A long wooden jetty heading out into a lake of still waters with mist and mountains with words, where you gaze, closer still, water's edge Beth Kennedy www.GodisGoodStories.com

Encounter on wind

cageless birds free to roam

Mt Zion bids,

‘Make Me your home.’

Invite is cast,

Any, all may come close

Open Doors

Standing still

there is Joy in the chase.

Closer still.

Water’s edge.

Face to face.

Be still and know as you listen to music Mirror in the Mirror

Anne Akiko Meyers Plays ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’ (Mirror in Mirror) by Arvo Pärt from ‘Smile’

©Beth Kennedy 2021 (thanks to Kim Bennett for inspiration and to Cageless Birds for my soundtrack… I continue to feast)

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