Man standing on boat casting a net with sunset behind him with words "His net works...' Beth Kennedy www.GodisGoodStories.comEarlier this year, I bought a scarf for a leader/friend. She is an Australian Apostle/Prophet and I honour her and receive her as such. I believe she and her team are creating reformation, accelerating into Kingdom renaissance.

The scarf had a chain-like pattern. I originally chose one for myself, then felt the familiar nudge to pick up one more.

‘Whose it for?’ I asked.

He showed me.

‘Oh! Why the chains? Bit negative, isn’t it?’

I liked the scarf, but worried she might not.

‘What will she think of me?’

I bought it anyway and packaged it off with a few other items and a word of encouragement.

Looking at the chains again, I queried Him.

‘They’re not chains.’ He said. ‘They’re not chains in the way you are seeing them, anyway. They are links. My network… My net work.’

I wore it to the NSW Prophetic Conference. Prophetically releasing the word through my clothes, I proclaimed unity in connectivity. Diversity, yet connected.

‘His net works,’ I thought, as I dressed for a session.

Seeking greater clarification, He showed me a network of links, chains, all across the nation of Australia. Each link glowed with His goodness and Love.

I looked again. It reached further across the southern Pacific nations. I looked again. It reached across and around the globe. Power was surging through connection.

In gazing deeply, the chains, the links are His net. Believers, all around the globe, are choosing to step into the new thing. They harken to His voice and respond, ‘yes Lord’ as they worship their way through the mess that is ‘now.’

It has always been the case, but particularly now:

Worship is a warship.

There are chains that bind us; and there are chains that set us free. These were the chains, links, that free us free into purpose, power and potential. Connections that secure us in the storms of change.

There is a mighty move afoot. It’s been there all along. The new ways are indeed old ways, the Ancient of ways, and it is now imperative that we taste and see His goodness, and release it to the nations. These ways require community, and a solid foundation of who and Whose we are.

From identity flows purpose; we be before we do

Last year, as we prayed, my husband saw a net over Australia. It was a net of darkness trying to contain the white dove. As he prayed with others, he cut the net through, and the bird rose free to hover over our nation.

He cannot be contained.

Under the shadow of His wings, we find refuge (Ps 91:4).

All the while, regardless of circumstance, God has been weaving His net. An Ezekiel 47 net of pure running waters. The net is strong where fresh waters flow. Conduit, or no, we choose.

Into the fresh waters of His Presence He casts His net wide, creating connection where there was none, weaving His body together into the glorious Bride she already is.

This net is the net of Love, not a net of works, and so…

His net works.

This net is the many that will stop and reset to step into the new. He has made fresh invitation to step into direct connection. No longer can the mosh pit be our idol and alter for an encounter on Sundays alone. Personal encounter, as we learn to abide in the Secret Place, is on offer, and each of us is being called higher, deeper, further. Whatever that new may be, it is essential our relationship is reliant on Christ alone.

The net that God weaves comprises variety, diversity, but one thing alone remains and causes the links to hold firm – Love.

So, God is using the WWW for His purposes. His world wide web is creating His network, and yes, His net works! Connections are lighting up all over the globe, as people step into purposes, delayed or otherwise.

So the pattern I saw in my scarf is Unity. The network that covers and connects, one to the next, which causes currents of power, of His waters to flow. We are strong together.

His net works.

And so the scarf was indeed how we link in the spirit. There are chains that bind, and then there are chains creating strength through which freedom flows. Unity is the link through which connection is achieved, while also allowing for dynamic diversity. The linking gives strength, support, and encouragement. Arms linked in prayer, united we stand, one body across a nation, across the globe. Links in all directions may create tension, but held at the right pressure, stability in the storm, and working in unison, in His ebb and flow, will allow for the greatest harvest.

His Net Works…

So, as we allow His net to work, and as we allow Him to network, while we remain at rest, the globe will taste and see that…

God is Good!

©Beth Kennedy 2021

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