Community is key for the prophetic to flourish

It was great to catch up with people again at our monthly Southern Prophetic Voices community Gathering to Grow.

In response to the Hebrews 5:14 mandate to train, we completed a training on hearing the voice of God, exchanged life ideas, and purposes and plans, and topped the night off with practising His presence.

All said and done, a great time.

As the community grows and takes shape we can see all sorts of purposes for the community to flow into. Yes, community is key to the prophetic but so too is the outward expression and flow of that community for it to stay fresh.

We are grateful to those who have hung on in there and consistently attended. As a new community is birthed, it is important to establish culture, values and protocols, but as these are embedded, we turn to see what is on the horizon.

We are excited for what the Lord might cause us to flow into in the near future.

Keep an eye out for coming events in late 2022 early 2023.

Looking forward to our October meeting on Monday 3rd.

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