Good news warms the heart, so why do we so willingly repeat bad news?

There was a book, or rather a series of books, that I read over twenty years ago called “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. They were lovely books, celebrating the goodness of God, the goodness of people. I believe it is now a series.

I had forgotten about those books until I received a call that warmed my heart. It was then that the need to share this story stirred inside me.

A couple of days later, a beautiful friend landed on my doorstep with an enormous pot of chicken soup.

Good news certainly warms the soul.

6 weeks after ‘Sonshine at the Hairdressers (Part 1)’ I was back for a top up of sunshine. I had continued to pray for *Belle, puzzled why she was not pregnant immediately (as had occurred so many times before). Didn’t God want to show His Love, strength and Glory to her?

‘Not yet; no news’, Belle confirmed.

She thanked me for continuing to pray.

As we chatted happily, I pondered the situation and wondered about His timing.

Another friend, *Hazel, was coming to see me at the salon. She was dropping a birthday gift for my son, and while doing so I knew we would catch up. Her mother had recently died of breast cancer, and she too had struggled to become pregnant with her second child. She had also miscarried. A group of us from church had prayed after she shared her struggle, and she conceived her second little bundle soon after.

I wondered again about God’s timing.


Hazel came full of news. She shared how she had been coping with the recent death of her mother. It was a bitter-sweet conversation. Both of us tearing up a few times. She shared how her family had rallied and how her faith in God and His goodness had carried her through. Her little new joy was about 6 weeks old in her arms.

Seeing the ‘coincidence’ of timing, and aware that God loves to vindicate through us where we have suffered loss and pain, I queried God as Hazel and I spoke.

Sensing a ‘yes’, I knew she was to pray for Belle. It was time for Hazel to see God’s vindication come to pass through her, and so I shared what my hairdresser Belle had been walking through.

Hazel readily agreed to pray.

I shared the ‘idea’ with Belle.

She was also happy, and so the two disappeared out the back of the salon.

Seeing them return, I said to them it would be just like God to activate Hazel in her healing ministry, AND to see Belle get pregnant in the next cycle, straight after Hazel prayed. Vindication and blessings – His goodness and grace revealed to two beautiful girls at once.

Well … good news IS Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Belle called 6 weeks later and breathlessly said over the phone that she was six weeks pregnant. God had answered our prayers. And yes, she confirmed, it was straight after Hazel prayed.

God had started His vindication on Hazel’s behalf. The payback had begun. Both girls, both women would see, in this somewhat ironic moment, that God is good.

We pray.

God takes vengeance on the enemy.

We suffer loss.

He vindicates.

Give away the victory you have won. Give away the victory you need to see. Either way, give it away and give Jesus His just reward. God will have vengeance (Romans 12:19) and we will see a 7-fold-return on all that’s stolen (Proverbs 6:31 and Psalm 79:12).

If we will just step out and give it away.

I believe Hazel will also see breast cancers flee if she keeps praying for people.

The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy (Rev 19:10).

With every story, every testimony of Jesus, there is an invitation for God to ‘do it again’. Hazel was the walking testimony – she gave the testimony, she gave the breakthrough away, and said ‘do it again Lord’

Good news IS Chicken Soup for the Soul.

The Good News of the Kingdom IS Chicken Soup for the Soul

Filling, comforting, healing.

So I encourage you to ask yourself,

‘Where do I need a breakthrough? Where have I been victorious? Is there defeat in my life? Where do I still need to breakthrough?’

Wherever it is, give it away. Let God vindicate, release His vengeance on the enemy by releasing His Kingdom through your prayers for others. If you stop for the one and pray as you go you will see the seven fold return come, and as you celebrate every victory (whether it is yours or another’s) watch how the Spirit of the Lord comes to invade your life and fulfil your words, your prayers, your petitions, your requests.

I encourage, share your stories and let them become Chicken Soup for the Soul for those that need the breakthrough, that need the encouragement, that need hope.

As we feed on the testimonies of others, as we share of His Goodness in our lives. If we mix that with acts of kindness and love, we will continue to taste and see that, like Chicken Soup for the Soul…

God is Good.

PS: the story never ends at the end of the story. A few years after this all occurred, I received another phone call. It was Belle. She called to tell me that life was very good; she had two more children (twins!) and had opened her own salon, and through her laughter at my surprise I knew she knew that…

God is Good!

*not her real name

© Beth Kennedy 2022

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