On the back of a kindness from a father in the Faith, I sat down to write my thanks and got to thinking. When giants of faith talk, teach, preach, there is always teaching to hear, but then there is also the gold in what is unsaid, or hidden within stories told.

In considering my journey of growth, I recognise I have always grown more quickly when I listen to hear. I also recognized that when I teach, I layer what I say. There is surface understanding for those to grasp around me, and then there is the treasure for those that are ready to mine the depths. The ones who listen to hear will gather to themselves what I hide in view. They will seek further answers or will apply the concepts with no further need to be coached. It is these that speed up their growth.

I know that the depths of wisdom hinted by the greats, is the wisdom that has caused me the greatest growth. Over the many years of my journey, in listening to Kingdom leaders, I recognize they teach, and as they do so, scatter surface gold for the gathering. This is easy fodder. Easy to gather, and if applied, will cause some growth.

However, for those who listen to hear, there are always greater treasures to be mined, and greater acceleration to be had. Seams of gold run deeper within the layers of their message. Contained within stories of struggle and breakthrough. It is in this richness, I often feast.

As I listen to hear, I recognize my own challenges. I hear the Kingdom stance they took, or wish they had taken, and adopt it to my own. I hear what is being said behind the story and so learn at a depth unseen. In doing so, I honour their journey, and also the price they paid. I also step more quickly into my victory. I then pay forward the wealth and share it with others, as I encourage them in their walk. My gleaning of treasures in the walk of wonder has been hard won. In choosing ways offered by these great men and women does not always come easy. It has seemed unfair, even unjust, to take the Kingdom stance. So many around us will not understand, but if we will hold to the Kingdom’s ways, acceleration will come.

As I hold, cherish and share the wealth won by previous generations, I honour the price that is paid. I share it with those willing to listen to hear. As I do so, my mining of other’s hard won gold becomes an inheritance paid forward and multiplied, beyond the first generation that is me. This is a walk of honour and how we stand on the shoulders of giants. It is also how we allow others to stand tall on our own shoulders. I also believe it is one way the Lord has His vengeance – he multiplies the victories through stories told.

So I encourage all to listen to hear. Glean the gold to be found in the depths of lives lived before. We can pay the richness of the price they have paid in their lives forward and in doing so, manifest, compounding interest for good.

Let’s treasure the deep deposits hinted at by these people, and then help others grow from wisdom gleaned. The treasures will not lie wasted. Instead, the treasures will grow exponentially, and fruit traceable to generations before will be born.

‘This is why I speak to them in parables: “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand. In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah: “`You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.’
Matthew 13:13

© Beth Kennedy 2023

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