The impact of a prophetic word can be far-reaching and life changing. It should release Love, for love changes destinies.

In the early days of learning how to prophesy, I attended Bible College. I was keen, and had been stopping for people as I went through life, but the clarity and confidence brought about by training encouraged me to practise and step out even more.

Honestly, the thought of the Creator of the Universe speaking to me, through me, was astounding, and I wanted to grow so much more.

During my studies I was having my hair cut at the local hairdresser. I sat in the salon and asked God who He wanted me to write out a word for. He highlighted a young man.

He dressed in a very effeminate way. I could feel his desperate desire to be accepted, and I could see he was striving for acceptance as he overtly pushed his sexual orientation through his speech, behaviour and clothes. He wore many pieces of jewellery, and jingle jangled as he spoke. BUT, it wasn’t how he spoke, nor the clothes and jewellery, nor the makeup or nail varnish that was the issue. Rather, it was an aggressive attitude that felt like he was in your face effectively saying ‘accept me.’

I chatted to God about this. Was this the issue I was to address?

The response I got back was,

‘It’s none of your business.’

Adequately rebuked, the Lord then showed me what He wanted me to write.

I turned to God’s heart for this young man. I saw him dancing on rooftops of homes, singing with an umbrella, full of joy, leaping from roof top to roof top. He was brimming with joy in the vision. Arms raised, face in a smile, spinning and leaping. It reminded me of the ‘Step in Time’ dance scene in Mary Poppins. As I watched the vision of him dance, I could feel the Father’s sheer delight, and I wrote as I felt led.

I finished the word and went over to the young man.

‘I am a Christian. I’m learning how to hear from God for others. He highlighted you, and I have written a word out for you. Could I share it perhaps?’ I asked.

‘Absolutely,’ he said.

I explained the picture I saw and said,

‘God adores you. God sees you joyfully dance over those roof tops and thoroughly delights in you. He “gets” you and adores you. He wants you to be thoroughly you. The Father loves you, and He wants you to know you are wonderful.’

There was more, but I cannot recall it all.

I remember glancing up as I read and saw him gently cry.

‘Oh, I love this. I thought He didn’t like me, let alone love me. In fact, I thought God hated me. I thought I was not acceptable to God. This is so good. Can I keep it, please?’

‘Absolutely,’ I said, and I asked if I could pray the blessing in.

He agreed.

I sat back down, and gradually my nerves settled. I saw him take the piece of paper and read it through again. Wiping away tears, he folded it and put it safely away.

The impact of this word I would learn of years later… to be continued…

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