If we will stop to pray, to release God’s peace, we will change atmospheres!

A recent encounter in a store reminded me of this truth. I will write that story up and post next. But today, I remembered a similar story, and felt to share it here.

These encounters are simple. We use our gifts of prophecy in everyday life. As we do, not only are we blessed, but our extended community will be too because…

God is Good!

We had half an hour to take a hat back, buy a pan and get to a family function. We determinedly walked through the shopping centre, having prayed for, and received, the perfect park.

God’s favour was with us.

It always is!

As we entered the store to return the hat, the girl serving behind the counter recognised me, as I did her. She looked tired and said as much,

‘I feel down,’ she said.

The recent overcast mornings had impacted her soul and reflected her overcast state of being. She looked colourless, tired, and drained.

We kept chatting, and she processed my return. As she finished up, I knew I needed to pray for her. I was to pray that she would have joy, peace, and for a sense of hope to come.

As she handed me my credit card and docket and I contemplated the offer to pray, but as I hesitated, the store suddenly filled with customers. Others came to the counter for service and the phone suddenly rang.

Missed it,’ I thought.

‘Now I’ll have to wait, or go. Blow!’

I looked around behind me as she talked on the phone. Seeing my son, daughter and husband still ‘cruising’ the shelves, content, I resolved to push on.

She put the phone down to look for the required item; the customer waiting on the other end.

I ignored the person to my right, waiting for service. I ignored the phone call too and said,

‘Give me your hand,’ and I reached out over the counter, with my hand extended.

She did, and as she did, I invited the Holy Spirit to come.

Without a thought, I said,

‘I’m going to pray for you. I’m a Christian.’

And, with that, I commanded depression to leave, and I released hope, joy, faith, and peace into her and around her.

I finished quickly, knowing that we were all in a hurry.

‘Do you feel that?’ I asked, feeling the anointing sweep all around me.

I do, I do,’ she said as she teared up slightly.

I watched as her face lost the greyness. Colour flooded her countenance. The look of stress left immediately, and peace, with a quiet sense of joy, flooded her features.

‘Your face has regained colour. Go look in the mirror.’

I leant over and kissed her hand.

‘God loves you so very much.’

She instantly smacked a big pink kiss straight back onto my hand, leaving a large kiss mark.

She looked at me and said,

‘I felt that! I definitely felt that! That was amazing! I felt that! I feel so much better!’

She smiled.

‘God asked me to pray for you, because He loves you, and He does not want you feeling the way you have. Tomorrow you will wake up and feel amazing!’

She finished the phone call quickly. Served the other people, and essentially followed us around the store, smiling and saying over and over,

‘I feel so much better! I really felt that! That was amazing! Thank you!’

We left the store with plenty of time to find our pan purchase, satisfied that we had returned the hat, and that, yet another person, had experienced that, indeed… yes in deed…

God is Good!

© Beth Kennedy 2023

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Blessings, Beth x

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