woman in white bridal gown walking into ocean purple skies at sun set/sun rise with text The Sound of new Life, Beth Kennedy, www.GodisGoodStories.com ‘It was the sound of new life,’ he said excitedly.

‘It was the sound of new life!’

My 14-year-old-son was explaining in a rush of words that he had finally worked out what the sound was that he had heard in a dream just a few days before.

My sister had passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning. The same morning, my son had a dream. He wrote it up for me:

It was a dream within a dream. I was painting a picture of her. She was in a white dress, walking into the ocean. There was a sunset, and a double eclipse on our local beach. A purple spirit appeared and leapt toward the sky. I heard a sound, it was the sound of new life (from the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle movie).

He also said it was like 3 planets were aligned.

Amid challenging circumstances, God provided great solace.

Although there had been signs of illness, the doctors advised she would make a full recovery. She didn’t, and the end came suddenly.

I did not have a straightforward relationship with her, especially near the end. However, many years ago we discussed God, Jesus, salvation, and she had quietly asked Him to come into her life.

Many people prayed when we were told it was likely she was dying, and to the surprise of the specialist doctor she became conscience long enough for me to video call her and tell her I loved her. Straight after, my mother could speak to her to do the same.

It seems poetic that her mum was the last person she spoke with. Mum saw her into this world; Mum stood by her throughout her years of challenge; and Mum was the last to speak to her while she was conscience before she passed.

God heard our prayers.

God also heard my quiet prayers, whispered by my heart as I cried. I had asked for a sign of confirmation, and on returning from the hospital to identify her body, my son looked at me.

‘When did she die mum?’

‘The early hours of this morning,’ I said.

‘Oh wow,’ he replied, and he told me about his dream.

It was the confirmation I needed and it resonated with visions others had experienced, but this was unprompted and pure.

My sister’s life was filled with such promise, and although it had ended in sadness, there was the sound of new life because…

God is Good!

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