There are many ways we can deliver a prophetic encouragement/insight/word. Prose and poetry are just two of many. This prophetic poem came out of an encounter I had just after Easter 2023, as I travelled to France by train:
Golden star dust shimmers Glory
Fragrance rises as a sound. Flights of peace as feathers rustle
Gum nuts roast in midnight sun.
Search light sweeps through chambered hearts,
Despair moves swift to joy
Aligning ways and changing speech
Shaped forevermore.
Depth of gaze
Our hearts align
Breathless expectation
Courage comes as horses rally
Hope released this day
The King rides by and gently turns
Searching upturned faces
Quiet beauty, breathless wonder
Delight, He seeks all places
Gaze returned
Intake of air
Eyes sharp, and yet so gentle.
Change occurs, the shift has come
Rapid, still and peaceful
Enough He speaks
now, rest a day.
Love is as yet unfolding
Sound returning
Vibrating deeply
In soul constantly unfolding.
Time yet stops and breathing deeply
Gaze still resonates
Wordless yet so full of meaning
Hearts stop and still He waits
Although passed by, He remains
We’re changed forevermore
Triumphal march
Minds not competing
Truth speaks
Always eternal
©️ Beth Kennedy 2023

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