We give, but in giving we come away with more. It might be the case that we stop for them (or maybe we stop for Him) but really we are the richer for giving Him away, or such was the case for me a week ago.

The girl behind the counter was a beautiful person, inside and out. As I ordered my poke bowl, she smiled and encouraged me to add another ingredient. It wasn’t what she said, but how she said it. I saw she was kind, fun, and gentle all at once. She was beautiful!

‘I’d love to pray for her.’

My internal dialogue began as I sat down to wait for our order, and I leaned into the heartbeat of Heaven for her.

Andrew and I were on our way to my sister’s old home. We were continuing to clean out my mother’s and sister’s papers. It was not a fun job. We had been doing it each Saturday afternoon – the only time we had spare to sort through the boxes of paper work stored in an old garage.

There was sadness in my heart, and this young woman’s kindness was a gentle balm to my soul.

We chatted as we ate, and I knew I needed to offer to pray.

Lunch finished, I said to Andrew I needed a minute to pray for the girl. He said he’d wait outside, and as I got up, the store filled with people. I laughed at the absurdity of this and stood waiting to speak with her.

She turned to me, and I explained she was a beautiful person – just gorgeous. I said I was a Christian, and I offered to pray.

‘Absolutely, you may.’

I explained I had sensed God’s heart for her. I assumed she was travelling on a working holiday visa, and I knew I was to pray for God’s favor.

‘You are searching at the moment for where you fit. I sense Melbourne is not the right place for you. Although I wish it were because you would be a great person to have here in my city. I actually believe that Sydney will be your place, and there you will find your people. However, I feel you need to travel first to Brisbane, even as far north as Cairns, and then down through Queensland, south to Sydney from there.’

She gasped.

‘I have just now been wondering where I should go next. This is my answer.’

I said, ‘I feel that once you land in Sydney, you are going to love it there, so much that you will want to get permanent residency.’

And with that I prayed for favor with the Department of Immigration, and a straightforward process of being granted PR.

‘Are you an artist? Are you a creative?’

‘Yes, yes, I am.’

She waited as I listened to God’s heart for her.

‘Ok,’ I replied. ‘I feel you will find your people, your tribe, in Sydney, and, while I rarely do this, I believe you will find your people at a church I know. When you walk in there, I believe you will walk in and just know you have come home. I don’t know if you’re a Christian. However. However. However, I recommend you head to a church called Jubilee Church, Sydney.’

‘‘Where is it?’ she asked.

‘Near Bondi Junction. It’s full of creatives who you will love, and you will fit straight in.’

‘I hope that is ok. Weigh up what I have said, see if it resonates with you. Thank you so much for letting me pray.’

‘Oh, my gosh. It’s so bizarre I was literally just wondering, just now, where do I go next?’ she responded. She was clearly excited by what had just occurred.

‘Well, weigh it up, explore the idea, and see if it works for you. I know God had His sights set on you. He highlighted you to me, and I knew I needed to pray for you. By telling me about you, He let you know He cares. He sees the little things, and He adores you!’

‘Thank you. Thank you so much.’

Her eyes shone as she contemplated what had transpired.

I waved goodbye. Very aware of the people waiting for their meals. She seemed unaware, or at least unconcerned, as she smiled and waved back.

I walked out, feeling so much lighter than I had before.

A beautiful British girl felt seen and known by a loving God, and I was refreshed as I prayed and encouraged her.

The cleaning out we did was a little lighter that day. The lingering sadness after the cleaning session was less intense than the weeks before.

If we will stop for the one and release Him into the world as we go, not only will they taste and see that He is good, but refreshing will come to us too. It’s food for thought- we receive as we give. We take away from what we’ve left behind. We simply can’t out-give God, especially if we function from a place of rest. This is purely and simply because…

God is Good!

© Beth Kennedy 2023

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