My story, your story, our stories matter…

It took years for me to tell my story in this place. In fact, in typical Aussie style, I kept myself out of this space on purpose, essentially because:

  1. Australians hate ‘big noting Aussies’ and I never wanted to be accused of ‘big noting’ or making these stories about me. These testimonies are about God – His goodness, His willingness, to use me (a random Aussie girl who wanted to give ‘the big stuff’ a go) so I made sure I kept my identity out of it;
  2. Online safety – I did not have a face book page until mid 2020. I instagrammed, but without identifiers. This was mainly because I have two children who I did not want to expose to the internet. It was also fear of unknown consequences to be known. Online safety with young children is a real consideration;
  3. Most important – I felt God wanted me anonymous for most of the time. I hoped and believed that by being anonymous I would inspire people to understand that anyone (yes you) can do the God stuff too. You do not need to be clever, talented, qualified… you just need to love God, listen and do as He says in faith, with love!

I understand that the label given to what I do on the streets as I go about my days is ‘prophetic evangelism.’ Labels like this rarely help. Even giving it a name seems wrong, but people love to label things.

Instead, I see the ‘as I go’ and ‘stopping for the one’ as merely being God’s friend. I am His child and I am about my Father’s business. It’s being the heart and hands of God in my community. I call this Christian life.

I believe we are all called to do the same. Simply respond to God’s promptings as we go about our day. If Bill Sweeney from Unshakeable Hope, who fought ALS for years from a hospice bed, could ‘do the stuff’ and reach the unreached (he could not move or speak) then none of us have an excuse. Hit the link to Bill’s blog. It will rock your socks off. Even though Bill sadly passed late last year, he still continues to inspire me!

I also now understand that my story has power. My story is of growing up in an atheist home, searching desperately for God, and after years of searching, coming to know Christ as my loving Saviour. It’s an important story. People need to hear it. Our testimony has power and is an invitation to taste and see of God’s goodness:

They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. (Rev 12:11)

A couple of years ago at church, a gentleman called Chris heard my testimony. He asked if he could interview me, and although I felt overwhelmed, I said yes and so he interviewed me, recording some of my testimony on the Salvation Army radio.

So here is the link to some of my recorded story. I hope it blesses; I hope it encourages; and I really, really hope you understand I waited from the age of 5 or 6 until age 23 for someone to step out, take a risk, and invite me to meet Jesus. While I am grateful for the silent witness of the families around me over the years, I wish that someone had actually stopped and explained to me I could have a friend like Jesus. Had anyone done so sooner, I might have avoided a lot of heartache.

I share, hoping that you recognise that there are people out there waiting for you to talk to them about Jesus. I share, hoping that you recognise your story is powerful too. There are people waiting for you to invite them into the Kingdom and the family of God, and by doing so you will invite them to see that …

God is indeed very, very good!:

Listen to my story here (10 minute listen):

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