When we spend time with Him, we can give from the overflow. We can give out of the generosity of God in our lives.

I was heading home and purposed to stop to collect some bread. As I drove, I asked to see God’s favour for me. I wanted a good car park, one right outside the bread shop.

I laughed at my surprise when I got one!

I pulled up to my house and saw that someone had left something at my door. As I got closer, I saw a bag containing a loaf of bread, 6 rolls, some sweet scones, and a bunch of red roses.

I knew exactly who they were from.

I gathered together the goodies and went inside to spend some time with God. Him and me. It was our time.

I unpacked the bag, popped the roses in some water, and sent a thank you to the angel who had left the gift. I then got on with my date with God.

As my time with Him ended, with pickups rapidly approaching, I emptied the bag of bread and then had a chuckle.

There were CDs in the bag. One was called Never Alone, and the other was called Walk with us.

God had shown me His love through that of another. I

n His way, He said to me,

‘As long as you come to Me, ensuring you are well fed (my loaf of bread), I will multiply what you have, so there is always more than enough for yourself and others (the gift loaf of bread). He said I will also sweeten what you have (the sweet scones) and change it so that it is just what others need (the small rolls that were just right for kids).

Oh, and by the way, I love you (the red roses).’

The CDs spoke to me of never being alone. He is always by my side regardless of what I may feel, and I was being invited to walk with Him and others that make up the Bride of Christ. There was an invitation into family, fellowship, a journey with Him, and others.

I felt loved, encouraged, filled, and grateful.

I picked up the loaf of bread, set off for pickups, and gave the bread away to a teacher.

She was a bit surprised, but I knew I needed to give away the bread, the food I had received. There was more than enough for my family and me at home. Out of the overflow, I was to give to the community.

The following day, the little rolls fed little ones–my children and a friend’s children. And, together, we all enjoyed the sweetness of the sweet scones.

It all needed to be consumed, and shared, for if I had hoarded, if I had not given it away, it would go hard and mouldy.

It would be unfit for consumption.

So I ask you, what life-giving food have you received? Do you want more? Will you give away what you have?

As we spend time with Him, we will always come out with more than enough, for ourselves, and for those we meet on our way. There will always be enough because of the generosity of God in our lives.

And of course, there is always His love, unconditional, everlasting and eternal, because…

God is Good!

© Beth Kennedy 2022

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