The purpose of being pickled in His Presence is to become aware of the union that already exists between you and Christ. Pickling (spending time with Him) causes us to become more aware of the union that can never be broken.

The purpose of soaking or Christian meditation (being still and knowing He is God Ps 46:10) is not merely to lay around and have a great time. Spending time with the Father is never wasted. He delights in us as we spend time with Him and as we spend time, we catch the Father’s heart. This in turn causes our hearts to beat with Kingdom purpose.

Time spent with the Creator of the Universe is an entry point, a pathway through which our awareness of Him (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) expands so that we become ever more present to Him who is ever present to us!

Here is a YouTube link to an extract from a teaching I did last year in one of our online soaking sessions.

I hope you enjoy.

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