I set out for a walk late lockdown 2020. The house was full, life was busy, the atmosphere intense.

God had a sound track ready for me and I was excited to listen. An encounter was on the wind – it was the end of a season, the start of a new one.

I found the music He had for me:

  1. Cageless Birds – Live at Home (Mt Zion, Beautiful, Invitation, East & West, Come Close); and,
  2. Cageless Birds – The Joy of the Chase (Open the Door, Face to Face, Waters).

For those that have ears to hear, eyes to see, a heart to know, look at the names of the albums and songs He chose and you will catch the breeze of His heart for these days ahead.

On my homeward journey, later in my walk, He gave me another sound track, but that is for another time.

Invitation at hand, I said ‘yes’.

It was warm for late winter, and the wind randomly whipped, causing sand to gust and blow.

‘The winds of change are here’.

I continued on in joy, sensing, feeling tangible Love. Laughing, I could feel His Presence engulf me as I walked. A deep lightness of being radiated around me and hope, mixed with joyful mirth, burst from the core of my being.

knew His delight and heard His laughter.

Praying as I walked, I thanked Him for the people in my life. So many new relationships, I was so grateful to a kind God who had answered the prayer of a lonely heart for a tribe to be known in, where I could be known, loved, even celebrated.

Gently, He led my heart to those whom had promised so much and whom had recently refused to help in a moment of great personal need. I had always thought they would be family, but at

that moment on my walk, I knew it was not to be. A great love, soaked with sadness, flooded my being, and I released them from promises uttered into the Winds of their future.

My walk took me along a concrete pathway along the bay. He whispered,

‘…sometimes we walk on a well-established path’.

‘Mmm’ I thought, noting a taped blockade further along.

A local windsurfing club stood before me. It was being renovated. The upper storey was being replaced, extended, to provide better views, and the planned lower levels were to provide better water accessibility for club members. The renovations were for better amenability for members

and to bless the broader community.

A ‘fork in the road’ moment forced me to decide which way I would go. I had a choice. I could walk above to the road, along a well-made path, or I could go down to the sand, low along the water’s edge.

I asked which way. I knew this was more than a walk. In my wisdom (ha!), I thought He would say ‘go high.’ I am created for high places!

‘Go low…’

In obedience, I stepped onto the sand. The water was a choppy; the wind whipped sand against my face, and I ruefully noted that I was grateful for the mask that I wore. There was a group of small rocks, close to the shore.

‘… walk onto the sand, close to Water’s edge, come close to the Rock, so that you may rest in My Presence.’

In obedience I stepped out onto the sands of change and I heard Him say:

‘… it is easy to take well made path, where others have laid down foundations. It is easy to follow the well-worn path, but I call you to step out in faith and walk where few have dared tread. Few footprints remain to guide the way for

ward. I want you to come close, go low, by the waters of My Presence… ’

The sands were soft, unstable, and I slid as I walked.

The winds whipped the sand against my frame, making its way into my shoes…

‘… the walk may not be easy, it may be uncomfortable, but I have asked you to make a way so that others may follow… ’

‘Sounds arrogant,’ I thought, but I noted He was not just talking to me of my walk but of the walk of a church I was praying for, and also for those churches that said ‘yes’ to the new pathways forward.

I looked up at the construction site. It was void of workers, empty because of our level 4 lockdown. I thought of our churches, empty and silent. There is a place for them, but for now, we are all being called to take a fresh path in His Presence. A deconstruction reconstruction process is taking place. We find the new ways forward through the sands of change. Renovations in place, changes, and a greater amenity to come – it won’t look as it did for those willing to take the journey.

In the future, the path is there. It’s a path walked before, although most think it’s new. It is a path to be discovered… rediscovered.

Many think the new way is unique, original; but in fact it is the Ancient of Ways.

Indeed, it is time for the Bride to reconsider ancient pathways. A reinvigoration is being released. A rediscovery takes place.

Months back, pre-covid, the way forward for the church was seemingly straightforward – a known path. There is now a choice at hand. Go high on the well-worn path. It is not ‘the wrong way,’ it is just different. Many will head that way, believing it true and tested. However, there has been another way whispered on the winds for years, centuries. Some have stepped into it; others have feared it; yet others can sense it is there, but cannot find the way forward… yet.

The winds of change, the uncertain sands of shifting realities are underfoot. Fear causes many to shout loud into the noise of the wind and shifting sands. Instead, I hear Him whisper to His bride,

be still and know…’

Humanity is waiting, watching, restless to find the pathway forward. Desperate for the known to be reinstated. Anything, but this… uncertainty!

He whispers, ‘Breathe…’

We make a new way, in these uncertain times. It’s uncomfortable. Sand grits in our shoes and it stings our face. We may slip. But soon others will follow. Indeed, since this moment in time last year, I have found many others walking into this place, a place where Elders have walked before us.

‘My Beloved, come, step out of the caves…’

This knowledge brings me hope.

It is time for the Body to get out of the box…

Stop talking; get walking…


He breathes us into His stillness. The void in which His purposes reside can be found deep within our souls. We find it in the stillness of His being, in which there is a constancy of movement and life. The vibrancy of His being is Joy, wrapped up in Peace, a gentleness of Hope, vision, purpose and Love. A deep expectancy of all things good! Heaven is an oxymoron: enter through stillness to find greater movement forward, an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colour and change.

Soon, the new pathway will forge. To thrive we must remain humble (go low), remain anchored in Jesus (close to the Rock), and walk by the many waters of His Presence, so that at His behest we will walk straight towards Him. We must dare come close.

Buildings will fill again. I hope the renovations are successful. I trust foundations have gone deep. The call for Truth, which will resonate beyond performance, is here. The size of the building does not reflect success, nor do numbers show true growth.

A novel way is being forged in the winds of change. There must be integrity in the way we Live at Home, and for those that say ‘yes’ there is a Joy in the Chase. The way, its key, is here in the soundtrack for those that will hear…

Mt Zion [gives a]



East & West [North & South to]

Come close

Open the door [and come]

Face to face [with God at the]

Waters [of His Presence].

If we heed the call, the way may be fraught, but the joy will be immeasurable because…

God is Good!

To be continued…

If you have listened and you enjoy the music, please purchase the music and support those that have poured their time, heart, soul and money into creating this amazing music that releases the Glory of a Good God.

Cageless Birds: Joy of the Chase

Cageless Birds: Live at Home

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