My stories seem to have a baking theme at the moment. So much so that I am tempted to republish the prophetic cake story from 2021. But for now, I will tell a story from last week.

It is in this story that God whispered ‘ma chérie’ to a weary woman. She had dreams and desires, but she was tired, too.

I had dropped the car and was walking to my local village to purchase my son an afternoon treat. I usually stop in at a local cafe to buy him a muffin, but as I walked in the sunshine, I felt a strong conviction to turn left and visit a French Bakery instead.

As I walked into the store, music vibrated, giving the little French bakehouse an upbeat vibe. I smiled at the girl serving at the counter and commented on the fun atmosphere. She and the owner grinned back, saying they needed it in the afternoons to keep themselves feeling upbeat. It helped them remain in joy.

‘It feels so cheerful to walk into,’ I said.

I looked at one, and then the other, and noticed an undertone of tiredness that permeated both women. I saw a childhood favourite of mine – chocolate eclair – and bought it knowing he would enjoy the treat.

‘Are you the owner of the store?’ I said, looking at the younger woman.

‘No, not me,’ she said.

I turned to the elder of the two and noted a sad weariness behind her eyes.

‘Can I pray for you?’ I asked. ‘This might seem strange, but I am a Christian and I really feel that God would like me to pray for you. Would that be ok?’

‘Absolutely,’ she said.

‘I will pray for you now,’ I said.

‘Here, give me your hand. My name is Beth. What’s yours?’

‘Lulu,’ she said as she gave me her hand.

I took her hand in mine and blessed her business. Aware of previous owners and occupants, I commanded anything that was not of God to leave and I then called forth life and Kingdom.

I continued to pray.

‘Father, I thank you for Lulu. I bless her business in Jesus’ name. I call forth blessing and favour…’

I stopped.

A prophetic word of encouragement was forming, so I went on.

‘I feel that you have your heart on expansion.’

She looked teary.

‘It’s your dream to multiply things out. I believe it is the heart of the Father for you to do so. He will give you the prototype and the blueprints to do so; however,…’

I stopped to smile at her and felt such compassion for her. It was the heart of God for this woman before me, and so I continued.

‘You are weary. You have worked very hard – especially these last few years. I believe God is saying, rest first a little, and then from a place of rest, build. He will bless what you do as you expand and step into your dreams. You will not have to strive, for the expansion will come as rest.’

A complex range of emotions crossed her face, but she quickly pulled herself back into a place of composure.

I felt the open door of grace close.

As I finished the prayer, I thanked them for the privilege. Gathering the chocolate eclair for my son, I walked out into the sunshine, feeling a joyful hope for Lulu and her dreams.

God is into baked goods.

Even more so, God is into those that bake them.

He makes me laugh.

A student of mine in our prophetic training has been baking cakes for people in her realm of influence.

She is baking goods in response to His leadings. Chocolate fudge cake, lemon sponge cake, and other baked goods are flowing from her work kitchen. She lives in a mission field many of us would dare not visit – ever.

Baked goods, and dishes of food made in love, have paved the way for His grace to flow. She is excited by how her prophetic response to God’s heart for others, even through cake, is opening doors to personal revelation and conversations about His goodness.

She says she felt God was inviting her to enter His joy and focus on His ‘decadent goodness.’

I love that idea of decadent goodness – it’s a rich goodness that satisfies.

She said,

‘Indeed, the making of a chocolate fudge cake is a labor of love: baking a chocolate cake, then melting chocolate to make a rich ganache with butter, chocolate and whipped cream with some sugar, then assembling this rich work of love…’

She is catching the heartbeat of heaven as she responds to His prompting through food. The gift of cake is opening doors of conversation and helping even those battling with depression to see His goodness and extravagant love through the metaphors.

There is an excitement afoot.

I can feel it in the atmosphere here in Melbourne.

It’s worldwide really.

People might be weary, but they are open for prophetic encouragement and insight. They are hungry for kindness and prayer.

The gift of a cake, baked goods, or prayer with a prophetic word is the language of Love.

God whispers ‘ma chérie’ to those that are hurting.

‘Ma chérie,’ – ‘My cherished,’ ‘My treasure.’

He whispers sweet nothings. He whispers of dreams, hopes and desires because…

God is Good!

© Beth Kennedy 2023

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