Prophetic Community – We gather to grow Monday 1st August 2022

We gather to grow in our prophetic community. Our monthly meeting was held again last night. A great time was had, with some beautiful new faces.

There is power in seeing God, but there is also great comfort in knowing God sees us.

We discussed Hagar who encountered the God who sees (El Roi – ‘for you are the God who sees me’ Gen 16:13), who then carried the revelation that God is the God who not only sees us, but hears us too.

Following this we had a brief training on external, internal and mystical seeing with activations and the power of looking to see as we go (Exodus 3), together briefly understanding we can also position ourselves to see (Habakkuk 2).

A brief soak wrapped the night up.

There has been great excitement as people start to discover and explore who they are, and what they have been purposed to do, as they are activated in and/or train regularly in their prophetic gifting.

We look forward to meeting next on the first Monday of the month.

We are hosting a pot luck dinner Saturday for those that want to explore our community, and for those that are already committed to growing a prophetic company in our region together.

Simply put…

God is Good!


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