I’m in London. It’s Easter Sunday morning and church bells ring out as the early Spring sunshine casts a warm glow.

Walking with her brother early this morning near Buckingham Palace, Miss R said, jokingly,

‘We should go and have a cup of tea with the Queen.’

She simultaneously realised her mistake, remembering the Queen passed away last year.

She repeated this conversation to me on her return to our accomodation as more church bells played.

‘Maybe you could,’ I said. ‘I’m sure she’s in the cloud of witnesses. I believe she had a very genuine faith.’

It made me think.

The Queen, apparently upon hearing a message on the Second Coming of Jesus is quoted as saying,

‘Oh! how I wish that the Lord would come in my lifetime!’

The Chaplain who preached the message asked her why and she’s quoted as responding, with her face lit up by deep emotion,

‘I should so love to lay my crown at His feet.’*

Clearly the Queen had an actual crown she could cast at the feet of Jesus, but in reality we all have crowns we could cast. Our crowns might be metaphorical, even metaphysical, yet they are still very real and precious to us.

Our crowns might be belief systems, concepts, positions, behaviours, status, qualifications, people, even favourite theologies and political ideologies. None of which we wish to, or are willing to cast down at His feet.

Like mini kings and queens trying to hold onto titles and privileges, we hold so desperately to our crowns.

I sit in the gentle morning light and think about what my crowns might be, what crowns might I cast down. As I do, I am reminded of a vision I had some time ago of the Throne Room of Heaven:

I stood amongst many. I had a crown placed on my head by Jesus.

I cast it down and no sooner I had, my crown returned to my head.

Surprised, I cast my crown down again before the Throne. To my surprise, again, no sooner I had, a crown returned to my head.

This repeated itself multiple times until it was nearly comical.

Laughing, but aware of His Majesty, I sought clarity from Holy Spirit. As I did, I knew:

No sooner we cast all glory at His feet He will crown us again with many crowns.

So I ask on this beautiful Easter Sunday morning, what crowns do you hold tightly that you might cast at His feet? If you dare, cast them down, and see what you might receive in return.

Jesus cast down his crown of Glory to walk among humankind, only to be crowned with a crown of thorns, in order that we might stand with Him and wear His crown of Glory. He cast His crown because He saw in doing so, He could have us all wearing crowns with Him. He felt us worth the exchange. Humbling really.

The exchange of any of our crowns for His is always worth it. It’s not a fair exchange. We will never be capable of out giving Him. While we might have our favourite crowns that we wish to hold to, if we will dare cast them before Him He will crown us again, and again and again with His glory. And He will do so simply because God is Good!

Happy Easter ♥️
He has risen 💥

*From: The Journey and Its End By: Algernon James Pollock

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