We have the keys to the Kingdom (Matthew 16:19). What we open here is open in heaven; what we close here, we close in heaven. We have the authority to impact nations with our words. The challenge is to use our words well.

Here is a wonderful testimony of another beautiful friend from our prophetic community. She had an interesting experience with a lady she met one night. Her declarations and prayers impacted the woman deeply, as evidenced by the woman’s response. To recognise a God prompting, and to be brave enough to act on it brings delight to the Father’s heart. We simply never know what it might mean for the one before us, and how it might set them free.

This happened at the end of a night out. My friend was talking with a woman, and as she listened, God prompted her to act on a prophetic insight. Read on and see what impact her obedience had. She writes,

As she came to the end of what she was saying, I felt the Lord ask me to say,

‘You are attaching your worth to the wrong words. People spoke these wrong words over you. I want you to let them go.’

I obeyed, and as soon as I spoke them, she wept and trembled, but she didn’t pull away, so I gently continued.

‘I want you to know you are My beloved treasure, and I want you to open your heart and receive My deep love for you.’

At this, she completely broke down, and heaving sobs came out of her. I just sat with her, praying in the spirit and believing that His supernatural healing touch would flow into and over her.

When she ‘came to’, I said to her that the Lord would bring to mind what the words were in the past. I said she must write those words down, then tear them up and destroy them as a representation that they no longer had any power over her.

She just stared me in my face, nodding slowly, seemingly still processing what had just happened. I gave her a hug, and we said our farewells.

My friend continues in her testimony that, ‘… upon reflection, I would have normally asked someone before speaking a word like that, but I just sensed she would know Who it was speaking to her (obviously not me) and that I was just the ‘messenger.’ Thankfully, my sense was right or things could’ve been somewhat different! 😊’*

This is a simple, beautiful but profound testimony. The power of a Godly insight is immeasurable. The impact of a God inspired moment like this is far-reaching. It impacts the person directly involved. It also impacts their family and community. And, surprisingly, it deeply impacts the one who steps out in loving obedience.

It takes courage, but the more we as the Body of Christ learn how to learn in and hear and act on the heartbeat of Heaven, the more impact we will have on our sphere of influence. If we all step into this, then imagine the community impact, our spheres of influence overlapping and converging. ‘The earth will fill with the knowledge of the glory (the goodness, the kindness) of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.’ (Hab 2:14 NIV)

Yes, because…

God is Good!


*Prophetic protocols would normally suggest we ask if we can speak in this way, or if we can pray for a person. However, sometimes there are moments when we just step out of the boat. If it’s done with love, which this was, then it is usually ok.

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