Currently, I am writing up teaching plans to train in the prophetic. As I do, God reminds me of stories that highlight the varied ways He speaks to us.

I write them up as best I can. Some are quirky, others show I simply did not know He was speaking, while others cause me to stand back in awe that He will move through me! Actually, I’m in a constant state of surprise at that last statement.

The stories are fun and serve as clarity to highlight a concept in the prophetic as I train others.

We all have these stories. Taken collectively, they make up a testimony, a witness of who God is.

In the legal system, we provide testimony to support a case, to prove a contention. Through cross-examination, we hopefully achieve clarity (although in real legal cases it sadly does not work that way). And then through re-examination, the original contention reasserts, and hopefully a clear picture of truth emerges.

This process is healthy. To question and examine is wise. Through the testimony, or the retelling of stories over a long period, we understand the nature, or character of the person we are testifying to, and from a collection of recounts a picture emerges, so that when mystery remains around occurrences we cannot explain, our understanding of who (or Who) we are examining is unshaken.

It is in this process that I remain secure. In times of doubt, I rest and recount my own stories. I remind myself of what has occurred in the past. Happenings I witnessed firsthand, so many that I simply cannot land anywhere but with the belief that God exists and that He is indeed good.

For this girl, who grew up in an agnostic/atheist home, raised by an Assoc. Professor of Philosophy with an Oxford Doctorate in Symbolic logic, knowing that I have witnessed a God who exists (and He is good) is the foundation upon which everything else stands or falls. No-one can deny my experience of Him and His goodness any more. Years of relationship provide me with certainty.

That being said, when I first came to Faith I sought reason and logic to examine my belief that Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead. The objective evidence of historical accounts found even outside the Christian Bible provides a compelling case (beyond reasonable doubt). In summing up the objective evidence, I held tight to the seemingly illogical decision to hold to my Christian faith.

I then turned to my experience of Him. Gleaned over near 30 years, I have now witnessed too much to ignore.

It is in this place I now stand, with testimonies aplenty.

Simply put, it does not require us to turn off our brain to step into the place of Faith, and to remain there regardless of circumstance.

And so, regardless of logic, regardless of the external historical evidence, my faith now demands a retelling of His goodness in my life, and this allows me to hold firm to the truth that He not only exists, but that He is indeed good.

© Beth Kennedy 2021

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