Gather to Grow Update – Monday 7th November

As we gathered to grow last Monday, we trained on perceiving and words of knowledge. The activations challenged many of us. The discussion of perception and words of knowledge, including their use in the community, was great. There are always practical uses and out workings for all the spiritual gifts, and we should give each gift away to encourage, comfort and strengthen the body and the community at large.

Each time we gather, we declare that community is important, and that our voices matter. Collectively, we create a sound that we cannot release on our own. Collectively, as we gather to grow, we are releasing spiritual realities that impact our city.

Many felt the resistance to attend, but came anyway, recognising the importance of continuing to show up. There was a beauty through which some of our community were affirmed in their decision to attend the night. One even saw signs as they drove saying, ‘you know when you know.’  That member knew she needed to come to our perception training (perception being the knowing that you know receptor). God has a sense of humour, and can be fun as He guides us to where we need to be.

Our discussions are always interesting, stretching and encouraging.

As a group, we are looking forward to who we might host in the future, and the creation of specialist groups for those that have questions. In particular, those described as mystics need a safe place to ask questions and have their experiences grounded in scripture. Experiences are great, but what, or rather Who, do they point to? And what are we being called to do about it?

While we might be a small gathering, there is a sense of anticipation of what the community might look like going forward and how we might serve the greater body of Christ in the future..

If you are local, join us.

First Monday 7-9.30pm of the month.

Link to gather to grow details here.


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