A new breed prophets arise…

Honed in the secret place they have learned to lean in and hear the heartbeat of Heaven.

In this place, these ones have qualities and qualifications from the wilderness, to call forth the ways of the Lord. They have ‘wilderfications’.

These ‘wilderfications’, these qualifications, are different to most that have gone before, and hence may escape recognition.

Rather than broadcasters, they are legislators, for they create, they legislate Kingdom realities with their words, with their ways. These realities are not yet seen by most, but as they stand firm and continue to speak, they create streams of living, creative waters that heal and change landscapes, change nations.

Kingdom Legislators create structures in which society grows, flows and thrives. They call forth blueprints revealed for regions and nations.

Broadcasters, in contrast, are journalists, reporting on current affairs, happenings, news.

We need both – broadcasters and legislators, but the time for the legislating prophets (working with legislating apostles) is at hand.

The legislators of the Lord will look different and will have been honed in different fires. Prophetic ones, shown Kingdom plans. Often qualified as prophetic intercessors – Annas and Simeons. They know how to hold and call forth the coming ways of the Lord, which cause spiritual landscapes to shift and to change.

Legislators sing a new song, for the new thing they have seen is at hand. Spoken, sung, acted, decreed, painted, danced or prayed into being, the new structures, the new way is being created. They do all with intention. The start of which might look small. But yet these small beginnings carve ways in the land, and shifts can be seen as they stand.

They hear from the Lord,

‘Arise and shine.’

Comfortable in hiddenness, these legislators have stood the test of time and have been loyal in releasing Kingdom blueprints and structures. But it is now time for them to step out and be seen, for regional blueprints are ready to be realised, which will take more than a few to achieve.

These ones see with eyes of Love and proclaim with tongues of fire. Their proclamations are pure and, while fiery, they will sound the rain in lands parched of His ways. The rivers that flow will carve pathways for His sound to arise.

While they see the realities the broadcasters share, they refuse to wither or despair. They know full well their decrees, words and stance count as they shift destinies of nations with their sound. Recent times have further honed them, and they stand firm on the goodness of God.

‘Arise and shine My legislator prophets and decree the way of the Lord’.

Prophetic decrees, with a stance held tall, they call forth the ways of the Lord.

These ones who decree and create with their words, with Kingdom ways, may look different to most. Yet do not discount them, nor refuse to acknowledge them, for they are the Legislators of the Lord.

Isaiah 60:1 – Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.

Psalm 96:1-3Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvellous deeds among all peoples.

Luke 2:22-28

© Beth Kennedy 2022


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