. I have only ever seen people striving to be recognized and given position. Over the last few years, I have refused to go through doors that were not opened by God, and I rested (with a few hissy fits) in the place He had put me.

I have said it before and I will say it again. God adores you. He has beautiful plans and purposes for you. Do what is at hand, and what you know to do next. We need just say ‘yes’ and step out of the boat, and he will do the rest, placing you in the centre of your destiny because…

God is Good!

© Beth Kennedy 2023

His Net Works Word from 2021

Dr James Goll has many titles. Father in the Faith is one for many, including me. He has written countless books on the prophetic, prayer, faith, the miraculous, and finding hope after significant loss and sadness. Apostle and Prophet, with a high level gift in teaching, James is an intelligent, highly revelatory writer and teacher. To sit under his teaching and anointing is a privilege.

Dr Joseph Peck is a qualified medical doctor. Known as the ‘Time Doctor,’ he empowers people to journal with the Holy Spirit daily with intentionality, and step out on what they discern God is saying. He does what he teaches because my classes with his organisation directly result from his absolute obedience.

Amongst other amazing things, Empower 2000 hosts James Goll and other Christian leaders in their online teaching programs.

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