2020 was a year of pause, shift, change growth as the storms raged on. Worship was significant and essential. I knew without a doubt that united worship was critical. Technology did not stop us from uniting and worshipping ‘in spirit and in truth’ just as Jesus called for when speaking with the woman at the well – the place where He spoke of Living Water that would flow forth and bring life (see John 4:24).

Living in Melbourne Australia I felt the urgency and attempted to arrange and encourage worshippers to take up arms on zooms so that all ‘creatives’ could create in unison (as they saw each other, for zooms are more ‘present than lives’). This was to be an act of worship, which was really warfare. I saw dancers, singers, painters, writers, musicians, designers, craftspeople, coming together at a planned time with intentionality to worship together connected through this world wide web. It was especially important for Melbourne…

2021-a year of forward movement. ‘Time stands still no more.’ Worship remains essential. Worship ‘in spirit and in truth’ is a must. I hear the collection of arms, for there is a readiness to war.

2022 is the year of worship. I have heard many speak of when the churches can meet, then we can worship. But I call forth the ones who know and understand and I exhort:

‘gather together even ones and the twos; if you will, gather many more. Just gather and create. Meetings on zooms across the lands, across nations. Gather and create in unity, with intentionality, whatever it may be. Musicians arise, use a keyboard to lead. The rest can remain on mute and play together apart – the sound will go out united in heart. The creating will go forth in unity (for there is no distance in the spirit). Writers – write; artists – paint; sculptors – sculpt; legislators – draft; architects – design; dancers – dance.

Release the new song into the place where you live – displace with the goodness of God’

We are in the days of Awe, and as worshippers arise, the minstrels* shall have their day.

We are in the days of Asaph, in the days of the ones who gather to praise, united of heart, regardless of physical location, or numbers allowed in buildings.

It is time to gather, to play, write, create, sing, design, dance ‘in spirit and in truth.’ And when I say design, I mean the ‘artists,’ and the architects, engineers, legislators, teachers (for they create curriculum that creates future thoughts, thoughts become words, which grow into future realities). There is a power in the gathering, across continents, nations, towns, cities.

Like the creatives going before the Ark of the Covenant together we usher God into our cities, towns, highways and byways. Although we may be a faceless army, He knows each one intimately, by name.

We may be apart in body but there is no distance in the spirit, and we can move in unity as artists, as legislators, as designers to release Heaven’s songs, images, dance

For worship is the warship that will take the nations for Jesus.

*a medieval singer or musician, especially one who sang or recited lyric or heroic poetry to a musical accompaniment for the nobility.

**the name Asaph means ‘who gathers together.’ Asaph was a psalmist in King David’s and Solomon’s time. He led worship in the Tabernacle and the First Temple built by Solomon.

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