God Is Good: Revealing the Heart of the Father
to Your Neighbourhood, City, and Nation

God wants to write your story with you! He is inviting you into an adventure that will forever change you and those around you.

  • How would you like to be so in step with the Father that you hear His voice, sense His Presence, and feel His love 24/7?
  • What if you could eliminate striving and simply flow in full assurance of the Father’s adoration and approval?
  • What if you were so infused with God’s love that you “leaked”?

That’s exactly the kind of partnership God desires to have with you!

When you know the Father’s heart, you will automatically reflect His character, His nature, and His goodness wherever you go.

Instead of seeing the world through a lens of fear, agendas, or pre-judgments, you will see as the Father sees.

Communion won’t be limited to your “quiet time”. You will hear the Father’s loving words for the person standing next to you. You will get Holy Spirit nudges as you go throughout your day. Your schedule will change as you learn to rest and go, ebb and flow, and follow the agenda of the Lord even in your daily tasks.

Your eyes, your ears, and your heart will begin to see in new dimensions as you learn to be ever more sensitive to the ways God speaks and leads.

You have an apostolic assignment!

The world is waiting for you.

God is Good Class

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Learning to flow with the Holy Spirit to unlock hearts and open blind eyes to the goodness of God in extraordinary ways is available to everyone. Miracles, prophetic words, and healing can follow us all wherever we go.

Our passion is to see you walking fully saturated in the love of the Father so you can’t help but let others taste and see that God is Good!

In this class, you will learn how to rest and receive the fullness of God’s love within your own heart, and then overflow with that same love into your neighbourhood, city, and nation with demonstrations of God’s power.

In this class you will learn to:

  • Lean into God’s presence
  • Let go of performance and embrace relationship
  • Intentionally position yourself to see (and hear) God
  • Recognise when you are seeing through God’s lens vs. your own
  • Reconcile the tension between being and doing
  • Encounter Jesus (and bring others to encounter) in your everyday coming and going
  • Deliver God’s prophetic words, healing, or love for someone in a public setting
  • Discover God’s unique love language for you and the world, and protocols to deliver it no matter the setting
  • Practice God’s presence so you leak on those around you
  • Step out of the box and release God’s anointing in signs, wonders, and miracles wherever you go!

Overview of the 12-Lesson Class:

Lesson 1: He Is the God Who Sees

Being seen and known is a basic human need. This lesson will ground you in the knowledge that you are seen and known by God. In this lesson, you will learn how to turn aside and recognize His presence with you, moment by moment. When you have eyes and ears open to the Lord, you will be surprised at how often God is speaking to you throughout your day. It is God’s kindness that draws people (including you) to Himself. When you see God’s goodness and love for you, it opens the door for you to step into relationship with Him. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, God will reveal Himself to you, so you can reveal Him to those who feel unseen every single day.

Lesson 2: Developing Eyes to See and Ears to Hear
God speaks as we go about our days, but then there are times He yearns for us simply to be still and know that He is God. You are not a human doing, but a human being. In this lesson, you will learn ways to position yourself to hear what He will say to you in quiet moments. When God speaks, His first message is love. Discover the freedom that comes when you do not live to perform for Him but to be in relationship with Him. This lesson is an invitation for you to enter in, see God face to face, and be astounded by the depths of love He has for you.

Lesson 3: About the Father’s Business: Abide and Step Out

Jesus told his disciples to abide in Him. In this lesson, you will learn how to abide in the secret place where you discover your truest identity in Christ. As you abide with Him, your spirit and soul begin to merge with His heart. Your actions shift from religious obedience to acts of love, joy, and unreserved submission to the Father’s business. You will come to know God intimately, recognising His voice, His ways, His likes, and His dislikes. The tension between abiding and doing will begin to fade as you learn how to live in a constant flow of conversation with the Holy Spirit. Whether you are stopping for the one or basking in His presence in solitude, discover how abiding in the Father’s heart compels you to the Father’s business every day.

