we gather to grow – community is key for the prophetic to flourish

It was great to catch up at our monthly gather to grow Southern Prophetic Community on 3rd October.

There is a sense of anticipation at what God is doing in our region. Together with Verve Ministries we are hosting Magnus Sund this Saturday night, 8th October for a one off event. We believe in unity of the body, so we opened the evening up to all so that as many as possible could be blessed by Magnus.

In response to the Hebrews 5:14 mandate to train, we completed a training on sensing God and giving prophetic encouragements through taste, touch, smell. We then topped the night off with practising His presence.

All said and done, a great time.

Community is key to a healthy expression of the prophetic but so too is the outward expression and flow of that community for it to stay fresh. We all see Magnus ministering to more than just our community as an extension to this outward focus.

We are grateful to those who have hung on in there and consistently attended, and love seeing new faces. As a new community is birthed, it is important to establish culture, values and protocols, but as these are embedded, we are seeing more clearly what the community could become.

We are looking forward to our meeting on Monday 7th November.

In the meantime, we share a prophetic poem called Now go written by Chris Little, one of our regular attendees:

(A declaration of blessing. A sending out.)
Having planted the seed,
and given the earth
its time to nurture,
towards a new birth
Having taken the time
to send down your roots
Having seen the signs
of fresh-growing shoots
Having humbled yourself
through the night that felt long
Having wept the tears,
while singing the song
Having positioned your heart,
your mind and your soul
In alignment with God,
and your God-given role….
Now go. It is time –
to be strong, to be Christian
To be Beautiful Feet,
of Good News on a Mission
To inspire, to equip,
to seek out the lost
To be vulnerable and strong –
both servant and boss
Guard your conviction
of election and calling
Lean upon Jesus
when you feel like you’re falling
Do all in His strength,
in His love, in His grace
For the joy set before you
of finishing the race
Go with our blessing,
Bear fruit in the Son
Go with angels around you,
and also… have fun.

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