There are those moments when years of journey culminate in a moment. A relationship manifests into a healing, or a salvation. This story took my breath away when it occurred. Knowing that she would soon be gone, my beautiful pregnant hairdresser, chose Christ in a moment that was a suddenly of God that was 8 years in the making.

This story continues on from Son-shine at the hairdressers Part 1 and Part 2 

I was back at the hairdresser when my (now pregnant) hairdresser* sat down to speak with me. She wanted to tell me all that had been going on for her since we last saw each other.

She said they had put her in hospital because of pelvic instability. She knew I would instantly understand because she had seen me deal with the same issue. An abundance of the relaxin hormone in pregnancy causes pelvic instability. It can cause the pelvis to relax so much that the pelvis and hips suffer extreme pain, impeding the ability to walk. I had required crutches and a wheelchair, but I never needed hospitalisation.

As soon as she told me what was happening, I could feel the swirling presence of the Holy Spirit. I knew vindication was coming for me. A 7-fold pay back was due. (Proverbs 6:31).

I listened and asked her if I could pray, briefly explaining that I wanted to see God’s vindication for all I had lost when I was pregnant. I wanted to see her healed, for her hormones to come into balance. Asking if I could lay my hands on either side of her pelvis/hips, I called forth balance in the hormones and told her body to behave perfectly throughout the pregnancy and for the pelvis to remain strong.

I then asked if I could place my hands on her tummy. She agreed, so I blessed the baby and spoke fullness of destiny and health.

‘You are loved,’ I told the baby. I then declared s/he would sleep well, feed well, and thrive.

Belle** sat down and told me she was doing pilates. She was seeing a physiotherapist who had performed a reiki treatment on her.

I looked and said boldly,

‘Don’t let her do that again.’

I surprised even myself, because I had always tried to be gentle with her.

I explained briefly that reiki practitioners, as far as I knew, had hands laid on them for some sort of impartation. There might appear to be a gift of healing, but the source of healing may not be God. I warned her to be really careful, especially with the baby. She was potentially opening herself and the baby to stuff that was not good.

It surprised me how direct I was, but I felt she trusted me. We have 8 years of history together. She had seen me do life. She had heard my stories. I had listened to her challenges and answered her questions, and when she decided she wanted a baby, I had prayed for about a year for her pregnancy. I was pretty certain that she knew I had her best interests at heart.

All these thoughts flew through my mind as I spoke. So, I went on, believing I had favour through the history we shared.

She responded she had not felt comfortable. There was no consent to a reiki session, and she had immediately asked the girl to stop. Apparently I was confirming her gut feeling that it was not ok.

I relaxed, relieved that I had not offended her.

As we talked about this, I felt the Holy Spirit say,

‘Pray for her.’

I knew I must tell anything that might have impacted her or the baby to leave.

I took her hand and prayed. As I did the scripture in Matthew 12:43-45, that warns of the emptying of a house and not filling it came to mind. I then felt the Holy Spirit say,

‘Ask her if she wants me, ask her if she wants to ask Jesus into her heart.’

I listened to the prompting and told anything released over/around her and the baby to leave. I then gently asked if she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. It felt like the culmination of 8 years of gentle discussions.

I was nervous, but excited at the same time.

She looked at me in her delightful, uncomplicated, and honest manner and said,

‘Yes. Why not? I do.’

And she did.

I then said that the power force behind her being kept protected and safe was the Holy Spirit. Did she want to ask Him to fill her up?

Again she said, ‘yes.’

‘Fill me up, Holy Spirit,’ she repeated after me.

And I prayed for a complete filling to overflow for her and the baby.

The anointing was powerful, not because of anything I did, but simply because He loved her. Her kairos moment had come. Her God appointed time of salvation had arrived.

I felt delighted!

I looked.

‘Do you feel that?’

She did.

I explained the first step was to explore what this meant for her; however, for that moment, I knew her ‘house’ was full of Him (Praise God). Covered, protected and alive to Christ, Belle and her baby would be ok.

After 8 years of chatting, offering prayer, answering her questions, it was a suddenly of God!

With Him I now knew she and the baby would be ok because…

God is Good!

© Beth Kennedy 2022

**not her real name

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