Lesson 4: Get Pickled in His Presence (And You’ll Be Pickled in His Purpose)
We all have apostolic assignments on some level. You are called to effect change for the Kingdom wherever you go. The most effective way to do so is to be fully saturated in God’s presence. In this lesson, you will learn how to drink in Jesus Christ so you can become a carrier of His streams of living water. Discover the transforming power of soaking and how time spent in His presence is the pathway to taking on the fragrance, nature, and character of Jesus. As you are submerged in Him, you won’t be able to help “leaking” Him everywhere you go.

Lesson 5: His Love Never Ends

Your willingness to respond to the heart of the Father is a doorway into deeper intimacy, if you will enter in. Works alone are not what He desires. Rather, He seeks your willingness to be with Him, to know Him, and for Him to know you. Out of this relationship, the Lord teaches you in multifaceted ways. His training and discipline are all about you listening to Him, conversing with Him, and growing. In this lesson, you will learn to hear Him through a lens of love and allow Him to lead you in the partnered dance of life.

Lesson 6: Take a Leap and Get Out of the Box

God has you positioned for assignments. He never planned for you to hide. You are salt and He wants to sprinkle you throughout society, to release His flavour, His fragrance, His healing, love, encouragement, and giving. In this lesson, you will learn how to get out of your box, out of the church, and out of our own confines to BE the Body of Christ. It is not something you have to force; it can be as natural as walking and talking. People are waiting for you to step out into who you truly are. As you do, you reveal WHO God is. Your story with Him is His story too. What are you waiting for?

Lesson 7: Strike the Waters: Make a Demand on the Anointing

Training alone is not enough. To train and not go is fruitless. There must be movement forwards into maturity. Jesus sent his disciples out to “do the stuff”. They went out into the world and came back with powerful stories. In this lesson, you will be encouraged to take what you have learned—and go! The Christian life is not one of theory, but of power. Now is the time to stir up the gifts within you, strike the waters of His Presence, and make a demand on the anointing. You’ll be surprised what will happen when you do.

Lesson 8: Be Anxious for Nothing: Tactics of Warfare

Resistance will come as you choose to grow up in the Lord. The most dangerous thing to darkness is a mature, trained up, loved up, light-wielding Christian who adores Jesus Christ and is not frightened of taking Him out of the box. In this lesson, you will learn how to recognize the devil’s tactics and how to respond in anxiety-inducing moments of challenge. While the pressure is not from the Lord, He will use the devil’s resistance to train you, empower you, and increase your maturity in Him. You will discover how to keep your eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, no matter the storm.

Lesson 9: Community Is Key (Who Are You Running With?)

Community holds the key to your breakthroughs. In this lesson, you will examine God’s plan for community and how he intends His body to operate—together. Learn how to engage with others in the body and celebrate another’s successes, even while you wait for your own. Discover how to fast-track your growth into the fullness of Christ as you join with others to stand tall, focused on Jesus Christ.

Lesson 10: Being the Body: God’s Multiplication Plan

There is a symbiotic energy in gathering to grow. In this lesson, you will explore the exponential acceleration created when individual members fit together in God’s corporate body. God’s body is His intended vessel to grow, mature, and equip you—but even more importantly, as we learn to celebrate, encourage, and lift one another up our love becomes a witness to the world. The Body of Christ, truly alive and growing, becomes desirable and attractive to pre-Believers and creates an ecosystem of expansive growth. As you join yourself with others in the Body of Christ, you will naturally step into your fullness with greater ease.

Lesson 11: Stepping Fully into Favor: Your Royal Identity

Most believers are unaware of the royal favor they carry as a child of the King. In this lesson, you will discover the benefits of your royal status and learn how to live from that truth. In the same way that a commoner who steps into royal life must learn a whole new way to live—a new language, new protocols, a new walk—so must you. If you engage in the process, Jesus will cause you to step into all you need to know to walk, talk, and speak like Him—rooted in your royal identity.

Lesson 12: Changing a Nation in a Day

Can a nation be changed in a day? Yes. But it requires a united effort as we create a grass roots movement of ordinary people doing extraordinary exploits with a marvellous God. In this lesson, you will be encouraged to step into the arms of the Father, be immersed in the river of God, and from the throne room of heaven, go and flow. As you respond to the heartbeat of Jesus in your sphere of influence, you will release the goodness of God, revealing the heart of the Father to your neighbourhood and city. When the entire Body of Christ does this together, nations will be changed in a day.

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