Easter Saturday, God set me up to ‘cross my chicken line.’ He gave me an assignment to pray for an elderly woman in a wheelchair. After the prayer for her injured knee, she had gleefully got up and walked off into the shops, leaving her daughter-in-law and me standing beside her empty wheelchair.

This was marvellous, an Easter miracle, but there was so much more that would occur on this day.

I turned to the younger woman. She was in awe of what had occurred.

Breathless, and clearly amazed, she said,

‘She does not believe in God.’

I think it surprised her to know that God would lovingly show His hand to an unbelieving woman.

I gently placed my hand on her upper back, behind her shoulder, where I felt God direct me to touch her. I asked if I could now pray for her. She nodded enthusiastically as she watched her mother-in-law walk through the store with a big smile.

Tears filled her eyes.

Turning her attention back to me, I invited the Holy Spirit to come. A strong sense of God enveloped us. She openly wept, and I sensed some of what she had been through. I asked her/said to her,

“You have been in a really tough season. I sense God is saying it is a new season, a season of joy and hope.”

With that word of knowledge, I commanded all darkness to leave in the name of Jesus. I then released life and light into and over her in its place.

She looked at me, gasping, and said with a smile that she immediately felt a heavy darkness lift off and she felt light. She felt full of light and hope.

I smiled, responding that Jesus wanted her free. He came to give us life in all of its fullness, and to give it to us abundantly. (John 10:10).

I continued to pray as I felt led, cutting off all generational curses in the name of Jesus. I then released a blessing over her and her family, declaring her destiny open in the name of Jesus, asking God to release the stockpiled generational blessings over her and her family.

She stood and wept some more.

As I prayed, I also felt some of the strength of God’s love for her. It was powerful. I too got teary.

I asked if I could hug her and give her a kiss on the forehead, to bless her with the Father’s blessing.

She agreed, and so I wrapt my arms about her, gently kissing her, releasing the Father’s blessing over her. I continued to hold her as she sobbed some more, the two of us standing by the empty wheelchair in front of the store.

Quietening, she looked up at me, and I explained that while I believed God wanted her mother-in-law healed, I felt that the appointment was, in fact, for her. I explained I had been waiting for them to come. God wanted me to wait. She was worth the wait. That as soon as I had seen them in the store, I knew they were the ones. I knew I was meant to stop for and offer to pray.

She continued to cry, and as we stood talking, unbeknownst to me, her son and husband came up behind us.

Taking my hand earnestly, she asked if I would bless her son, just as I had done for her. She turned to her husband and explained all that had happened, pulling her son over to me.

She quietly explained to me they had no faith, no belief in God, but asked, would I please pray for her boy?

I turned, expecting a little boy. Instead, there was a young man, taller than me. I found out later he was 23 years of age.

I asked him if I could pray for him, explaining what I would do. He agreed, and so I laid my hand on his arm and invited the Holy Spirit to come, knowing and trusting that, although he, his father and grandmother did not believe in God, God loved them regardless because always, and through and through …

God is Good!

to be continued …

click here for link to part one of story

©Beth Kennedy 2022

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