I am grateful to Isi de Gersigny & Jubilee Church Sydney for the opportunity to be part of a team preaching in Pakistani villages.To those that have sown money into the purchase of Bibles – thank you.

The seeds sown, carry on the wind of the Spirit, landing in Pakistani soil, where they will multiply as the Wind of the Spirit blows. Bibles sown will have a multiplication effect, both here in your homes and there, in Pakistani homes.

Accumulatively, over the nights, 100’s of people asked Jesus Christ into their hearts and lives; and Jesus healed many various ailments.

We preached on four nights in October and on three nights in September. It honoured me to be in the team.

I spoke once each month, adorned with headscarf, on Zoom and Skype.

I have tried to thank each person individually who has made a donation. If I missed you, please forgive me. No matter the sum, it counts!

If you would like more detail, let me know in the comments.

Beth XX

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