While on holiday, I wanted to say ‘hello’ to a woman I had met the year before. She helped my eight-year-old daughter choose a trinket, and she spent many long moments helping her ponder the purchase. She was gracious, and so patient you could have thought she was assisting with a purchase of great value. Of course, for my daughter, it was a purchase of great value.

I stopped by as I felt God prompt me, sensing that I may pray for her again.

The year before, I had prayed for her after the purchase. I received several words of knowledge for her life, including a prayer for her son to be healed of asthma. It was at the end of our holiday, and I had not heard the outcome. I recalled the encounter moved me to tears as I prayed, so I was keen to hear what God had been up to in her life.

I was relieved she remembered me as I walked into the store.

Not remembering the details of the prayer from the year before, I certainly recalled the intensity. Yet, as she reminded me of a few points, my memory filled in the missing dots.

On our first meeting, she shared how her son had struggled with asthma for many years. With many emergency trips to the hospital, the specialists prescribed permanent asthma medication.

I asked how he was.

She responded by explaining that the asthma was always at its worst during the winter months – the months we had just come through. She then advised that he had been perfectly healthy throughout the winter, healthy enough to come off his asthma medication!

It took a moment for me to register what she was telling me, but as I did, I burst into a smile and said,

‘So, he hasn’t had asthma since we prayed for him?’

‘That’s right,’ she responded.

She confirmed he had suffered no asthma that winter and was completely off all medication.

I gasped at the significance.

I prayed again for her and her family that day. God provided me with more words of knowledge and gave me words of promise and blessing for her and her loved ones.

I never saw her again after this second encounter, but I remain astounded.

And yet, why should I be?

I love a kind, a generous, a marvellous God.

All I can say, yet again, to the entire encounter… the healing, the words of knowledge, the blessings and the favour is simply…

God is so Good!

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